"Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Locations" 

The exact locations of the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame is Hollywood's tribute to the Hollywood Stars of yesterday and today. This is where the Stars are immortalized with a star on the sidewalk in their honor. The Walk of Fame lines both sides of Hollywood Boulevard from Gower to La Brea, and both sides of Vine Street, from Yucca to Sunset. Listed by surname below are the names of the Hollywood Stars that can be found there, including the category in which they were honored and the exact location of each Hollywood star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Inside each star is the name of the artist and an emblem identifying in which of the five categories - Motion Pictures (MP) - Television (TV) - Radio - Recording (Rec)  or Live Theatre (LT) - the recipient has been honored for. Here are the Emblems -

MP              TV           Radio          Rec            LT

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The addresses referred to are the buildings outside of which the stars can be found on the sidewalk.

Abbott, Bud.  Radio  6333 Hollywood Blvd.
Abbott, Bud.  MP 1611 Vine Street
Abbott, Bud. TV 6740 Hollywood Blvd.
Abby Dear  TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Abdul, Paula. Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Ackerman, Harry. TV 6661 Hollywood Blvd.
Acord, Art. MP 1709 Vine Street
Acuff, Roy. Rec 1541 Vine Street
Adoree, Renee MP 1601 Vine Street
Antonio Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Aherene, Brian TV 1752 Vine Street
Ahn, Philip MP 6211 Hollywood Blvd.
Alabama Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Albanese, Licia Rec 6671 Hollywood Blvd.
Albert, Eddie TV 6441 Hollywood Blvd.
Albertson, Frank MP 6754 Hollywood Blvd.
Albertson, Jack TV 6253 Hollywood Blvd.
Aldrin, Edwin (Buzz) TV Hollywood & Vine St.
Alexander, Ben TV 6433 Hollywood Blvd.
Allen, Debbie TV 6908 Hollywood Blvd.
Allen, Fred Radio 6709-1/2 Hollywood B
Allen, Fred TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Allen, Gracie TV 6672 Hollywood Blvd.
Allen, Rex MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Allen, Steve TV 1720 Vine Street
Allen, Steve Radio 1537 Vine Street
Allen Tim TV 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Alley, Kirstie MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Allison, Fran TV 6757 Hollywood Blvd.
Allyson, June MP 1537 Vine Street
Alpert, Herb Rec 6929 Hollywood Blvd.
Alvarado, Don MP 6504 Hollywood Blvd.
Ameche, Don TV 6101 Hollywood Blvd.
Ameche, Don Radio 6313 Hollywood Blvd.
Ames, Adrienne MP 1612 Vine Street
Amsterdam, Morey Radio 6850 Hollywood Blvd.
Anderson, Bronco MP 1651 Vine Street
Anderson, Leroy Rec 1620 Vine Street
Anderson, Mary MP 1645 Vine Street
Anderson, Mirian Rec 6262 Hollywood Blvd.
Andrews, Julie MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Andrews Sisters Rec 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Angel, Heather MP 6301 Hollywood Blvd.
Anka, Paul Rec 6840 Hollywood Blvd.
Ansara, Michael TV 6666 Hollywood Blvd.
Anthony, Ray Rec 1751 Vine Street
Arbuckle, Roscoe MP 6701 Hollywood Blvd.
Archerd, Army TV 6927 Hollywood Blvd.
Arden, Eve TV 6714 Hollywood Blvd.
Arden, Eve Radio 6329 Hollywood Blvd.
Arlen, Richard MP 6755 Hollywood Blvd.
Arkoff, Samuel Z. MP 7046 Hollywood Blvd.
Arliss, George MP 6648-1/2 Hollywood Blvd
Armstrong, Louis Rec 7601 Hollywood Blvd.
Armstrong, Neil TV Hollywood & Vine
Arnaz, Desi MP 6325-1/2 Hollywood Blvd
Arnaz, Desi TV 6254 Hollywood Blvd.
Arness, James TV 1751 Vine Street
Arnold, Eddy Radio 6775 Hollywood Blvd.
Arnold, Edward Rec 6225 Hollywood Blvd.
Arquette, Cliff Radio 6720 Hollywood Blvd.
Arthur, Jean MP 6333 Hollywood Blvd.
Arzner, Dorothy MP 1500 N. Vine Street
Asner, Edward TV 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
Asther, Nils MP 6705 Hollywood Blvd.
Astaire, Fred MP 6756 Hollywood Blvd.
Astor, Mary MP 6701 Hollywood Blvd.
Austin, Gene Rec 6332 Hollywood Blvd.
Autry, Gene MP 6644 Hollywood Blvd.
Autry, Gene Radio 6520 Hollywood Blvd.
Autry, Gene Rec 6384 Hollywood Blvd.
Autry, Gene TV 6667 Hollywood Blvd.
Autry, Gene LT 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Ayers, Agnes MP 6504 Hollywood Blvd.
Ayres, Lew MP 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Ayres, Lew Radio 1724 Vine Street.
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Bacall, Lauren MP 1724 Vine Street
Backus, Jim TV 1735 Vine Street
Bacon Kevin MP 6356 Hollywood Blvd.
Bacon, Lloyd MP 7011 Hollywood Blvd.
Baggot, King MP 6312 Hollywood Blvd.
Bailey, Jack Radio 1708 Vine Street
Bailey, Jack TV 6411 Hollywood Blvd.
Bailey, Pearl Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Bainter, Fay MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Baker, Anita Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Baker, Art Radio 6509 Hollywood Blvd.
Baker, Carroll MP 1725 Vine Street
Baker, Kenny Radio 6329 Hollywood Blvd.
Baker, Phil Radio 6247 Hollywood Blvd.
Ball, Lucille MP 6436 Hollywood Blvd.
Ball, Lucille TV 6100 Hollywood Blvd.
Bancroft, Anne TV 6368 Hollywood Blvd.
Banderas Antonio MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Bankhead, Tallulah MP 6141 Hollywood Blvd.
Banky, Vilma MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Bara, Theda MP 6307 Hollywood Blvd.
Bari, Lynn MP 6116 Hollywood Blvd.
Bari, Lynn TV 6323 Hollywood Blvd.
Barker, Bob TV 6714 Hollywood Blvd.
Barnes, Binnie MP 1501 Vine Street
Barreto Pepe TV 6536 Hollywood Blvd.
Barrie, Mona MP 6140 Hollywood Blvd.
Barrie, Wendy MP 1708 Vine Street
Barriscale, Bessie MP 6652 Hollywood Blvd.
Barron, Blue Rec 1724 Vine Street
Barry, Gene LT 6555 Hollywood Blvd.
Barrymore Drew MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Barrymore, Ethel MP 7001 Hollywood Blvd.
Barrymore, John MP 6667 Hollywood Blvd.
Barrymore, John D. TV 7004 Hollywood Blvd.
Barrymore, Lionel MP 1724 Vine Street
Barrymore, Lionel Radio 1651 Vine Street
Barthelmess, Richard MP 6755 Hollywood Blvd.
Bartholomew, Freddie MP 6663 Hollywood Blvd.
Barty, Billy TV 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Basehart, Richard MP 6276 Hollywood Blvd.
Basie, Count Rec 6508 Hollywood Blvd.
Basinger, Kim MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Basquette, Lina MP 1529 Vine Street
Baxter, Ann MP 6741 Hollywood Blvd.
Baxter, Dr. Frank C. TV 6717 Hollywood Blvd.
Baxter, Les Rec 6314 Hollywood Blvd.
Baxter, Warner MP 6284 Hollywood Blvd.
Bayne, Beverly MP 1752 Vine Street
Beach Boys, The Rec 1500 Vine Street
Beatles, The Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Beaudine, William MP 1777 Vine Street
Bee Gees Rec 6845 Hollywood Blvd.
Beery, Noah Jr. TV 7047 Hollywood Blvd.
Beery, Wallace MP 7001 Hollywood Blvd.
Beirne, Brian Radio 6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Belafonte, Harry Rec 6721 Hollywood Blvd.
Bellamy, Madge MP 6517 Hollywood Blvd.
Bellamy, Ralph TV 6542 Hollywood Blvd.
Bellisario Donald  TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Belushi John TV 6355 Hollywood Blvd.
Benaderet, Bea TV 1611 Vine Street
Benchley, Robert MP 1724 Vine Street
Bendix, William Radio 1638 Vine Street
Bendix, William TV 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
Beneke, Tex Rec 6200 Hollywood Blvd.
Bennett, Belle MP 1511 Vine Street
Bennett, Constance MP 6250 Hollywood Blvd.
Bennett, Joan MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Bennett, Tony Rec 1560 Vine Street
Benny, Jack MP 6650 Hollywood Blvd.
Benny, Jack Radio 1505 Vine Street
Benny, Jack TV 6372 Hollywood Blvd.
Benson, George Rec 7055 Hollywood Blvd.
Beradino, John TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Bergen, Edgar TV 6425 Hollywood Blvd.
Bergen, Edgar MP 6766 Hollywood Blvd.
Bergen, Edgar Radio 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Bergman, Ingrid MP 6759 Hollywood Blvd.
Berle, Milton Radio 6771 Hollywood Blvd.
Berle, Milton TV 6263 Hollywood Blvd.
Berlin, Irving Rec 7095 Hollywood Blvd.
Bernardi, Ernani Rec 7072 Hollywood Blvd.
Bernhardt, Sarah MP 1751 Vine Street
Bernie, Ben Radio 6280 Hollywood Blvd.
Bernstein, Elmer MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Bernstein, Leonard Rec 6200 Hollywood Blvd.
Berry, Chuck Rec 1777 N. Vine Street
Best, Edna MP 6124 Hollywood Blvd.
Bickford, Charles TV 1620 Vine Street
Bickford, Charles MP 6780 Hollywood Blvd.
Bikel Theodore  LV 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Big Bird TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Biggs, E. Powers Rec 6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Binney, Constance MP 6301 Hollywood Blvd.
Black, Clint Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Blackmer, Sidney MP 1625 Vine Street
Blackwell, Carlyle MP 6340 Hollywood Blvd.
Blanc, Mel Radio 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Blondell, Joan MP 6311 Hollywood Blvd.
Blue, Monte MP 6290 Hollywood Blvd.
Blyth, Ann MP 6733 Hollywood Blvd.
Blythe, Betty MP 1708 Vine Street
Boardman, Eleanor MP 6928 Hollywood Blvd.
Bogart, Humphrey MP 6322 Hollywood Blvd.
Boland, Mary MP 6150 Hollywood Blvd.
Boles, John MP 6530 Hollywood Blvd.
Boleslawski, Richard MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Bolger, Ray MP 6788 Hollywood Blvd.
Bolger, Ray TV 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Bolton Michael. Rec. 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Bond, Ford Radio 6706 Hollywood Blvd.
Bond, Ward TV 6933 Hollywood Blvd.
Bondi, Beulah MP 1718 Vine Street
Boone, Pat Rec 1631 Vine Street
Boone, Pat TV 6268 Hollywood Blvd.
Booth, Shirley MP 6850 Hollywood Blvd.
Borden, Olive MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Borgnine, Ernest MP 6324 Hollywood Blvd.
Borzage, Frank MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Bosworth, Hobart MP 6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Bow, Clara MP 1500 Vine Street
Bowers, John MP 1709 Vine Street
Bowers, Major Radio 1513 Vine Street
Bowie, David Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Boyd, Bill Radio 6101 Hollywood Blvd
Boyd, Jimmy Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Boyd, William MP 1734 Vine Street
Boyer, Charles MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Boyer, Charles TV 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Bracken, Eddie TV 6751 Hollywood Blvd.
Bracken, Eddie Radio 1651 Vine Street
Bradbury, Ray MP 6644 Hollywood Blvd.
Bradley, Ed M. Mayor 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Bradshaw, Terry TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Brady, Alice MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd.
Brando, Marlon MP 1765 Vine Street
Breneman, Tom Radio 6290 Hollywood Blvd.
Brennan, Walter MP 6501 Hollywood Blvd.
Brent, Evelyn MP 6548 Hollywood Blvd.
Brent, George MP 1709 Vine Street
Brent, George TV 1612 Vine Street
Brewer, Teresa Rec 1708 Vine Street
Brian, David TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Brian, Mary MP 1559 Vine Street
Brice, Fanny MP 6415 Hollywood Blvd.
Brice, Fanny Radio 1500 Vine Street
Bridges Beau. MP. 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Bridges, Jeff MP 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Bridges, Lloyd TV 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Briem, Ray Radio 6125 Hollywood Blvd.
Brillstein Bernie MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Britt, Elton Rec 6936 Hollywood Blvd.
Britton, Barbara TV 1719 Vine Street
Broccoli, Cubby MP 6910 Hollywood Blvd.
Brolin, James TV 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Bronson, Charles MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Brooke, Hillary TV 6311 Hollywood Blvd.
Brooks, Garth Rec 1750 Vine Street
Brooks, Richard MP 6422 Hollywood Blvd.
Brosnan, Pierce MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd
Brown, Cecil Radio 6410 Hollywood Blvd.
Brown, Clarence MP 1752 Vine Street
Brown, Harry Joe MP 1777 Vine Street
Brown, James Rec 1501 Vine Street
Brown, Joe E. MP 1680 Vine Street
Brown, Johnny Mack MP 6101 Hollywood Blvd.
Brown, Les Rec 6505 Hollywood Blvd.
Brown, Tom MP 1648 Vine Street
Brown, Vanessa MP 1621 Vine Street
Brown, Vanessa TV 6528 Hollywood Blvd.
Browning, Tod MP 6225 Hollywood Blvd.
Brubeck, Dave Rec 1716 Vine Street
Brynner, Yul MP 6162 Hollywood Blvd.
Bullock Sandra  MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Bunny, Bugs MP 7007 Hollywood Blvd.
Bunny, John MP 1715 Vine Street
Burke, Billie MP 6617 Hollywood Blvd.
Burke, Sonny Rec 6920 Hollywood Blvd.
Burnett, Carol TV 6439 Hollywood Blvd.
Burnette, Smiley MP 6125 Hollywood Blvd.
Burns, Bob MP 1601 Vine Street
Burns, Bob Radio 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Burns, George LT 6672 Hollywood Blvd.
Burns, George MP 1639 Vine Street
Burns, George TV 6510 Hollywood Blvd.
Burr, Raymond TV 6656 Hollywood Blvd.
Burrud, Bill TV 6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Burton, Levar TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Busch, Mae MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Bushman, Francis X. MP 1651 Vine Street
Butler, David MP 6561 Hollywood Blvd.
Butterworth, Charles MP 7036 Hollywood Blvd.
Buttons, Red TV 1651 Vine Street
Buttram, Pat TV 6382 Hollywood Blvd.
Byington, Spring MP 6507 Hollywood Blvd.
Byington, Spring TV 6231 Hollywood Blvd.
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Cachao, Israel Lopez  Rec  6554 Hollywood Blvd.
Caen, James MP 6648 Hollywood Blvd.
Caesar, Sid TV 7014 Hollywood Blvd.
Cage, Nicholas MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Cagney, James MP 6504 Hollywood Blvd.
Cahn, Sammy Rec 6540 Hollywood Blvd.
Calhoun, Alice MP 6815 Hollywood Blvd.
Calhoun, Rory MP 7007 Hollywood Blvd.
Calhoun, Rory TV 1752 Vine Street
Callas, Maria Rec 1680 Vine Street
Cameron, Rod TV 1720 Vine Street
Campbell, Glenn Rec 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Cannell, Stephen J. TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Cannon, Dyan MP 6608 Hollywood Blvd.
Canova, Judy MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Canova, Judy Radio 6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Cantinflas MP 6438 Hollywood Blvd.
Cantor, Eddie MP 6648 Hollywood Blvd.
Cantor, Eddie TV 1770 Vine Street
Cantor, Eddie Radio 6765 Hollywood Blvd.
Canutt, Yakima MP 1500 Vine Street
Capra, Frank MP 6614 Hollywood Blvd.
Carey Drew TV 6664 Hollywood Blvd.
Carey, Harry MP 1521 Vine Street
Carey, Harry Jr. TV 6363 Vine Street
Carey, McDonald TV 6536 Hollywood Blvd.
Carle, Frankie Rec 1751 Hollywood Blvd.
Carlin, George LT 1555 Vine Street
Carlisle, Kitty MP 6611 Hollywood Blvd.
Carlisle, Mary MP 6679 Hollywood Blvd
Carlson, Richard TV 6333 Hollywood Blvd.
Carmichael, Hoagy TV 1720 Vine Street
Carney, Art TV 6627 Hollywood Blvd.
Carpenter, Ken Radio 6706 Hollywood Blvd.
Carpenters, The Rec 6931 Hollywood Blvd.
Carr, Vicki Rec 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Carradine, David TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Carradine, John MP 6240 Hollywood Blvd.
Carradine, Keith TV 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Carrillo, Leo MP 1635 Vine Street
Carrillo, Leo TV 1517 Vine Street
Carroll, Diahann Rec 7005 Hollywood Blvd.
Carroll, Madeleine MP 6707 Hollywood Blvd.
Carroll, Nancy MP 1725 Vine Street
Carson, Jack Radio 6361 Hollywood Blvd.
Carson, Jack TV 1560 Vine Street
Carson, Jeannie TV 1560 Vine Street
Carson, Johnny TV 1751 Vine Street
Carter, Benny Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Caruso, Enrico Rec 6625 Hollywood Blvd.
Casadesus, Robert Rec 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
Cash, Johnny Rec 6320 Hollywood Blvd.
Cassyd, Syd TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Castle, Peggy TV 6266 Hollywood Blvd.
Cates, Gil MP 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Catlett, Walter MP 1713 Vine Street
Caulfied, Joan TV 1500 Vine Street
Cavallaro, Carmen Rec 6301 Hollywood Blvd.
Cerf, Bennett TV 6407 Hollywood Blvd.
Chaliapin, Feodor Rec 6770 Hollywood Blvd.
Chamberlain, Richard MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Chambers, John MP 7006 Hollywood Blvd.
Chambers, Stan TV 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Champion, Gower TV 6162 Hollywood Blvd.
Champion, Marge TV 6282 Hollywood Blvd.
Chan Jackie MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Chandler, Jeff MP 1770 Vine Street
Chaney, Lon MP 7046 Hollywood Blvd.
Channing, Carol TV 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Chaplin, Charles MP 6751 Hollywood Blvd.
Chapman, Marguerite TV 6284 Hollywood Blvd.
Charisse, Cyd MP 1601Vine Street
Charles, Ray Rec 6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Chase, Charley MP 6630 Hollywood Blvd.
Chase, Chevy MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Chase, Ika MP 6361 Hollywood Blvd.
Chase, Ika TV 6751 Hollywood Blvd.
Chatterton, Ruth MP 6263 Hollywood Blvd.
Cherrill, Virgina MP 1545 Vine Street
Chevalier, Maurice MP 1651 Vine Street
Chicago Rec 6438 Hollywood Blvd.
Christie, Al MP 6771 Hollywood Blvd.
Christie, Charles MP 1719 Vine Street
Cinklin, Chester MP 1560 Vine Street
Claire, Ina MP 6150 Hollywood Blvd.
Clark, Buddy Rec 6800 Hollywood Blvd.
Clark, Dane TV 6906 Hollywood Blvd.
Clark, Dick TV Sunset & Vine
Clark, Fred TV 1711 Vine Street
Clark, Marguerite MP 6300 Vine Street
Clark, Roy Rec 6840 Hollywood Blvd.
Clayton, Ethel MP 6936 Hollywood Blvd.
Clayton, Jan TV 6200 Hollywood Blvd.
Cleveland, Rev. James Rec 6742 Hollywood Blvd.
Clift, Montgomery MP 6100 Hollywood Blvd.
Cline, Patsy Rec 6160 Hollywood Blvd
Clooney, Rosemary Rec 6325 Hollywood Blvd
Clyde, Andy MP 6758 Hollywood Blvd.
Coburn, Charles MP 6268 Hollywood Blvd.
Coburn, James MP 7055 Hollywood Blvd.
Coca, Imogene TV 6256 Hollywood Blvd.
Cochran, Steve MP 1750 Hollywood Blvd.
Cody, Iron Eyes TV 6655 Hollywood Blvd.
Cohan, George M. MP 6734 Hollywood Blvd.
Cohn, Arthur MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Colbert, Claudette MP 6812 Hollywood Blvd.
Cole, Nat King Rec 6659 Hollywood Blvd.
Cole, Nat King TV 6229 Hollywood Blvd.
Cole, Natalie Rec 1750 Vine Street
Collier, Constance MP 6231 Hollywood Blvd.
Collier, William MP 6340 Hollywood Blvd.
Collins, Gary TV 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Collins, Joan MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Collins, Michael TV Hollywood & Vine
Collins, Phil Rec 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Collyer, Bud Radio 6150 Hollywood Blvd.
Colman, Ronald TV 1623 Vine Street
Colman, Ronald MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Colonna, Jerry Radio 1645 Vine Street
Como, Perry Radio 1708 Vine Street
Como, Perry TV 6376 Hollywood Blvd.
Compon, Betty MP 1751 Vine Street
Conklin, Chester MP 1560 Vine Street
Conklin, Heinie MP 1776 Vine Street
Connors, Chuck TV 6838 Hollywood Blvd.
Conreid, Hans TV 6664 Hollywood Blvd.
Conte, John TV 6119 Hollywood Blvd.
Conti, Bill MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Conway, Tim TV 6740 Hollywood Blvd.
Conway, Jack MP 1500 Vine Street
Conway, Tom TV 1617 Vine Street
Coogan, Jackie MP 1654 Vine Street
Cook, Clyde MP 6531 Hollywood Blvd.
Cook, Donald MP 1718 Vine Street
Cooke, Alistair TV 1651 Vine Street
Cooke, Sam Rec 7051 Hollywood Blvd.
Cooley, Spade Radio 6802 Hollywood Blvd.
Cooper Alice Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Cooper, Gary MP 6243 Hollywood Blvd.
Cooper, Jackie MP 1507 Vine Street
Cooper, Jeanne TV 1777 Vine Street
Cooper, Meriam C. MP 6525 Hollywood Blvd.
Copperfield, David LT 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Corey, Wendell TV 6328 Hollywood Blvd.
Corman, Roger MP 7013 Hollywood Blvd.
Cornelius, Don TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd
Cornell, Don Rec 6138 Hollywood Blvd.
Correll, Charles "Andy" Radio 1777 Vine Street
Cortez, Ricardo MP 1500 Vine Street
Cosby, Bill TV 6930 Hollywood Blvd.
Costello, Dolores MP 1645 Vine Street
Costello, Helene MP 1500 Vine Street
Costello, Lou MP 6438 Hollywood Blvd.
Costello, Lou Radio 6780 Hollywood Blvd.
Costello, Lou TV 6276 Hollywood Blvd.
Costello, Maurice MP 6515 Hollywood Blvd.
Cossette Pierre TV 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Costner Kevin MP. 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Cotten, Joseph MP 6382 Hollywood Blvd.
Cowan, Jerome TV 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
Cox, Wally TV 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Crabbe, Buster TV 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Crawford, Broderick MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Crawford, Broderick TV 6736 Hollywood Blvd.
Crawford, Joan MP 1752 Vine Street
Cregar, Laird MP 1716 Vine Street
Crenna, Richard MP 6714 Hollywood Blvd.
Crews, Laura Hope MP 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
Criothers, Scatman TV 6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Crisp, Donald MP 1628 Vine Street
Cromwell, John MP 6555 Hollywood Blvd.
Cromwell, Richard MP 1627 Vine Street
Crooks, Richard Rec 1648 Vine Street
Crosby, Bing MP 1611 Vine Street
Crosby, Bing Radio 6769 Hollywood Blvd.
Crosby, Bing Rec 6751 Hollywood Blvd.
Crosby, Bob TV 6252 Hollywood Blvd.
Crosby, Bob Radio 6313 Hollywood Blvd.
Crosby, Norm TV 6560 Hollywood Blvd.
Crosby, Stills & Nash Rec 6666 Hollywood Blvd.
Cross, Milton Radio 1623 Vine Street
Crouch Andrae  Rec  6520 Hollywood Blvd.
Cruise, Tom MP 6912 Hollywood Blvd.
Crumit, Frank Radio 1601 Vine Street
Cruz, Celia Rec 6240 Hollywood Blvd.
Cruze, James MP 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Crystal, Billy MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Cugat, Xavier TV 1500 Vine Street
Cugat, Xavier Rec 1601 Vine Street
Cukor, George MP 6378 Hollywood Blvd.
Cummings, Constance MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd.
Cummings, Irving MP 6816 Hollywood Blvd.
Cummings, Robert MP 6816 Hollywood Blvd.
Cummings, Robert TV 1718 Vine Street
Cunningham, Bill  Radio 6315 Hollywood Blvd.
Curtis, Alan MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Curtis, Jamie Lee MP 6600 Hollywood Blvd.
Curtis, Tony MP 6817 Hollywood Blvd.
Curtiz, Michael MP 6640 Hollywood Blvd.
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Dahl, Arlene MP 1624 Vine Street
Daley, Cass TV 6301 Hollywood Blvd.
Daley, Cass Radio 6710 Hollywood Blvd.
Dalton, Dorothy MP 1560 Vine Street
Daly, John TV 1765 Vine Street
Daly, Tyne TV 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Damone, Vic Rec 1731 Vine Street
Dana, Viola MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Dandridge, Dorothy MP 6719 Hollywood Blvd.
Dane, Karl MP 6140 Hollywood Blvd.
Dangerfield, Rodney MP 6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Daniels, Bebe MP 1716 Vine Street
Daniels, Billy Rec 6819 Hollywood Blvd.
Danson, Ted TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Danza, Tony TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Darin, Bobby Rec 1735 Vine Street
Darnell, Linda MP 1631 Vine Street
Darwell, Jane MP 6735 Hollywood Blvd.
Daves, Delmer L. MP 1634 Vine Street
Davies, Marion MP 6326 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Ann B. TV 7048 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Bette MP 6225 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Bette TV 6335 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Clive Rec 1501 Vine Street
Davis, Gail TV 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Jim TV 6290 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Joan MP 1521 Vine Street
Davis, Joan Radio 1716 Vine Street
Davis, Mac Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Miles Rec 2103 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Davis, Sammy Jr. Rec 6254 Hollywood Blvd.
Day, Dennis Radio 7048 Hollywood Blvd.
Day, Dennis TV 6646 Hollywood Blvd
Day, Doris Rec 6278 Hollywood Blvd.
Day, Doris MP 6735 Hollywood Blvd.
Day, Laraine MP 6676 Hollywood Blvd.
DeCamp, Rosemary TV 1640 Vine Street
DeCarlo, Yvonne MP 6124 Hollywood Blvd.
DeCarlo, Yvonne TV 6715 Hollywood Blvd.
DeFore, Don TV 6804 Hollywood Blvd.
DeForest, Lee MP 1752 Vine Street
DeHaven, Carter MP 1742 Vine Street
DeHaven, Gloria MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd.
DeHavilland, Olivia MP 6762 Hollywood Blvd.
De La Motte, Marguerite MP 6902 Hollywood Blvd.
DeLeath, Vaughn Radio 6634 Hollywood Blvd.
DeLuise, Dom MP 1765 N. Vine Street
DeMille, Cecil B. MP 1725 Vine Street
DeMille, Cecil B. Radio 6240 Vine Street
DeSylva, Buddy Rec 1750 N. Vine Street
Dead End Kids MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Dean, James MP 1719 Vine Street
Dear Abby Radio 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Dee, Frances MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Dees, Rick Radio 1560 N. Vine Street
Deiterle, William MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Dekker, Albert TV 6620 Hollywood Blvd.
Del Rio, Dolores MP 1630 Vine Street
Del Ruth, Roy MP 6150 Hollywood Blvd.
DeMarest, William MP 6667 Hollywood Blvd.
Denning, Richard TV 6932 Hollywood Blvd.
Denny, Reginald MP 6657 Hollywood Blvd.
Depp, Johnny MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd
Derek, John TV 6531 Hollywood Blvd.
DeVine, Andy Radio 6258 Hollywood Blvd.
DeVine, Andy TV 6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Dexter, Elliott MP 1751 Vine Street
Dickinson, Angie TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Dietrich, Marlene MP 6400 Hollywood Blvd.
Diller, Phyllis TV 7001 Hollywood Blvd.
Dion Celine Rec. 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Disney, Roy O. MP 6833 Hollywood Blvd.
Disney, Walt MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Disney, Walt TV 6747 Hollywood Blvd.
Disneyland, 50th Year  6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Dix, Richard MP 1608 Vine Street
Dmytryk, Edward MP 6241 Hollywood Blvd.
Dodd, Jimmie TV 1600 Vine Street
Domingo, Placido LT 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Domino, Fats Rec 6616 Hollywood Blvd.
Donald, Peter TV 6661 Hollywood Blvd
Donat, Robert MP 6420 Hollywood Blvd.
Donlevy, Brian TV 1551 Vine Street
Doohan James MP  7021 Hollywood Boulevard.
Doro, Marie MP 1725 Vine Street
Dorsey, Jimmy Rec 6505 Hollywood Blvd.
Dorsey, Tommy Rec 6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Douglas, Jack TV 6740 Hollywood Blvd.
Douglas, Kirk MP 6263 Hollywood Blvd.
Douglas, Melvyn MP 6423 Hollywood Blvd.
Douglas, Melvyn TV 6601 Hollywood Blvd.
Douglas, Mike TV 7001 Hollywood Blvd.
Douglas, Paul MP 1648 Hollywood Blvd.
Douglas, Paul TV 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Dove, Billie MP 6351 Hollywood Blvd.
Downey, Morton Radio 1680 Vine Street
Downs, Cathy TV 6646 Hollywood Blvd
Dragon, Carmen Radio 6104 Hollywood Blvd.
Dragonette, Jessica Radio 1709 Vine Street
Drake, Frances MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Dresser, Louise MP 6538 Hollywood Blvd.
Dressler, Marie MP 1731 Vine Street
Drew, Ellen MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Drew, Mr. & Mrs. Sidney MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Dreyfuss, Richard MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Driscoll, Bobby MP 1560 Vine Street
Dru, Joanne TV 1708 Vine Street
Duck Donald MP 6840 Hollywood Blvd
Duff, Howard TV 1623 Vine Street
Duke Patty TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Dunaway, Faye MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Dunn, James MP 6555 Hollywood Blvd.
Dunn, James TV 7010 Hollywood Blvd.
Dunne, Irene MP 6440 Hollywood Blvd.
Dunne, Philip MP 6725 Hollywood Blvd.
Dunnock, Mildred MP 6613 Hollywood Blvd.
Dunphy, Jerry TV 6669 Hollywood Blvd.
Duran Duran Rec 1770 Vine Street
Durante, Jimmy MP 1600 Vine Street
Durante, Jimmy Radio 1648 Vine Street
Durbin, Deanna MP 1724 Vine Street
Duryea, Dan TV 6145 Hollywood Blvd.
Duvall Robert MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Dvorak, Ann MP 6321 Hollywood Blvd.
Dwan, Allan MP 6263 Hollywood Blvd.
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Earth, Wind & Fire Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Eastman, George MP 1709 Vine Street
Ebert Roger MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Ebsen, Buddy MP 1765 Vine Street
Eckstine, Billy Rec 6638 Hollywood Blvd
Edison, Thomas Alva Rec 6700 Hollywood Blvd.
Eddy, Nelson MP 6311 Hollywood Blvd.
Eddy, Nelson Radio 6512 Hollywood Blvd.
Eddy, Nelson Rec 1639 Vine Street
Eden, Barbara TV 7003 Hollywood Blvd.
Edeson, Robert MP 1628 Vine Street
Edwards, Ralph Radio 6116 Hollywood Blvd.
Edwards, Ralph TV 6262 Hollywood Blvd.
Edwards Steve TV 6150 Hollywood Blvd.
Ellington, Duke Rec 6535 Hollywood Blvd.
Elman, Mischa Rec 1560 Vine Street
Emerson, Faye MP 6529 Hollywood Blvd.
Emerson, Faye TV 6689 Hollywood Blvd.
Enberg, Dick TV 6752 Hollywood Blvd.
Ericson, John TV 1523 Vine Street
Errol, Leon MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Erwin, Stu TV 6270 Hollywood Blvd.
Estefan Emilio  Rec  7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Estefan, Gloria Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Etting, Ruth MP 6563 Hollywood Blvd.
Eubanks, Bob TV 6712 Hollywood Blvd.
Evans, Dale Radio 6638 Hollywood Blvd.
Evans, Dale TV 1737 Vine Street
Evans, Linda TV 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Evans, Madge MP 1752 Vine Street
Evans, Robert MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Everett, Chad TV 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Everly Brothers, The Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
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Fabian Rec 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Fabray, Nannette TV Hollywood Blvd.
Factor, Max MP 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Fadiman, Clifton Radio 6284 Hollywood Blvd.
Fairbanks, Douglas Jr. MP 6318 Hollywood Blvd.
Fairbanks, Douglas Jr. Radio 6710 Hollywood Blvd.
Fairbanks, Douglas Jr. TV 6661 Hollywood Blvd.
Fairbanks, Douglas Sr. MP 7022 Hollywood Blvd.
Fairbanks, Jerry MP 6384 Hollywood Blvd.
Faith, Percy Rec 1501 Vine Street
Falkenburg, Jim TV 1500 Vine Street
Farley Chris TV 6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Farnum, Dustin MP 6635 Hollywood Blvd.
Farnun, William MP 6322 Hollywood Blvd.
Farr, Jamie TV 1547 N. Vine Street
Farrar, Geraldine MP 1620 Vine Street
Farrar, Geraldine Rec 1709 Vine Street
Farrell, Charles MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Farrell, Charlie TV 1617 Vine Street
Farrell, Glenda MP 6524 Hollywood Blvd.
Farrow, John MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Faversham, William MP 1724 Vine Street
Fawcett, Farrah TV 7057 Hollywood Blvd.
Fay, Frank MP 6282 Hollywood Blvd.
Fay, Frank Radio 1752 Vine Street
Faye, Alice MP 6930 Hollywood Blvd.
Faye, Julia MP 6501 Hollywood Blvd.
Faylen, Frank TV 6201 Hollywood Blvd.
Fazenda, Louise MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Fedderson, Don TV 1635 Vine Street
Feliciano, Jose Rec 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Felton, Verna TV 1717 Vine Street
Fender, Freddie Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Fenneman, George TV 1500 Vine Street
Ferguson, Helen MP 6153 Hollywood Blvd.
Fernandez, Vicente Rec 6160 Hollywood Blvd.
Ferrer, Jose MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Ferrer, Mel MP 6268 Hollywood Blvd.
Fetchit, Stepin MP 1751 Vine Street
Fidler, Jimmie Radio 6128 Hollywood Blvd.
Fiedler, Arthur Rec 1626 Vine Street
Field, Virginia TV 1751 Vine Street
Fields, Gracie Radio 6125 Hollywood Blvd.
Fields, W.C. MP 7004 Hollywood Blvd.
Fields, W.C. Radio 6316 Hollywood Blvd.
Fifth Dimension,  Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Finch, Flora MP 6673 Hollywood Blvd.
Fisher, Eddie Rec 6241 Hollywood Blvd.
Fisher, Eddie TV 1724 Vine Street
Fisher, George Radio 7072 Hollywood Blvd.
Fishman, Hal TV 1560 Vine Street
Fitzgerald, Barry MP 6252 Hollywood Blvd.
Fitzgerald, Barry TV 7001 Hollywood Blvd.
Fitzgerald, Ella Rec 6738 Hollywood Blvd.
Fitzgerald, Geraldine MP 6353 Hollywood Blvd.
Fitzmaurice, George MP 6601 Hollywood Blvd.
Fitzpartick, James A. MP 1611 Vine Street
Fitzgerald, Ella Rec 6738 Hollywood Blvd.
Fleetwood Mac Rec 6608 Hollywood Blvd.
Fleming, Rhonda MP 6660 Hollywood Blvd.
Fleming, Victor MP 1719 Vine Street
Flynn, Errol MP 6654 Hollywood Blvd.
Flynn, Errol TV 7008 Hollywood Blvd.
Foch, Nina MP 6322 Hollywood Blvd.
Foch, Nina TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Fogerty, John Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Foley, Red Rec 6225 Hollywood Blvd.
Foley, Red TV 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Fonda, Henry MP 1601 Vine Street
Fonda Peter MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Fontaine, Joan MP 1645 Vine Street
Foran, Dick TV 1600 Vine Street
Foray, June TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Forbes, Scott TV 1650 Vine Street
Ford, Glenn MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd.
Ford, Harrison MP 6665 Hollywood Blvd
Ford, Harrison MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Ford, John MP 1640 Vine Street
Ford, Tennesse Ernie Radio 1600 Vine Street
Ford, Tennesse Ernie Rec 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Ford, Tennesse Ernie TV 6311 Hollywood Blvd.
Forsythe, John TV 6549 Hollywood Blvd.
Foster, Preston TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Four Step Brothers The LT 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Four Tops, The Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Fox Michael J. MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Fox, William MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Foy, Eddie MP 1725 Vine Street
Frampton, Peter Rec 6819 Hollywood Blvd.
Francescatti, Zino Rec 6704 Hollywood Blvd.
Francis, Anne TV 1611 Vine Street
Francis, Arlene Radio 6432 Hollywood Blvd.
Francis, Arlene TV 1734 Vine Street
Francis, Kay MP 6766 Hollywood Blvd.
Francisco, Don TV 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Franklin, Aretha Rec 6920 Hollywood Blvd.
Franklin, Sidney MP 6566 Hollywood Blvd.
Franz, Dennis TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Frawley, William MP 6322 Hollywood Blvd.
Freberg, Stan Rec 6145 Hollywood Blvd.
Frederick, Pauline MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Freed, Alan Radio 6381 Hollywood Blvd.
Freeman,  Frank Y. MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Freeman, Morgan MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Friedkin, William MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Fries, Charles TV 6819 Hollywood Blvd.
Frizzell, Lefty Rec 6927 Hollywood Blvd.
Froman, Jane Radio 6321 Hollywood Blvd.
Froman, Jane Rec 6145 Hollywood Blvd.
Froman, Jane TV 1645 Vine Street
Fuller, Robert TV 6608 Hollywood Blvd.
Funicello, Annette MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Furness, Betty MP 1533 Vine Street
Furness, Betty TV 6675 Hollywood Blvd.
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G, Kenny Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd
Gable, Clark MP 1608 Vine Street
Gabor, Eva TV 6614 Hollywood Blvd.
Gabor, Zsa Zsa TV 6915 Hollywood Blvd.
Gabriel, Juan Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Gahagan, Helen MP 1708 Vine Street
Galli-Curci, Amelita Rec 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Garbo, Greta MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Garcia, Andy MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Gardner, Ava MP 1560 Vine Street
Gardner, Ed Radio 6554 Hollywood Blvd.
Gardner, Ed TV 6676 Hollywood Blvd.
Garfield, John MP 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Garland, Beverly TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Garland, Judy MP 1715 Vine Street
Garner, Erroll Rec 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
Garner, James TV 6927 Hollywood Blvd.
Garner, Peggy Ann MP 6604 Hollywood Blvd.
Garnett, Tay MP 6556 Hollywood Blvd.
Garroway, Dave Radio 6355 Hollywood Blvd.
Garroway, Dave TV 6264 Hollywood Blvd.
Garrett Betty LT. 6706 Hollywood Blvd.
Garson, Greer MP 1651 Vine Street
Gaye, Marvin Rec 1500 Vine Street
Gaynor, Janey MP 6284 Hollywood Blvd.
Gaynor, Mitzi MP 6288 Hollywood Blvd.
Gershwin, Geo & Ira Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Gibbons, Floyd Radio 1631 Vine Street
Gibbons, Leeza TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Gibbs, Georgia Rec 6404 Hollywood Blvd.
Gibson, Hoot MP 1765 Vine Street
Gigli, Beniamino Rec 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Gilbert, Billy MP 6263 Hollywood Blvd.
Gilbert, John MP 1755 Vine Street
Gilbert, Melissa TV 6429 Hollywood Blvd.
Gilbert, Paul TV 6340 Hollywood Blvd.
Gillespie, Dizzy Rec 7057 Hollywood Blvd.
Gilley, Mickey Rec 6930 Hollywood Blvd.
Gish, Dorothy MP 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Gish, Lillian MP 1720 Vine Street
Glaum, Louise MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Gleason, Jackie Rec 6231 Hollywood Blvd.
Gleason, Jackie TV 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Gleason, James MP 7038 Hollywood Blvd.
Gless, Sharon TV 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
Globtrotters, Harlem TV 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Gobel, George TV 6850 Hollywood Blvd.
Goddard, Paulette MP 1652 Vine Street
Godfrey, Arthur Radio 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Godfrey, Arthur Rec 6616 Hollywood Blvd.
Godfrey, Arthur TV 1559 Vine Street
Godwin, Earl Radio 6201 Hollywood Blvd.
Godzilla  MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Gold, Earnest Rec 6434 Hollywood Blvd.
Goldberg, Leonard TV 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Goldberg, Whoopi MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Goldman, Edwin F. Radio 6410 Hollywood Blvd.
Goldwyn, Samuel MP 1631 Vine Street
Gooding, Jr., Cuba MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Goodman, Al Rec 6300 Hollywood Blvd.
Goodman, Benny Rec 6101 Hollywood Blvd.
Goodson, Mark TV 6374 Hollywood Blvd.
Goodwin, Bill Radio 6810 Hollywood Blvd.
Gordon, Gale Radio 6340 Hollywood Blvd.
Gordy, Berry Rec 7000 Hollywood blvd.
Gore, Mike MP 6315 Hollywood Blvd.
Gorme, Edie & Steve Lawrence Rec 1541 Vine Street
Gosden, Freeman "Amos" Radio 1777 Vine Street
Gossett, Louis Jr. MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Goudal, Jetta MP 6333 Hollywood Blvd.
Gould, Morton Rec 6533 Hollywood Blvd.
Goulet, Robert Rec 6368 Hollywood Blvd.
Grable, Betty MP 6525 Hollywood Blvd.
Graham, Billy Radio 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Grahame, Gloria MP 6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Grammer, Kelsey TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Granger, Farley TV 1551 Vine Street
Grannville, Bonita MP 6607 Hollywood Blvd.
Grant, Cary MP 1610 Vine Street
Grant, Johnny TV 6915 Hollywood Blvd.
Grauman, Sid MP 6379 Hollywood Blvd.
Gray Fred TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Gray, Gilda MP 6620 Hollywood Blvd
Gray Jim Radio 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Gray, Glen Rec 1709 Vine Street
Grayson, Kathryn MP 1600 Vine Street
Grazer, Brian MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd
Green, Alfred MP 6529 Hollywood Blvd.
Green, John MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Green, Mitzi MP 6430 Hollywood Blvd.
Greene, Harold TV 6906 Hollywood Blvd.
Greene, Lorne TV 1559 N. Vine Street
Greenwood, Charlotte Radio 1601 Vine Street
Greer, Jane MP 1634 Vine Street
Grey, Joel LT 6753 Hollywood Blvd.
Griffin, Merv TV 1541 Vine Street
Griffith, Andy TV 6418 Hollywood Blvd.
Griffith, Corinne MP 1560 Vine Street
Griffith, David W. MP 6535 Hollywood Blvd.
Griffith, Raymond MP 6124 Hollywood Blvd.
Guillaume, Robert TV 6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Guinan, Texas MP 1765 Vine Street.
Guinness, Alec MP 1559 Vine Street.
Gwenn, Edmund MP 1755 Vine Street.
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Hackett, Buddy LV 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Hadley, Reed TV 6553 Hollywood Blvd.
Hagen, Jean TV 1560 Vine Street
Haggerty, Dan TV 7070 Hollywood Blvd.
Haggerty, Don TV 6140 Hollywood Blvd.
Hagman, Larry TV 1560 N. Vine Street
Haines, William MP 7012 Hollywood Blvd.
Hairston, Jester TV 6161 Hollywood Blvd.
Hale, Alan MP 6532 Hollywood Blvd.
Hale, Alan TV 6653 Hollywood Blvd.
Hale, Barbara TV 1628 Vine Street
Hale, Creighton MP 6915 Hollywood Blvd.
Hale Monte MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Haley, Bill Rec 6350 Hollywood Blvd.
Haley, Jack Radio 6435 Hollywood Blvd.
Hall, Arsenio TV 6776 Hollywood Blvd.
Hall Conrad MP 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Hall, John MP 1724 Vine Street
Hall, Jon TV 6933 Hollywood Blvd.
Hall, Monty TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Hamblen, Stuart Radio 6419 Hollywood Blvd.
Hamer, Rusty TV 6323 Hollywood Blvd.
Hamilton, Lloyd MP 6141 Hollywood Blvd.
Hamilton, Neil MP 6634 Hollywood Blvd.
Hampton, Lionel Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Hancock, Herbie Rec 7057 Hollywood Blvd.
Hanks, Tom MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Hanna-Barbera TV 6753 Hollywood Blvd.
Harding, Ann MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd.
Harding, Ann TV 6850 Hollywood Blvd.
Hardwicke, Sir Cedric MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd.
Hardwicke, Sir Cedric TV 6660 Hollywood Blvd.
Hardy, Oliver MP 1500 Vine Street
Harlow, Jean MP 6910 Hollywood Blvd.
Harris, Arlene Radio 6250 Hollywood Blvd.
Harris, Mildred MP 6307 Hollywood Blvd.
Harris, Phil Radio 6651 Hollywood Blvd.
Harris, Phil Rec 6508  Hollywood Blvd
Harrison, Rex MP 6904 Hollywood Blvd.
Harrison, Rex TV 6390 Hollywood Blvd.
Harryhausen Ray MP 6840 Hollywood Blvd.
Hart, John TV 6432 Hollywood Blvd.
Hart, Mary TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Hart, William S. MP 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
Hartley, Mariette TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Hasselhoff, David TV 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Hasso, Signe MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Hathaway, Henry MP 1638 Vine Street
Hatton, Raymond MP 1708 Vine Street
Haver, June MP 1777 Vine Street
Havoc, June MP 6618 Hollywood Blvd.
Havoc, June TV 6413 Hollywood Blvd.
Hawk, Bob TV 6413 Hollywood Blvd.
Hawks, Howard MP 1708 Vine Street
Hayakawa, Sessue MP 1645 Vine Street
Hayes, Gabby Radio 6427 Hollywood Blvd.
Hayes, George "Gabby" TV 1724 Vine Street
Hayes, Helen MP 6258 Hollywood Blvd.
Hayes, Helen Radio 6549 Hollywood Blvd.
Hay, Bill Radio 6826 Hollywood Blvd.
Haymes, Dick Radio 6116 Hollywood Blvd.
Hayes, Johnny Radio 6769 Hollywood Blvd.
Hayman, Richard Rec 1765 Vine Street
Haymes, Dick Rec 1724 Vine Street
Haynes, Dick Radio 6841 Hollywood Blvd.
Hays, Will H. MP 6116 Hollywood Blvd.
Hayward, Louis MP 1500 Vine Street
Hayward, Louis TV 1680 Vine Street
Hayward, Susan MP 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
Hayworth, Rita MP 1645 Vine Street
Head, Edith MP 6504 Hollywood Blvd.
Healy, Jim Radio 6740 Hollywood Blvd.
Hearn, Chick Radio 6755 Hollywood Blvd.
Heckart, Eileen MP 6140 Hollywood Blvd.
Hedren Tippi. MP. 7060 Hollywood Blvd.
Heflin, Van MP 6311 Hollywood Blvd.
Heflin, Van TV 6125 Hollywood Blvd.
Hefner, Hugh TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Heidt, Horace Radio 1631 Vine Street
Heidt, Horace TV 6628 Hollywood Blvd.
Heifetz, Jascha Rec 6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Henderson, Florence TV 7070 Hollywood Blvd.
Hendrix, Jimi Rec 6627 Hollywood Blvd.
Henie, Sonja MP 6101 Hollywood Blvd.
Henreid, Paul MP 6366 Hollywood Blvd.
Henreid, Paul TV 1720 Vine Street
Henson, Jim TV 6631 Hollywood Blvd.
Hepburn, Audrey MP 1652 Vine Street
Hepburn, Katherine MP 6284 Hollywood Blvd.
Herbert, Hugh MP 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
Herman, Jerry LT 7095 Hollywood Blvd.
Herman, Pee-Wee MP 6562 Hollywood Blvd.
Herman, Woody Rec 6805 Hollywood Blvd.
Hern, Chick Radio 6765 Hollywood Blvd.
Hersholt, Jean MP 6501 Hollywood Blvd.
Hersholt, Jean Radio 6701 Hollywood Blvd.
Hervey, Irene MP 6336 Hollywood Blvd.
Heston, Charlton MP 1628 Hollywood Blvd.
Heywood, Eddie Rec 1709 Vine Street
Hibbler, Al Rec 1650 Vine Street
Hicks, George Radio 6314 Hollywood Blvd.
Hildegarde Radio 6141 Hollywood Blvd.
Hitchcock, Alfred MP 6506 Hollywood Blvd.
Hitchcock, Alfred TV 7013 Hollywood Blvd.
Hodiak, John Radio 6101 Hollywood Blvd.
Hoffa, Portland Radio 1640 Vine Street
Holden, William MP 1651 Vine Street
Holiday, Billie Rec 1540 N. Vine Street
Holliday, Judy MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Holliman, Earl TV 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollingshead, Gordon MP 6200 Hollywood Blvd.
Holm, Celeste MP 1500 Vine Street
Holm, Celeste TV 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Holmes, Burton MP 6600 Hollywood Blvd.
Holmes, Phillips MP 6908 Hollywood Blvd.
Holmes, Taylor MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Holt, Jack MP 6313-1/2 Hollywood Blvd
Hooker, John Lee Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd
Hope, Bob MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd.
Hope, Bob Radio 6141 Hollywood Blvd.
Hope, Bob LT Special Plaque. 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Hope, Bob TV 6758 Hollywood Blvd.
Hope, Dolores LT 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Hopkins Anthony MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Hopkins Linda Rec 6233 Hollywood Blvd.
Hopkins, Miriam MP 1709 Vine Street
Hopkins, Miriam TV 1716 Vine Street
Hopper, Hedda MP 6313 Hollywood Blvd
Horne, Lena MP 6282 Hollywood Blvd.
Horne, Lena Rec 6250 Hollywood Blvd.
Horowitz, Vladimir Rec 1680 Vine Street
Horton, Edward Everett MP 6427 Hollywood Blvd
Houdini, Harry MP 7001 Hollywood Blvd.
Howard, Eddy Rec 6724 Hollywood Blvd.
Howard, John TV 6515 Hollywood Blvd.
Howard, Leslie MP 6550 Hollywood Blvd.
Howard, Ron TV 6838 Hollywood Blvd.
Howard, William K. MP 1500 Vine Street
Hudson, Rochelle MP 6200 Hollywood Blvd.
Hudson, Rock MP 6116 Hollywood Blvd.
Hull, Josephine MP 6502 Hollywood Blvd.
Hull, Warren Radio 6270 Hollywood Blvd.
Hull, Warren TV 6135 Hollywood Blvd.
Humberstone, Bruce MP 1752 Vine Street
Humperdinck, Engelbert Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Hunt, Frazier Radio 1708 Vine Street
Hunt, Marsha TV 6658 Hollywood Blvd.
Hunt, Pee Wee Rec 6838 Hollywood Blvd.
Hunter, Jeffrey TV 6918 Hollywood Blvd.
Hunter, Kim MP 1617 Vine Street
Hunter, Kim TV 1715 Vine Street
Hunter, Tab Rec 6320 Hollywood Blvd.
Hurt, Marlin Radio 6514 Hollywood Blvd.
Husing, Ted Radio 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Husky, Ferlin Rec 6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Hussey, Ruth MP 1551 Vine Street
Huston, John MP 1765 Hollywood Blvd.
Huston, Walter MP 6624 Hollywood Blvd.
Hutton, Betty MP 6259 Hollywood Blvd.
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Iglesias, Julio Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Ince, Thomas MP 6727 Hollywood Blvd.
Infante, Pedro Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Ingram, Rex MP 1651 Hollywood Blvd.
Ireland, Jill MP 6751 Hollywood Blvd.
Ireland, John TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Iturbi, Jose Rec 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
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Jackson, Janet Rec 1500 Vine Street
Jackson, Mahalia Rec 6840 Hollywood Blvd.
Jackson, Michael Radio 1541 Vine Street
Jackson, Michael Rec 6927 Hollywood Blvd.
Jackson, Samuel L. MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Jackson, Sherry TV 6324 Hollywood Blvd.
Jacksons, The Rec 1500 Vine Street
Jagger, Dean MP 1623 Vine Street
Jam, Jimmy & Terry Lewis Rec 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
James, Dennis TV 6753 Hollywood Blvd.
James Etta.  7080 Hollywood Blvd.
James, Harry Rec 6683 Hollywood Blvd.
James, Joni & Sonny Rec 6630 Hollywood Blvd.
Janis, Elsie MP 6770 Hollywood Blvd.
Jannings, Emil MP 1630 Vine Street
Janssen, David TV 7011 Hollywood Blvd.
Jarre, Maurice MP 6505 Hollywood Blvd.
Jarreau, Al Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Jarrin, Jamie Radio 6381 Hollywood Blvd.
Jeffries Herb  MP  6672 Hollywood Blvd.
Jeffreys, Anne TV 1501 Vine Street
Jenkins, Gordon Rec 6626 Hollywood Blvd.
Jergens, Adele TV 7046 Hollywood Blvd.
Jessel, George MP 1777 Vine Street
Jewell, Isabel MP 1560 Vine Street
Jewison, Norman MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Joel Billy Rec  6233 Hollywood Blvd.
John, Elton Rec 6915 Hollywood Blvd.
Johnson, Earvin "Magic" MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Johnson, Ben MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Johnson, Don TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Johnson, Nunnally MP 6240 Hollywood Blvd.
Johnson, Van MP 6600 Hollywood Blvd.
Jolson, Al MP 6622 Hollywood Blvd.
Jolson, Al Radio 6750 Hollywood Blvd.
Jolson, Al Rec 1716 Vine Street
Jones, Allan Rec 6100 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Buck MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Chuck MP 7011 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Dick TV 7042 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Gordon TV 1623 Vine Street
Jones, Jack Rec 6104 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Jennifer MP 6429 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Quincy Rec 1500 Vine Street
Jones, Shirley MP 1541 Vine Street
Jones, Spike Radio 6290 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Buck MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Spike Rec 1500 Vine Street
Jones, Tom Rec 6608 Hollywood Blvd.
Jones, Tommy Lee MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Jory, Victor MP 6605 Hollywood Blvd.
Jose Jose Rec 7036 Hollywood Blvd.
Jourdan, Louis Rec 6153 Hollywood Blvd.
Jourdan, Louis TV 6445 Hollywood Blvd.
Journey  Rec.  6750 Hollywood Blvd.
Joy, Leatrice MP 6517 Hollywood Blvd.
Jurado, Katy MP 7065 Hollywood Blvd.
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Kallen, Kitty Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Kalmus, Herbert MP 6157 Hollywood Blvd.
Karloff, Boris MP 1737 Vine Street
Karloff, Boris TV 6664 Hollywood Blvd.
Kasem, Casey Radio 6931 Hollywood Blvd.
Kaye, Danny MP 6563 Hollywood Blvd.
Kaye, Danny Rec 6125 Hollywood Blvd.
Kaye, Danny Radio 6101 Hollywood Blvd.
Kaye, Sammy Rec 6767 Hollywood Blvd.
Kaye, Sammy TV 6419 Hollywood Blvd.
Kaye, Sammy Radio 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Kazan, Elia MP 6800 Hollywood Blvd.
Keaton, Buster MP 6619 Hollywood Blvd.
Keaton, Buster TV 6321 Hollywood Blvd.
Keel, Howard MP 6253 Hollywood Blvd.
Keeler, Ruby MP 6730 Hollywood Blvd.
Keene, Bill TV 1541 Vine Street
Keeshan, Bob TV Sunset & Vine
Kellerman, Annette MP 6608 Hollywood Blvd.
Kelley, DeForest MP 7021Hollywood Blvd.
Kelly, Gene MP 6153 Hollywood Blvd.
Kelly, Grace MP 6329 Hollywood Blvd.
Kelly, Nancy MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Kelly, Patsy MP 6669 Hollywood Blvd.
Kennedy, Arthur MP 6681 Hollywood Blvd.
Kennedy, Arthur TV 1620 Vine Street
Kennedy, Edgar MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd.
Kennedy, George MP 6356 Hollywood Blvd.
Kennedy, John B. Radio 1611 Vine Street
Kennedy, Madge MP 1600 Vine Street
Kenton, Stan Rec 6340 Hollywood Blvd.
Kermit the Frog TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Kerr, Deborah MP 1709 Vine Street
Kerrigan, J.M. MP 6621 Hollywood Blvd.
Kerry, Norman MP 6724 Hollywood Blvd.
Kidman Nicole MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Kilgallen, Dorothy TV 6780 Hollywood Blvd.
King, Andrea TV 1547 Vine Street
King, B.B. Rec 6771 Hollywood Blvd.
King, John Reed Radio 6402 Hollywood Blvd.
King, Kenry MP 6327 Hollywood Blvd.
King, Larry TV 6616 Hollywood Blvd.
King, Pee Wee Rec 1715 Vine Street
King, Peggy TV 6563 Hollywood Blvd.
King, Wayne Radio 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
Kirkwood, Joe Jr. TV 1632 Vine Street
Kirsten, Dorothy Rec 6331 Hollywood Blvd.
Kiss Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Kitt, Eartha Rec 6656 Hollywood Blvd.
Kline Kevin MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Klugman, Jack TV 6555 Hollywood Blvd.
Knight, Evelyn Rec 6136 Hollywood Blvd.
Knight, Gladys Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Knight, June MP 6247 Hollywood Blvd.
Knight, Raymond Radio 6130 Hollywood Blvd.
Knight, Ted TV 6673 Hollywood Blvd.
Knotts, Don TV 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Knowles, Patrick TV 6542 Hollywood Blvd.
Knudsen, Peggy TV 6262 Hollywood Blvd.
Kosloff, Theodore MP 1617 Vine Street
Kostelanetz, Andre Rec 6542 Hollywood Blvd.
Koster, Henry MP 6762 Hollywood Blvd.
Kovas, Ernie TV 6307 Hollywood Blvd.
Kramer, Stanley MP 6100 Hollywood Blvd.
Kreisler, Fritz Rec 6655 Hollywood Blvd.
Krueger, Kurt MP 1560 Vine Street
Kruger, Otto MP 1734 Vine Street
Kruger, Otto TV 6331 Hollywood Blvd.
Kyser, Kay Radio 1601 Vine Street
Kyser, Kay Rec 1708 Vine Street
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La Rocque, Rod MP 1580 Vine Street
La Rosa, Julius TV 6290 Hollywood Blvd.
La Belle, Patti Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
La Cava, Gregory MP 6906 Hollywood Blvd.
Laboe, Art Radio 6800 Hollywood Blvd.
Ladd, Alan MP 1601 Vine Street
Ladd Jim.  Radio  7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Ladd, Sue Carol MP 1639 N. Vine Street
Laemmle, Carl MP 6301 Hollywood Blvd.
Laine, Frankie Rec 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Laine, Frankie TV 1645 Vine Street
Lake, Alice MP 1624 Vine Street
Lake, Authur Radio 6646 Hollywood Blvd.
Lake, Veronica MP 6918 Hollywood Blvd.
LaLanne Jack. TV. 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Lamarr, Barbara MP 1621 Vine Street
Lamarr, Hedy MP 6247 Hollywood Blvd.
Lamour, Dorothy MP 6332 Hollywood Blvd.
Lamour, Dorothy Radio 6240 Hollywood Blvd.
Lancaster, Burt MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Landau, Martin MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Landi, Elissa MP 1611 Vine Street
Landis, Carole MP 1765 Vine Street
Landon, Michael TV 1500 N. Vine Street
Landsberg, Klaus TV 1500 N. Vine Street
Lane, Abbe TV 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Lane, Dick TV 6317 Hollywood Blvd.
Lanfield, Sidney MP 6101 Hollywood Blvd.
Lang, Fritz MP 1600 Vine Street
Lang, Walter MP 6520 Hollywood Blvd.
Langdon, Harry MP 6927 Hollywood Blvd.
Langford, Frances MP 1500 Vine Street
Langford, Frances Radio 1525 Vine Street
Lansbury, Angela MP 6623 Hollywood Blvd
Lansbury, Angela TV 6259 Hollywood Blvd.
Lansing, Joe TV 6529 Hollywood Blvd
Lansing, Sherry MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Lantz, Walter MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Lanza, Mario Rec 1751 Vine Street
Lanza, Mario MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
LaPlante, Laura MP 6378 Hollywood Blvd.
Larson, Glen TV 6673 Hollywood Blvd.
Lasky, Jesse MP 6433 Hollywood Blvd.
Lassie MP 6368 Hollywood Blvd.
Laughton, Charles MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Laurel, Stan MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Lawford, Peter TV 6922 Hollywood Blvd.
Lawrence, Barbara TV 1735 Vine Street
Lawrence, Carol LT 6211 Hollywood Blvd.
Lawrence, Steve & Edie Gorme Rec 1541 Vine Street
Leachman, Cloris TV 6435 Hollywood Blvd.
Lear, Norman TV 6615 Hollywood Blvd.
Lederer, Francis MP 6902 Hollywood Blvd.
Lee, Anna MP 6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Lee, Bruce MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd.
Lee, Gypsy Rose MP 6351 Hollywood Blvd.
Lee, Lila MP 1716 Vine Street
Lee, Michelle TV 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
Lee, Peggy Rec 6319 Hollywood Blvd.
Lee, Pinky TV 6201 Hollywood Blvd.
Lee, Roland MP 6313 Hollywood Blvd.
Lehmann, Lottie Rec 1735 Hollywood Blvd.
Leiber & Stoller Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Leigh, Janet MP 1777 Vine Street
Leigh, Vivien MP 6773 Hollywood Blvd.
Leisen, Michelle MP 6241 Hollywood Blvd.
Lemmon, Jack MP 6357 Hollywood Blvd.
Lennon, John Rec 1750 Vine Street
Lennon Sisters, The TV 1500 Vine Street
Leno, Jay TV 6780 Hollywood Blvd.
Leonard, Robert Z. MP 6370 Hollywood Blvd.
LeRoy, Mervyn MP 1560 Vine Street
Lescoulie, Jack TV 6500 Hollywood Blvd.
Leslie, Joan TV 1560 Vine Street
Lesser, Sol MP 6533 Hollywood Blvd.
Levant, Oscar Rec 6728 Hollywood Blvd.
Lewis, Fulton Radio 6258 Hollywood Blvd.
Lewis, Jerry TV 6150 Hollywood Blvd
Lewis, Jerry MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Lewis, Jerry Lee Rec 6631 Hollywood Blvd.
Lewis, Robert Q. TV 1709 Vine Street
Lewis, Shari TV 6743 Hollywood Blvd.
Leyden, Bill TV 6136 Hollywood Blvd.
Liberace Rec 6527 Hollywood Blvd.
Liberace TV 6739 Hollywood Blvd.
Lichtman, Al MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Lillie, Beatrice MP 6404 Hollywood Blvd.
Lincoln, Elmo MP 7042 Hollywood Blvd.
Linden, Eric MP 1648 Vine Street
Lindsay, Margaret MP 6318 Hollywood Blvd.
Linkletter, Art Radio 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
Linkletter, Art TV 1560 Vine Street
Lithgow, John TV 6666 Hollywood Blvd.
Little, Cleavon MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Little, Little Jack Radio 6618 Hollywood Blvd.
Little, Rich TV 6372 Hollywood Blvd.
Litvak, Anatole MP 6635 Hollywood Blvd.
Livingston & Evans Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Livingston, Mary Radio 6705 Hollywood Blvd.
Lloyd, Frank MP 6667 Hollywood Blvd.
Lloyd, Harold MP 1503 Vine Street
Lockhart, Gene MP 6307 Hollywood Blvd.
Lockhart, Gene TV 6681 Hollywood Blvd.
Lockhart, June MP 6323 Hollywood Blvd.
Lockhart, June TV 6362 Hollywood Blvd.
Lockhart, Kathleen MP 6241 Hollywood Blvd.
Loew, Marcus MP 1617 Vine Street
Logan, Joshua MP 6235 Hollywood Blvd.
Loggins, Kenny Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Lohman & Barkley Radio 1540 N. Vine Street
Lombard, Carole MP 6930 Hollywood Blvd.
Lombardo, Guy Radio 6677 Hollywood Blvd.
Lombardo, Guy Rec 6666 Hollywood Blvd.
Lombardo, Guy TV 6353 Hollywood Blvd.
London, Julie Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Lopez, Vincent Radio 6609 Hollywood Blvd.
Lord, Marjorie TV 6317 Hollywood Blvd.
Lord, Philips Radio 6912 Hollywood Blvd.
Loren, Sophia MP 7050 Hollywood Blvd.
Lorre, Peter MP 6619 Hollywood Blvd.
Louise, Anita MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Love, Bessie MP 6777 Hollywood Blvd.
Lovejoy, Frank TV 6325 Hollywood Blvd.
Lowe, Edmund MP 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
Lowe, Edmund TV 6601 Hollywood Blvd.
Lowe, Jim Rec 6333 Hollywood Blvd.
Loy, Myrna MP 6685 Hollywood Blvd.
Lubin, Sigmund MP 6166 Hollywood Blvd.
Lubitsch, Ernst MP 7042 Hollywood Blvd.
Luboff, Norman Rec 1620 Vine Street
Ludden, Allen TV 6743 Hollywood Blvd.
Lucci Susan  TV  6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Lugosi, Bela MP 6340 Hollywood Blvd.
Lukas, Paul MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Luke, Keye MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Lumiere, Auguste MP 6320 Hollywood Blvd.
Lumiere, Louis MP 1529 Vine Street
Luna, Humberto TV 6776 Hollywood Blvd.
Lund, Art Rec 6126 Hollywood Blvd.
Lupino, Ida TV 1724 Vine Street
Lupino, Ida MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd.
Lupton, John TV 1713 Vine Street
Luther, Frank Rec 1708 Vine Street
Lyles, A.C. MP 6840 Hollywood Blvd.
Lymon, Frankie Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Lynn, Diana MP 1625 Vine Street
Lynn, Diana TV 6350 Hollywood Blvd.
Lynn, Loretta Rec 1515 Vine Street
Lyon, Ben MP 1724 Vine Street
Lytell, Bert MP 6417 Hollywood Blvd.
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MacDonald, Jeanette MP 6157 Hollywood Blvd. 
MacDonald, Jeanette Rec 1628 Vine Street 
MacDonald, Katherine MP 6759 Hollywood Blvd. 
MacKenzie, Gisele TV 1601 Vine Street 
MacLaine, Shirley MP 1617 Vine Street 
MacLane, Barton TV 6719 Hollywood Blvd. 
MacMurray, Fred MP 6421 Hollywood Blvd. 
MacPherson, Jeanie MP 6150 Hollywood Blvd. 
MacRae, Gordon Radio 6325 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mack, Helen MP 6310 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mack, Ted TV 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Maddox, Johnny Rec 6401 Hollywood Blvd. 
Madison, Guy Radio 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Madison, Guy TV 6333 Hollywood Blvd. 
Magnani, Anna MP 6385 Hollywood Blvd. 
Majors, Lee TV 6931 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mako MP 7095 Hollywood Blvd. 
Malden, Karl MP 6231 Hollywood Blvd. 
Malone, Dorothy MP 1716 Vine Street 
Malone, Ted Radio 1628 Vine Street 
Mamoulian, Rouben MP 1709 Vine Street 
Mancini, Henry Rec 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Manilow, Barry Rec 6233 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mankiewicz, Joseph L. MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mann, Anthony MP 6229 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mann, Delbert MP 1716 Vine Street 
Mann, Hank MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mansfield, Jayne MP 6328 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mantovani Rec 1708 Vine Street 
March, Fredric MP 1620 Vine Street 
March, Hal Radio 1560 Vine Street 
March, Hal TV 6536 Hollywood Blvd. 
Margaret, Ann MP 6501 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marie Rose TV 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
Mark & Brian Radio 6767 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marley, Bob Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marley, J. Peverell MP 6819 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marlow, Jess TV 6420 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marsh, Mae MP 1600 Vine Street 
Marshall, Garry TV 6838 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marshall, George MP 7048 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marshall, Herbert MP 6200 Hollywood Blvd. 
Marshall Penny & Williams Cindy TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd
Martin, Dean MP 6519 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Dean Rec 1617 Vine Street 
Martin, Dean TV 6651 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Freddy Rec 6532 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Marion MP 6915 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Mary Radio 6609 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Mary Rec 1560 Vine Street 
Martin, Quinn TV 6667 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Tony MP 6436 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Tony Radio 1760 Vine Street 
Martin, Tony Rec 6331 Hollywood Blvd. 
Martin, Tony TV 1725 Vine Street 
Marx, Groucho TV 1734 Vine Street 
Marx, Groucho Radio 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mason, James TV 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Massey, Ilona MP 1623 Vine Street 
Massey, Raymond MP 1719 Vine Street 
Massey, Raymond TV 6706 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mathis, Johnny Rec 1501 Vine Street 
Matthau, Walter MP 6357 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mature, Victor MP 6780 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mayer, Louis B. MP 1637 Vine Street 
Maynard, Ken MP 6751 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mayo, Archie MP 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mayo, Virginia TV 1751 Vine Street 
McAvoy, May MP 1731 Vine Street 
McBride, Mary Margaret Radio 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
McCalla, Irish TV 1720 Vine Street 
McCambridge, Mercedes MP 1720 Vine Street 
McCambridge, Mercedes TV 6243 Hollywood Blvd. 
McCarey, Leo MP 1500 Vine Street 
McCarthy, Clem Radio 6563 Hollywood Blvd. 
McClure, Doug TV 7065 Hollywood Blvd. 
McCormick Larry 6420 Hollywood Blvd.
McCormick, Patty MP 6312 Hollywood Blvd. 
McCoy, Clyde Rec 6426 Hollywood Blvd. 
McCoy, Tim MP 1600 Vine Street 
McCrary, Tex TV 1628 Vine Street 
McCrea, Joel MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd. 
McCrea, Joel Radio 6241 Hollywood Blvd. 
McDaniel, Hattie MP 1719 Vine Street 
McDaniel, Hattie Radio 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
McDonnell, Smilin' Ed Radio 6650 Hollywood Blvd 
McDowall, Roddy TV 6632 Hollywood Blvd. 
McEntire, Reba Rec 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
McFarland, Spanky MP 7095 Hollywood Blvd. 
McGee, Fibber & Molly Radio 1500 N. Vine Street 
McGraw, Charles TV 6927 Hollywood Blvd. 
McGuire, Dorothy MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
McKuen, Rod Rec 1501 Vine Street 
McLaglen, Victor MP 1735 Vine Street 
McLeod, Norman Z. MP 1724 Vine Street 
McMahon, Ed TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
McNamee, Graham Radio 6405 Hollywood Blvd. 
McNeill, Don Radio 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
McQueen, Steve MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd. 
Meadows, Audrey TV 6100 Hollywood Blvd. 
Medavoy Mike. MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Meek, Donald MP 1752 Vine Street 
Meeker, George MP 6101 Hollywood Blvd. 
Meighan, Thomas MP 1719 Vine Street 
Meiklejohn MP 1777 Vine Street 
Melachrino Rec 1625 Vine Street 
Melchior, Lauritz 1718 Vine Street 
Melton, James Radio 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Melton, James Rec 6564 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mendez, Rafael Rec 6767 Hollywood Blvd. 
Menjou, Adolphe MP 6826 Hollywood Blvd. 
Menuhin, Yehudi Rec 6710 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mercer, Johnny TV 1628 Vine Street 
Meredith, Burgess MP 6904 Hollywood Blvd. 
Merkel, Una MP 6262 Hollywood Blvd. 
Merman, Ethel MP 7044 Hollywood Blvd. 
Merman, Ethel Rec 1751 Vine Street 
Merrill, Robert Rec 6763 Hollywood Blvd. 
Michaels Al  TV  6633 Hollywood Blvd.
Michaels, Lorne TV 6627 Hollywood Blvd. 
Micheaux, Oscar MP 6721 Hollywood Blvd. 
Midler, Bette Rec 6922 Hollywood Blvd. 
Miguel, Luis Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd. 
Miles, Vera TV 1652 Vine Street 
Milestone, Lewis MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Milland, Ray MP 1621 Vine Street 
Milland, Ray TV 1634 Vine Street 
Miller Band, The Steve Rec 1750 Vine Street 
Miller, Ann MP 6914 Hollywood Blvd. 
Miller, Glenn Rec 6915 Hollywood Blvd. 
Miller, Marilyn MP 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
Miller, Marvin TV 6101 Hollywood Blvd. 
Miller, Mitch Rec 7013 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mills Brothers Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Milstein, Nathan Rec 6379 Hollywood Blvd. 
Minnelli, Liza LT 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Minnelli, Vincente MP 6676 Hollywood Blvd. 
Minter, Mary Miles MP 1724 Vine Street 
Minyard, Ken & Bob Arthur Radio 6808 Hollywood Blvd. 
Miranda, Carmen MP 6262 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mitchell, Everett Radio 6254 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mitchell, Guy Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mitchell, Thomas MP 1651 Vine Street 
Mitchell, Thomas TV 6100 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mitchum, Robert MP 6240 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mix, Tom MP 1708 Vine Street 
Mohr, Hal MP 6433 Hollywood Blvd. 
Monk, Thelonious Rec 7055 Hollywood Blvd. 
Monkees, The Rec 6675 Hollywood Blvd. 
Monroe, Marilyn MP 6774 Hollywood Blvd. 
Monroe, Vaughn Radio 1755 Vine Street 
Monroe, Vaughn Rec 1600 Vine Street 
Montalban, Ricardo TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Monteux, Pierre Rec 1725 Vine Street 
Montgomery, George TV 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
Montgomery, Robert MP 6440 Hollywood Blvd. 
Montgomery, Robert TV 1631 Vine Street 
Mooney, Art Rec 6150 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Clayton/Lone Ranger TV 6914 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Collen MP 1549 Vine Street 
Moore, Constance MP 6270 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Del TV 6405 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Dudley MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Garry Radio 1718 Vine Street 
Moore, Garry TV 1680 Vine Street 
Moore, Grace MP 6274 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Mary Tyler TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Matt MP 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Owen MP 6727 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Terry MP 7076 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moore, Tom MP 1640 Vine Street 
Moore, Victor MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moorehead, Agnes MP 1719 Vine Street 
Moran, Polly MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moreno, Antonio MP 6651 Hollywood Blvd. 
Moreno, Rita MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd. 
Morgan, Frank MP 1708 Vine Street 
Morgan, Frank Radio 6700 Hollywood Blvd. 
Morgan, Henry Radio 6325 Hollywood Blvd. 
Morgan, Michele MP 1645 Vine Street 
Morgan, Ralph MP 1617 Vine Street 
Morgan, Robert W. Radio 6841 Hollywood Blvd. 
Morgan, Russ Rec 1751 Vine Street 
Morita, Pat MP 6633 Hollywood Blvd. 
Morse, Carlton E. Radio 6445 Hollywood Blvd. 
Morse, Ella Mae Rec 1724 Vine Street 
Moss, Jerry TV 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mouse, Mickey MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Muhall, Jack MP 1724 Vine Street 
Muir, Jean MP 6280 Hollywood Blvd. 
Mulligan, Richard TV 6777 Hollywood Blvd. 
Muni, Paul MP 6433 Hollywood Blvd. 
Munson, Ona MP 6250 Hollywood Blvd. 
Muren, Dennis MP 6764 Hollywood Blvd 
Murphy, Audie MP 1601 Vine Street 
Murphy, Eddie MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Murphy, George MP 1601 Vine Street 
Murphy, Charlie MP 1719 Vine Street 
Murray, Anne Rec 1750 Vine Street 
Murray, Don MP 6385 Hollywood Blvd. 
Murray, Jan TV 6153 Hollywood Blvd. 
Murray, Ken Radio 1724 Vine Street 
Murray, Mae MP 6318 Hollywood Blvd. 
Murrow, Edward R. Radio 6263 Hollywood Blvd. 
Myers, Carmel MP 1751 Vine Street 
Myers Mike MP 7046 Hollywood Blvd.
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Nabors, Jim LT 6435 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nagel, Conrad MP 1719 Vine Street 
Nagel, Conrad Radio 1752 Vine Street 
Nagel, Conrad TV 1752 Vine Street 
Naish, J. Carrol TV 6145 Hollywood Blvd. 
Naldi, Nita MP 6316 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nash, Ogden TV 6264 Hollywood Blvd. 
Navarro, Ramon MP 6350 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nazimova MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Neal Patricia  MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Nederlander, James LT 6233 Hollywood Blvd. 
Negri, Pola MP 6140 Hollywood Blvd. 
Negulesco, Jean MP 6212 Hollywood Blvd. 
Neilan, Marshall MP 6241 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nelson, Barry TV 6259 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nelson, David TV 1501 Vine Street 
Nelson, Gene MP 7005 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nelson, Harriet TV 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nelson, Ozzie TV 6555 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nelson, Ozzie & Harriet Radio 6260 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nelson, Rick Rec 1515 Vine Street 
Nesbitt, John MP 1717 Vine Street 
Nesbitt, John Radio 6200 Hollywood Blvd.
Neufeld Mace MP 6714 Hollywood Blvd. 
Newhart, Bob TV 6381 Hollywood Blvd. 
Newman, Alfred Rec 1708 Vine Street 
Newman, Paul MP 7060 Hollywood Blvd. 
Newton, Wayne Rec 6909 Hollywood Blvd. 
Newton-John Olivia Rec 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Niblo, Fred MP 7014 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nicholas Brothers MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nichols, Nichelle TV 6633 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nicholson, Jack MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nielson, Leslie MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd. 
Niles, Chuck Radio 7080 Hollywood Blvd 
Niles, Ken Radio 6711 Hollywood Blvd. 
Niles, Wendell Radio 1725 Vine Street 
Nilsson, Anna Q. MP 6150 Hollywood Blvd. 
Nimoy, Leonard MP 6651 Hollywood Blvd. 
Niven, David MP 6384 Hollywood Blvd. 
Niven, David TV 1623 Vine Street 
Nixon, Marian MP 1724 Vine Street 
Nolan, Lloyd TV 1752 Vine Street 
Norman, Mabel MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Normand, Mabel MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Norris, Chuck MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Novak, Kim MP 6332 Hollywood Blvd. 
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Oakie, Jack MP 6752 Hollywood Blvd. 
Oberon, Merle MP 6274 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Brian, Hugh TV 6613  Hollywood B 
O'Brien, Dave MP 6251 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Brien, Edmond MP 1725 Vine Street 
O'Brien, Edmond TV 6523 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Brien, Eugene MP 1620 Vine Street 
O'Brien, George MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Brien, Margaret MP 6606 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Brien, Margaret TV 1634 Vine Street 
O'Brien, Pat MP 1531 Vine Street 
O'Brien, Pat TV 6240 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Connor Carroll  MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
O'Connor, Donald MP 1680 Vine Street 
O'Connor, Donald TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Day, Molly MP 1708 Vine Street 
O'Hanlon, George MP 6428 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Hara, Maureen MP 7004 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Keefe, Walter Radio 6153 Hollywood Blvd. 
O'Neill, Henry MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Oliver, Edna May MP 1623 Vine Street 
Oliver, Laurence MP 6319 Hollywood Blvd. 
Olmos, Edward James MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Olsen Mary-Kate and Ashley MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Orlando, Tony Rec 6385 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ormandy, Eugene Rec 6926 Hollywood Blvd. 
Osbourne, Ozzy Rec 6780 Hollywood Blvd. 
Osmond Family The. Rec. 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
O'Shea, Michael TV 1680 Vine Street 
O'Sullivan, Maureen MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd. 
Owens, Buck Rec 6667 Hollywood Blvd. 
Owens, Gary Radio 6743 Hollywood Blvd.
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Paderewski Rec 6284 Hollywood Blvd. 
Page, Anita MP 6116 Hollywood Blvd. 
Page, Patti Rec 6760 Hollywood Blvd. 
Paige, Janis MP 6624 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pal, George MP 1720 Vine Street 
Palance, Jack TV 6608 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pallette, Eugene MP 6702 Hollywood Blvd. 
Palmer, Lilili TV 7013 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pangborn, Franklin MP 1500 Vine Street 
Parker, Eleanor MP 6340 Hollywood Blvd. 
Parker, Frank Radio 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Parker, Jean MP 6666 Hollywood Blvd. 
Parkyakarkus Radio 1708 Vine Street 
Parr, Jack TV 6212 Hollywood Blvd. 
Parrish, Helen MP 6263 Hollywood Blvd. 
Parsons, Louella O. MP 6418 Hollywood Blvd. 
Parsons, Louella O. Radio 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Parton, Dolly Rec 6712 Hollywood Blvd 
Pasternak, Joe MP 1541 N. Vine Street 
Paul, Les & Mary Ford Rec 1541 Vine Street 
Paxinou, Katrina MP 1651 Vine Street 
Payne, John MP 6125 Hollywood Blvd. 
Payne, John TV 6687 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pearce, Al Radio 6328 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pearl, Jack Radio 1680 Vine Street 
Pearson, Drew Radio 6623 Hollywood Blvd. 
Peary, Harold Radio 1639 Vine Street 
Peary, Harold TV 1719 Vine Street 
Peck, Gregory MP 6100 Hollywood Blvd. 
Peerce, Jan Rec 1751 Vine Street 
Penner, Joe Radio 1752 Vine Street 
Peppard, George MP 6675 Hollywood Blvd. 
Perkins, Anthony TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Perkins, Anthony MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Perreau, Gigi TV 6212 Hollywood Blvd. 
Perrin, Jack MP 1777 Vine Street 
Peters, Bernadette LT 6706 Hollywood Blvd. 
Peters, Brock LT 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Peters, House MP 6157 Hollywood Blvd. 
Peters, Susan MP 1601 Vine Street 
Petrova, Olga MP 6562 Hollywood Blvd. 
Petty, Tom Rec 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
Philbin Regis TV 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Phillips, Dorothy MP 6358 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pickford, Jack MP 1523 Vine Street 
Pickford, Mary MP 6280 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pidgeon, Walter MP 6414 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pierce, Webb Rec 1600 Vine Street 
Pinza, Ezio Rec 1601 Vine Street 
Pitts, Zasu MP 6554 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pointer Sisters, The Rec 6363 Hollywood Blvd. 
Poitier, Sidney MP 7065 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pollard, Snub MP 6415  Hollywood Blvd 
Pons, Lily Rec 7006 Hollywood Blvd. 
Potter, HC MP 6633 Hollywood Blvd. 
Powell, David MP 1651 Vine Street 
Powell, Dick MP 6915 Hollywood Blvd. 
Powell, Dick TV 6745 Hollywood Blvd. 
Powell, Dick Radio 1560 Vine Street 
Powell, Eleanor MP 1541 Vine Street 
Powell, Jane MP 6818 Hollywood Blvd. 
Powell, William MP 1636 Vine Street 
Power, Tyrone MP 6747 Hollywood Blvd. 
Powers, Mala TV 6360 Hollywood Blvd. 
Powers, Stefanie TV 6776 Hollywood Blvd. 
Prado, Perez Rec 1529 Vine Street 
Preminger, Otto MP 6624 Hollywood Blvd. 
Presley, Elvis Rec 6777 Hollywood Blvd. 
Presley Elvis behind the Four Ladies of Hollywood gazebo at Lea Brea.
Prevost, Marie MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 
Price, Vincent MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 
Price, Vincent TV 6501 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pride, Charley Rec 7083 Hollywood Blvd. 
Primrose, William Rec 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pringle, Aileen MP 6723 Hollywood Blvd. 
Prinze Freddie  TV 6755 Hollywood Blvd.
Provost, Jon TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pryor, Richard MP 6438 Hollywood Blvd. 
Puente, Tito Rec 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Putnam, George TV 6374 Hollywood Blvd. 
Pyle, Dever MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd 
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Quaid Dennis MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Quaid Randy MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Queen, Rec. 6356 Hollywood Blvd.
Quinn, Anthony MP 6251 Hollywood Blvd.
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Radner Gilda TV 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Raft, George MP 6159 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raft, George TV 1500 Vine Street 
Rainer, Luise MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rains, Claude MP 6400 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raines, Ella MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rains, Claude MP 6400 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raitt, John LT 6126 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raitt, Bonnie Rec 1750 N. Vine St. 
Ralston, Esther MP 6664 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ralston, Vera MP 1752 Vine Street 
Rambeau, Marjorie MP 6336 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rathbone, Basil MP 6549 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rathbone, Basil Radio 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rathbone, Basil TV 6915 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ratner Gilda MP 680i Hollywood Blvd.
Ratoff, Gregory MP 6100 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rawlinson, Herbert MP 6150 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rawls, Lou Rec 6931 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ray, Charles MP 6355 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ray, Johnnie Rec 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raye, Martha MP 6251 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raye, Martha TV 6547 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raymond, Gene MP 7001 Hollywood Blvd. 
Raymond, Gene TV 1708 Vine Street 
Reagan, Ronald TV 6374 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reddy, Helen Rec 1750 Vine Street 
Reed, Donna MP 1612 Vine Street 
Reese, Della TV 7060 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reeve, Christopher MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reeves, George TV 6709 Hollywood Blvd.
Reeves Keanu MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Regis Philbin TV. 6834 Hollywood Blvd.
Reid, Wallace MP 6617 Hollywood Blvd 
Reiner, Carl TV 6421 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reiner, Rob MP 6421 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reis, Irving MP 6912 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reitman, Ivan MP 7024 Hollywood Blvd 
Remick, Lee MP 6104 Hollywood Blvd. 
Renaldo, Duncan TV 1680 Vine Street 
Rene, Henri Rec 1610 Vine Street 
Rennahan, Ray MP 6916 Hollywood Blvd. 
Renoir, Jean MP 6212 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reynolds, Burt MP 6838 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reynolds, Debbie MP 6654 Hollywood Blvd. 
Reynolds, Marjoroe TV 1525 Vine Street 
Reyonlds, Quentin Radio 6225 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rice, Grantland Radio 1632 Vine Street 
Rich, Irene MP 6225 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rich, Irene Radio 6150 Hollywood Blvd. 
Richard, Little Rec 6840 Hollywood Blvd. 
Richie Lionel Rec. 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Riddle, Nelson Rec 6724 Hollywood Blvd. 
Riggs, Tommy & Betty Lou Radio 6164 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rickles, Don LT 6834 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rin Tin Tin MP 1623 Vine Street 
Ripley, Robert Radio 6400 Hollywood Blvd 
Ritter, John TV 6631 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ritter, Tex Rec 6631 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ritz, Brothers MP 6756 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rivers, Joan TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Roach, Hal MP 1654 Vine Street 
Robbins, Harold MP 6743 Hollywood Blvd. 
Robbins, Marty Rec 6666 Hollywood Blvd. 
Roberts Doris. TV. 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Roberts, Theodore MP 6166 Hollywood Blvd. 
Robertson, Cliff MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Robertson, Dale TV 6500 Hollywood Blvd. 
Robeson, Paul MP 6660 Hollywood Blvd. 
Robinson, Edward G. MP 6235 Hollywood Blvd. 
Robinson, Smokey Rec 1500 N. Vine Street 
Robson, Mark MP 1720 Vine Street 
Rochester Radio 6513 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rock Chris. TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Roddenberry, Gene TV 6683 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rodgers, Kenny Rec 6666 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rogers, Buddy MP 6135 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rogers, Fred TV 6600 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rogers, Ginger MP 6772 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rogers, Roy MP 1752 Vine Street 
Rogers, Roy Radio 1733 Vine Street 
Rogers, Roy TV 1620 Vine Street 
Rogers, Will MP 6401 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rogers, Will Radio 6608 Hollywood Blvd. 
Roland, Ruth MP 6260 Hollywood Blvd. 
Roman, Ruth TV 6672 Hollywood Blvd. 
Romero, Cesar MP 6615 Hollywood Blvd. 
Romero, Cesar TV 1719 Vine Street 
Rooney Jan & Mickey LT 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Rooney, Mickey MP 1718 Vine Street 
Rooney, Mickey Radio 6372 Hollywood Blvd
Rooney, Mickey TV 6541 Hollywood Blvd 
Rose, David Rec 6514 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rose Marie TV 7083 Hollywood Blvd. 
Roseanne TV 6767 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ross, Diana Rec 6712 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ross, Lanny Radio 6777 Hollywood Blvd 
Ross, Marion TV 6420 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rossen, Robert MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Roth, Lillian MP 6330 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rowan & Martin TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rowland, Henry TV 6328 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rowland, Richard MP 1549 Vine Street 
Rubens, Alma MP 6409  Hollywood Blvd. 
Rubenstein, Authur Rec 1737 Vine Street 
Rudie, Evelyn TV 6800 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ruggles, Charles MP 6264 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ruggles, Charles Radio 6359 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ruggles, Charlie TV 1630 Vine Street 
Ruggles, Wesley MP 6424 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rugrats, The TV 6600 Hollywood Blvd. 
Russell, Gail MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Russell, Harold MP 6752 Hollywood Blvd. 
Russell, Jane MP 6850 Hollywood Blvd. 
Russell, Rosalind MP 1708 Vine Street 
Rutherford, Ann TV 6333 Hollywood Blvd. 
Rutherford, Ann MP 6834 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ryder, Winona MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
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Sabu MP 6251 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sager, Carole Bayer Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Saint, Eva Marie TV 6730 Hollywood Blvd. 
Saint, Eva Marie MP 6624 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sajak, Pat TV 6200 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sales Soupy  TV  7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Sanders, George MP 1636 Vine Street 
Sanders, George TV 7007 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sanderson, Julia Radio 1620 Vine Street 
Sandrich, Mark MP 1719 Vine Street 
Sanford Isabel TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Sands, Tommy Rec 1560 Vine Street 
Santana, Carlos Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Sarandon Susan MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Saralegui, Cristina TV 7060 Hollywood Blvd. 
Savalas, Telly MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schalatter, George TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schenck, Joseph MP 6757 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schertzinger, Victor MP 1611 Vine Street 
Schifrin, Lalo Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schildkraut, Joseph MP 6780 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schlatter, George TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schoedsack, Ernest MP 6270 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schulberg, B.P. MP 1500 Vine Street 
Schulz, Charles TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schumann-Heink Rec 6640 Hollywood Blvd. 
Schwarzenegger, Arnold MP 6764 Hollywood Blvd. 
Scorsese Martin MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Scott, Lizabeth MP 1624 Vine Street 
Scott, Martha LT 6126 Hollywood Blvd. 
Scott, Randolph MP 6243 Hollywood Blvd. 
Scott, Zachary MP 6349 Hollywood Blvd. 
Scully, Vin Radio 6675 Hollywood Blvd.
Scrugss Earl. Rec. 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Seacrest Ryan. Radio.  6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Seaton, George MP 1752 Vine Street 
Sebastian, Dorothy MP 6655 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sedaka, Neil Rec Sunset & Vine 
Sedgwick, Edward MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Seger, Bob & The Silver Bullet Rec 1750 Vine Street 
Seiter, William MP 6240 Hollywood Blvd. 
Selig, William MP 6116 Hollywood Blvd. 
Selleck, Tom MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Selznick David O.  MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Selznick, Lewis J. MP 6412 Hollywood Blvd. 
Semon, Larry MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sennett,Mack MP 6710 Hollywood Blvd. 
Serkin, Rudolf Rec 1751 Vine Street 
Serling, Rod TV 6840 Hollywood Blvd. 
Serrurier, Mark MP 6667 Hollywood Blvd. 
Seuss Dr. MP 6600 Hollywood Blvd.
Seymour, Jane TV 700 Hollywood Blvd. 
Shamroy, Leon MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Shatner, William TV 6901 Hollywood Blvd. 
Shaw, Artie Rec 1709 Vine Street 
Shaw, Robert Rec 1559 Vine Street 
Shearer, Norma MP 6636 Hollywood Blvd. 
Shearing, George Rec 1716 Vine Street 
Sheen, Charlie MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sheen, Martin MP 1500 Vine Street 
Sheldon, Sidney TV 6739 Hollywood Blvd. 
Shepherd, Cybill TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sheridan, Ann MP 7024 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sherman Brothers MP 6918 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sherwood, Bobby TV 1625 Vine Street 
Shirley, Anne MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
Shore, Dinah Radio 1751 Vine Street 
Shore, Dinah Rec 6901 Hollywood Blvd. 
Shore, Dinah TV 6916 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sidney, George MP 6307 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sidney, Sylvia MP 6245 Hollywood Blvd. 
Siegfried & Roy LT 7060 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sills, Beverly Rec 1750 Vine Street 
Sills, Milton MP 6263 Hollywood Blvd. 
Silver, Joel MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Silverheels, Jay TV 6538 Hollywood Blvd. 
Silvers, Phil TV 6370 Hollywood Blvd. 
Simms, Ginny Radio 6408 Hollywood Blvd. 
Simpsons, The TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sinatra, Frank MP 1600 Vine Street 
Sinatra, Frank Rec 1637 Vine Street 
Sinatra, Frank TV 6538 Hollywood Blvd. 
Singleton John MP 6915 Hollywood Blvd.
Singleton, Penny MP 6547 Hollywood Blvd. 
Singleton, Penny Radio 6811 Hollywood Blvd. 
Skelton, Red Radio 6763 Hollywood Blvd. 
Skelton, Red TV 6650 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sloane, Everett TV 6254 Hollywood Blvd. 
Small, Edward MP 1501 Vine Street 
Smith, C. Aubrey MP 6327 Hollywood Blvd. 
Smith, Carl Rec 1517 Vine Street 
Smith, Jack Radio 6145 Hollywood Blvd. 
Smith, Jaclyn TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Smith, Kate Rec 6157 Hollywood Blvd. 
Smith, Kate Radio 6145 Hollywood Blvd. 
Smith, Keely Rec 7080 Hollywood Blvd. 
Smith, Pete MP 1621 Vine Street 
Smothers Brothers The TV 6555 Hollywood Blvd. 
Snipes, Wesley MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
Snow White MP 6910 Hollywood Blvd. 
Somers Suzanne. TV 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Sonny & Cher TV 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sons of the Pioneers Rec 6845 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sothern, Ann MP 1612 Vine Street 
Sothern, Ann TV 1634  Vine Street 
Sousa, John Philip Rec 1500 Vine Street 
Spacey, Kevin MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Spade David MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Spears Britney Rec 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Spelling, Aaron TV 6667 Hollywood Blvd. 
Spiegel, Arthur MP 1680 Vine Street 
Spielberg Steven MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Spinners The Rec 6723 Hollywood Blvd. 
Spitalny, Phil Radio 6364 Hollywood Blvd. 
St. John Adela MP 6424 Hollywood Blvd. 
St. John Al MP 6313 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stack, Robert MP 7001 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stafford, Hanley Radio 1640 Vine Street 
Stafford, Jo Radio 1709 Vine Street 
Stafford, Jo Rec 1625 Vine Street 
Stafford, Jo TV 6270 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stahl, John MP 6546 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stallone, Sylvester MP 6712 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stanwyck, Barbara MP 1751 Vine Street 
Starke, Pauline MP 6125 Hollywood Blvd. 
Starr, Kay Rec 1716 Vine Street 
Staub, Ralph MP 1752 Vine Street 
Steber, Eleanor Rec 1708 Vine Street 
Steele, Don The Real Radio 7080 Hollywood Blvd. 
Steiger, Rod MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stein, Jules C. MP 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Steinberg, William Rec 1645 Vine Street 
Steiner, Max MP 1559 Vine Street 
Sterling, Ford MP 6612 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sterling, Jan MP 6638 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sterling, Robert TV 1709 Vine Street 
Stern, Bill Radio 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stern, Isaac Rec 6540 Hollywood Blvd. 
Steve Miller Band, The Rec 1750 Vine Street 
Stevens, Connie TV 6249 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stevens, George MP 1709 Vine Street 
Stevens, Mark TV 6637 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stevens, Onslow MP 6349 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stewart, Anita MP 6724 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stewart, James MP 1708 Vine Street 
Stewart, Patrick LT 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Stewart Rod Rec 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stiller, Mauritz MP 1713 Vine Street 
Sting Rec 6834 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stock, Frederick Rec 1547 Vine Street 
Stockowski, Leopold Rec 1600 Vine Street 
Stockwell, Dean MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stoloff, Morris Rec 6702 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stone, Andrew L. MP 6777 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stone, Cliffie Radio 1501 Vine Street 
Stone, Ezra Radio 1634 Vine Street 
Stone, Fred MP 1634  Vine Street 
Stone, George E. MP 6932 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stone, Lewis MP 6526 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stone, Milburn MP 6823 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stone, Oliver MP 7013 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stone, Sharon MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Storey, Edith MP 1523 Vine Street 
Storm, Gale Radio 6119 Hollywood Blvd. 
Storm, Gale Rec 1519 Vine Street 
Storm, Gale TV 1680 Vine Street 
Stout, Bill TV 1500 Vine Street 
Strasberg, Lee MP 6757 Hollywood Blvd. 
Stravinsky, Igor Radio 6340 Hollywood Blvd. 
Streep, Meryl MP 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
Streisand, Barbra MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Strongheart MP 1724 Vine Street 
Stuart Gloria MP 6714 Hollywood Blvd.
Sturges, John MP 6511 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sturges, Preston MP 1601 Vine Street 
Sullavan, Margaret MP 1751 Vine Street 
Sullivan, Barry MP 6160 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sullivan, Barry TV 1500 Vine Street 
Sullivan, Ed TV 6101 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sumac, Yma Rec 6445 Hollywood Blvd. 
Summer, Donna Rec 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Summerville, Slim MP 6409 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sunshine Band KC &. Rec. 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Supremes, The Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd. 
Swain, Mack MP 1500 Vine Street 
Swanson, Gloria TV 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
Swanson, Gloria MP 6750 Hollywood Blvd. 
Swarthout, Gladys Rec 6290 Hollywood Blvd. 
Swayze, Patrick MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Sweet, Blanche MP 1751 Vine Street 
Swit, Loretta TV 6240 Hollywood Blvd. 
Szigeti, Joseph Rec 6600 Hollywood Blvd.
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Takei, George TV 6681 Hollywood Blvd. 
Taliaferro, Mabel MP 6720 Hollywood Blvd. 
Talmadge, Constance MP 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Talmadge, Norma MP 1500 Vine Street 
Tamiroff, Akim MP 1634 Vine Street 
Tandy, Jessica MP 6284 Hollywood Blvd. 
Taurog, Norman MP 1600 Vine Street 
Taylor, Elizabeth MP 6336 Hollywood Blvd. 
Taylor, Estelle MP 1620 Vine Street 
Taylor, Kent TV 6818 Hollywood Blvd. 
Taylor, Rip LT 6625 Hollywood Blvd. 
Taylor, Robert MP 1500 Vine Street 
Taylor, Ruth Ashton TV 1540 Vine Street 
Tebaldi, Renata Rec 6628 Hollywood Blvd. 
Temple, Shirley MP 1500 Vine Street 
Templeton, Alex Radio 1724 Vine Street 
Temptations, The Rec 7060 Hollywood Blvd. 
Terry, Alice MP 6626 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tesh, John TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thalberg, Irving MP 7006 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thaxter, Phyllis MP 6531 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thebom, Blanche Rec 1651 Vine Street 
Theron Charlize. MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Thomas, Bob MP 6841 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thomas, Danny TV 6901 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thomas, Jay Radio 6161 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thomas, John Carlos Rec 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thomas, Lowell MP 6433 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thomas, Lowell Radio 1752 Vine Street 
Thomas, Marlo TV 6904 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thompson, Bill Radio 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thomson, Fred MP 6850 Hollywood Blvd. 
Thornton Billy Bob MP  6801 Hollywood Blvd.
Thorpe, Richard MP 6101 Hollywood Blvd. 
Three Stooges,The MP 1560 Vine Street 
Tibbett, Lawrence Rec 6325 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tierney, Gene MP 6125 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tisch, Steve MP 6522 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tobin, Genevieve MP 6119 Hollywood Blvd. 
Todd, Thelma MP 6262 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Rec 7018 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tone, Franchot MP 6560 Hollywood Blvd. 
Toomey, Regis MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Torme, Mel Rec 1541 Vine Street 
Torrence, David MP 6564 Hollywood Blvd. 
Torrence, Ernest MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Toscanini, Arturo Radio 6336 Hollywood Blvd. 
Toscanini, Arturo Rec 6725 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tourneur, Maurice MP 6243 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tracy, Lee MP 1638 Vine Street 
Tracy, Spencer MP 6814 Hollywood Blvd. 
Traubel, Helen Rec 6422 Hollywood Blvd.
Travalena Fred TV  7018 Hollywood Blvd.
Travis Randy  Rec  7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Travolta, John MP 6901 Hollywood Blvd. 
Treacher, Arthur MP 6274 Hollywood Blvd. 
Trebek, Alex TV 6501Hollywood Blvd. 
Trevor, Claire MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Trimble, Laurence MP 6340 Hollywood Blvd. 
Truex, Ernest TV 6721 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tubb, Ernest Rec 1751 Vine Street 
Tucker, Forrest MP 6385 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tucker, Sophie MP 6321 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tully, Thomas L. MP 6119 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tuna, Charlie Radio 1560 Vine Street 
Tune, Tommy LT 1777 Vine Street 
Turner, Lana MP 6241 Hollywood Blvd. 
Turner Ted MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Turner, Tina Rec 1750 N. Vine Street 
Turpin, Ben MP 1651 Vine Street 
Tuttle, Lurene Radio 1760 Vine Street 
Tuttle, Lurene TV 7011 Hollywood Blvd. 
Twelvetrees, Helen MP 6263 Hollywood Blvd. 
Tyson, Cicely MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
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Urich, Robert TV 7083 Hollywood Blvd.
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Valens, Ritchie Rec 6733 Hollywood Blvd. 
Valenti, Jack MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Valentino, Rudolph MP 6164 Hollywood Blvd. 
Vallee, Rudy Radio 1632 Vine Street 
Valli, Virginia MP 6125 Hollywood Blvd. 
Van Doren, Mamie MP 7057 Hollywood Blvd. 
Van Dyke, Dick TV 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Van Dyke, W.S. MP 6141 Hollywood Blvd. 
Van Fleet, Jo MP 7010 Hollywood Blvd. 
Van Patten, Dick TV 1541 N. Vine Street 
Vance, Vivian TV 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Vauge, Vera MP 1720 Vine Street 
Vauge, Vera Radio 1639 Vine Street 
Vaughan, Sarah Rec 6834 Hollywood Blvd. 
Vaughan, Sarah Rec 1724 Vine Street 
Vaughn, Robert MP 6633 Hollywood Blvd 
Velez, Lupe MP 6927 Hollywood Blvd. 
Venable, Evelyn MP 1500 Vine Street 
Vera, Billy Rec 1770 Vine Street 
Vera-Ellen MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd. 
Verdugo, Elena TV 1709 Vine Street 
Vernon, Bobbie MP 6825 Hollywood Blvd. 
Vidor, Charles MP 6676 Hollywood Blvd. 
Vidor, King MP 6743 Hollywood Blvd.
Vincent Gene Rec 1749 N.Vine St. 
Vinton, Bobby Rec 6916 Hollywood Blvd. 
Von Sternberg, Josef MP 6401 Hollywood Blvd. 
Von Stroheim, Erich MP 6826 Hollywood Blvd. 
Von Zell, Harry Radio 6521 Hollywood Blvd.
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Wagner, Lindsay TV 6767 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wagner Robert MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Wagner, Roger Rec 7001 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wakely, Jimmy Rec 1680 Vine Street 
Walker, Clint TV 1505 Vine Street 
Walker, Robert MP 1709 Vine Street 
Wallace, Mike TV 6263 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wallace, Richard MP 1560 Vine Street 
Wallington, James Radio 6660 Hollywood Blvd. 
Walsh, Raoul MP 6135 Hollywood Blvd. 
Walston, Ray LT 7070 Hollywood Blvd. 
Walter, Bruno Rec 6902 Hollywood Blvd. 
Walters, Charles MP 6402 Hollywood Blvd. 
Walthall, Henry B. MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 
Ward, Jay TV 7080 Hollywood Blvd. 
Waring, Fred Radio 6556 Hollywood Blvd. 
Waring, Fred Rec 6300 Hollywood Blvd. 
Waring, Fred TV 1751 Vine Street 
Warner, H.B. MP 6600 Hollywood Blvd. 
Warner, Harry MP 6441 Hollywood Blvd. 
Warner, Jack MP 6541 Hollywood Blvd. 
Warner, Sam MP 6201 Hollywood Blvd. 
Warren, Diane Rec 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Warrick, Ruth MP 6689 Hollywood Blvd. 
Warwick, Dionne Rec 6922 Hollywood Blvd. 
Waterman, Willard Radio 1601 Vine Street 
Watson Family The MP 6674 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wayne, John MP 1541 Vine Street 
Weaver, Dennis TV 6822 Hollywood Blvd. 
Weaver, Sigourney MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Webb, Clifton MP 6850 Hollywood Blvd 
Webb, Jack Radio 7040 Hollywood Blvd. 
Webb, Jack TV 6278 Hollywood Blvd. 
Webb, Richard TV 7059 Hollywood Blvd. 
Webber, Sir Andrew Lloyd LT 6233 Hollywood Blvd. 
Weber, Lois MP 6518 Hollywood Blvd. 
Weems, Ted Rec 1680 Vine Street 
Weintraub, Jerry MP 6931 Hollywood Blvd. 
Weissmuller, Johnny TV 6541 Hollywood Blvd. 
Welch, Raquel MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Welk, Lawrence Rec 6613 Hollywood Blvd 
Welk, Lawrence TV 1601 Vine Street 
Welles, Orson MP 1600 Vine Street 
Welles, Orson Radio 6552 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wellman, William MP 6125 Hollywood Blvd. 
Welsh, Bill TV 6362 Hollywood Blvd. 
West, Mae MP 1560 Vine Street 
Weston, Paul Rec 1535 Vine Street 
Wexler, Haskell MP 7070 Hollywood Blvd. 
White, Alice MP 1511 Vine Street 
White, Betty TV 6747 Hollywood Blvd. 
White, Jack MP 6366 Hollywood Blvd. 
White, Jules MP 1559 Vine Street 
White, Pearl MP 6838 Hollywood Blvd. 
Whiteman, Paul Rec 6157 Hollywood Blvd. 
Whiteman, Paul Radio 1601 Vine Street 
Whiting, Barbara TV 6443 Hollywood Blvd. 
Whiting, Margaret Rec 6623 Hollywood Blvd. 
Whitman, Slim Rec 1709 Vine Street 
Whitman, Stewart MP 7083 Hollywood Blvd 
Whitmore, James TV 6611 Hollywood Blvd 
Whittinghill, Dick Radio 6384 Hollywood Blvd. 
Widmark, Richard MP 6800 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wilcoxon, Henry MP 6256 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wilde, Cornel MP 1635 Vine Street 
Wilder, Billy MP 1751 Vine Street 
Wilkerson, Kassel, Tichi MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
William, Warren MP 1559 Vine Street 
Williams, Andy Rec 6667 Hollywood Blvd. 
Williams, Bill TV 6145 Hollywood Blvd. 
Williams, Billy Dee MP 1521 Vine Street 
Williams, Earle MP 1560 Vine Street 
Williams, Esther MP 1560 Vine Street 
Williams Guy MP 7080 Hollywood Blvd.
Williams, Hank Rec 6400 Hollywood Blvd. 
Williams, Joe Rec 6508 Hollywood Blvd. 
Williams, Kathlyn MP 7038  Hollywood Blvd 
Williams, Paul Rec 6931 Hollywood Blvd. 
Williams, Robin MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 
Williams, Roger Rec 1533 Vine Street 
Williams, Tex Radio 6412 Hollywood Blvd. 
Willock, Dave TV 6358 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wills, Chill MP 6923 Hollywood Blvd. 
Willson, Meredith Radio 6411 Hollywood Blvd 
Wilson, Carey MP 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wilson, Don Radio 1500 Vine Street 
Wilson, Lois MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wilson, Marie Radio 6301 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wilson, Marie TV 6765 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wilson, Marie MP 6601 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wilson, Nancy Rec 6541 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winchell, Paul TV 6333 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winchell, Walter Radio 6714 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winchell, Walter TV 1645 Vine Street 
Windsor, Claire MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Windsor, Marie MP 1549 N. Vine Street 
Wing, Toby MP 6561 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winkler, Henry TV 623 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winkler, Irwin MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winninger, Charles Radio 6333 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winston, Stan MP 6522 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winterhalter, Hugo Rec 1600 Vine Street 
Winters, Jonathan TV 6290 Hollywood Blvd. 
Winters, Shelley MP 1752 Vine Street 
Wise, Robert MP 6340 Hollywood Blvd. 
Withers, Jane MP 6119 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wolper, David TV Sunset & Vine 
Wonder, Stevie Rec 7050 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wong, Anna May MP 1708 Vine Street 
Wood, Natalie MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wood, Sam MP 6714 Hollywood Blvd. 
Woodpecker, Woody MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd. 
Woods, Donald TV 6260 Hollywood Blvd. 
Woods, James MP 7021 Hollywood Blvd. 
Woodward, Joanne MP 6801 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wooley, Monty MP 6542 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wray, Fay MP 6349 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wright, Teresa MP 1680 Vine Street 
Wright, Teresa TV 6405 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wyatt, Jane TV 6350 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wyler, William MP 1731 Vine Street 
Wyman, Jane MP 6607 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wyman, Jane TV 1620 Vine Street 
Wynn, Ed MP 1541 Vine Street 
Wynn, Ed Radio 6333 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wynn, Ed TV 6426 Hollywood Blvd. 
Wynn, Keenan TV 1515 Vine Street.
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Yoakam Dwight Rec. 7021 Hollywood Blvd.
York, Michael MP 6385 Hollywood Blvd.
Young, Alan Radio 6927 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Carleton Radio 6733 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Clara Kimball MP 6513 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Gig TV 6821 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Loretta MP 6100 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Loretta TV 6135 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Robert MP 6933 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Robert Radio 1620 Vine Street 
Young, Robert TV 6360 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Roland MP 6523 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Roland TV 6315 Hollywood Blvd. 
Young, Victor Rec 6363 Hollywood Blvd.
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Zabach, Florian TV 6505 Hollywood Blvd.
Zanuck, Darryl MP 6336 Hollywood Blvd. 
Zanuck, Richard MP 6915 Hollywood Blvd. 
Zapata Carmen LT 6357 Hollywood Blvd.
Zellweger Renee MP 7000 Hollywood Blvd.
Zemeckis Robert MP 6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Zimbalist, Efrem Jr. TV 7095 Hollywood Blvd. 
Zinnemann, Fred MP 6629 Hollywood Blvd. 
Zukor, Adolph MP 1617 Vine Street

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