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Inaugural meetings, Westshore magazines, and riparian assessments

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 29, 2008

The agenda is up on Langford’s website for the inaugural meeting of the newly elected Council, which will be taking place Monday night. Some of the highlights of the agenda include:

- a proposal to purchase an article in the new Westshore Chamber of Commerce magazine about Langford for $12,453. The staff report notes that “Given the current economic downturn, initiatives that promote the WestShore development and opportunities in the Westshore would be a positive action.” The fact that there is a cost associated suggests that it may in fact be an advertisement designed to look like an article.

- a “Spencer’s Pond Riparian Areas Assessment”.

The agenda notes that a reception will follow the Council meeting.

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Province to investigate commuter rail

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 28, 2008

The Province of BC has committed $500K to investigate the feasibility of commuter rail on the E&N line, and appears to be considering it not just in a Greater Victoria context but in a broader Southern Vancouver Island viewpoint.

Media reports indicate that the Province believes it could cost hundreds of millions of dollars, a stark contrast to the $16 million that some had predicted could get a bare-bones service up and running on the line. The broader scope of the province’s proposed study could explain some of that difference, but not all of it. Differences of opinion on how much it would cost, and how popular it might be, have been a regular fixture in the debate on local commuter rail proposals for many years. With luck, this study will be authoritative on this point and will set a benchmark that all sides of the debate can agree on.

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Langford connection to shooting victim

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 27, 2008

There is an interesting Langford connection to the man, Donald Robert Legault, who was wounded in a downtown Victoria shooting Monday. Legault is facing fraud charges from various sources, and one of the people who says he has claims against him is Langford Mayor Stew Young who used to employ him at Alpine Auto, Boat, and RV Sales. Mayor Young indicated in media reports that he believes he lost an as-yet-undetermined amount of money when Legault was employed at the Alpine-branded car and boat lot.

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Fire at Peatt Road residence

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 26, 2008

There was a fire at a house on 2747 Peatt Road, near Brock, between 7 and 8 AM this morning. The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes according to the Langford fire department, and it has been reported that no one was home at the time. The house is well known to police for noise complaints, stolen property investigations, and drug complaints in the past, but it is not known yet whether drug activity is believed to have played any role in the fire (such as a “grow op”, “meth lab”, or other drug activity that involves modification of the premises which, if done poorly, could lead to a fire). Fire Chief Bob Beckett has declared the building uninhabitable for the moment due to structural damage suffered in the blaze.

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Lighting the future

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 25, 2008

Tonight’s Transportation and Public Works committee meeting looked at several issues around town. One was the lamp standards proposed for Westhills. In conjunction with John Manson’s engineering department at City Hall, Westhills has been evaluating energy efficient lamp standards (luminaires), particularly LED-based models. The original proposal would have had a “browny-grey” luminaire become the new standard for Westhills, but it got a rough ride with even the proponent questioning the decision.

John Manson noted that “the market’s changing and Read the rest of this entry »

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“that would be welcome in light of the current economic climate”

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 24, 2008

An interesting discussion took place tonight in Langford’s Council Chambers, as the Planning and Zoning Committee met. Tony James, a resident of Finlayson Arm Road in what some residents call the “Langford panhandle” to the east of the Malahat, presented to the P&Z Committee on his proposal to subdivide his property. He has two buildings on it, one of many such non-conforming arrangements that pre-exist the current bylaws.

He brought it to the attention of the City of Langford that he was non-conforming and was trying to bring his property into compliance. While he indicated he had absolutely no intention of developing the property, he did indicate he might like to sell the other half of the property (after it is subdivided) to his current tenant who is renting the other building. Bringing his property into compliance with the bylaws passed since the buildings were built is a necessary part of subdividing and selling a portion of his property.

The two buildings are log houses, built 25 years ago by a log house builder reportedly of some reknown. The owner of the property Read the rest of this entry »

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Agendas aplenty, agendas galore

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 21, 2008

Not one, not two, not three, but four agendas are up at the City of Langford’s website for committee meetings for the coming week. The ones on offer are the “Planning and Zoning” and the “Parks and Rec” committees on Monday, and the “Transportation and Public Works” and the “Protective Services” committees on Tuesday. I haven’t finished reviewing all four of the agendas yet, but if you review them and find anything you feel is notable please comment about it below.

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New stadium plan for City Centre Park

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 20, 2008

Several media outlets have reported that a new, 1500-seat stadium will be built at City Centre Park. This is back to the original two-field plan, though the stadium will be smaller now than the original plan in recognition of the expectation that a new stadium will also be built by West Shore Parks and Rec and Juan de Fuca Rec Centre.

The municipal elections have definitely put that plan in limbo for now. The original plan to fill in the velodrome and replace it with a stadium is being legally challenged by cycling groups who point out (among other arguments) that the land the velodrome is on was granted by the Department of National Defence to Juan de Fuca Rec for the purpose of a velodrome and it may not be legal to change it to another purpose. New councils were elected in the Highlands, with the former against filling in the velodrome and the latter having backed away from their support of it and now essentially in a neutral position. Metchosin was already against, Colwood was already in favour, and Langford has Read the rest of this entry »

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Comment guidelines feedback

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 17, 2008

Though it offers to let you “View Results”, you cannot view results of the below poll at the present time. Nonetheless, I would encourage readers to have their say.

View Poll

In the time since I handed off Inside Langford to its third moderator, comment posting has become a very contentious issue. Most news blogs are moderated however the person, or people, running it see fit. As I sit back down into the moderator chair here, I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to try the new poll feature that was recently added. Let me know what level, and style, of moderation you would like to see on Inside Langford and I’ll consider the results.

I am stunned to see the number of posts that have not met the comment posting guidelines in my absence. They cover both sides of several contentious discussions and I agree with some of the comments and disagree with others, but Cheryl McLachlan appears to have done an admirable job in applying them fairly.

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Election and site update

Posted by Steven Hurdle on November 16, 2008

It’s been a long, but frequently rewarding, few months. After the results were announced, the post-election party for volunteers, picking up lawn signs until 3AM, a short nap, then rebuilding my personal blog and the Langford Team websites (which had both been taken down on election day in conjunction with the spirit of the election laws which don’t allow advertising on election day), it’s taken a while to get to Inside Langford. So here’s a quick post with links to election results and commentary for the time being. Read the rest of this entry »

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