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Japanese Win Four More Titles at Toyota International
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Japan extended its dominance with four more gold medals on Sunday as the 11th Toyota International Gymnastics Competition concluded in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. Pictured: World champion Mai Murakami won floor exercise over teammate Aiko Sugihara and Germany's Sarah Voss.

Japan extended its dominance with four more gold medals on Sunday as the 11th Toyota International Gymnastics Competition concluded in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

The host Japanese, who won eight medals on Saturday, picked up nine of the 15 medals on Sunday. Japan sent its top gymnasts with the exception of Kohei Uchimura, who is still recovering from the sprained ankle he suffered at October's world championships in Montreal. World champions Kenzo Shirai and Mai Murakami both won gold medals on Sunday.

Murakami defended her title on floor exercise with 14.333 (5.8 D), the highest score of the women's competition on Sunday. In Montreal, Murakami made history with her world title on floor exercise, the first for a Japanese woman since Keiko Tanaka-Ikeda won balance beam at the 1954 World Championships.

Murakami said she felt the pressure but was pleased with her routine, which included her full difficulty.

"I cannot do an embarrassing performance," said Murakami, who also won floor at the Toyota International in 2014. "I made a lot of mistakes in training, but I was able to concentrate in competition."

Teammate Aiko Sugihara, sixth all-around in Montreal, won the silver medal (13.266/5.5) over Germany's Sarah Voss (13.033/4.9), who was second on vault on Saturday.

Olympic champion Sanne Wevers (Netherlands) won beam, scoring 14.100 with an impressive 6.1 Difficulty score. Uneven bars champion Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos took second (13.700/5.7) over two-time Japanese Olympian Asuka Teramoto (13.600/5.3). Sanne's twin sister, Lieke Wevers, finished fourth (13.300/5.0).

After relatively disappointing results in 2017, Sanne Wevers was thrilled with her gold medal. She started out 2017 with the silver medal on beam at the Melbourne World Cup, but she finished out of the medals at her other major international events, including failing to make the beam final in Montreal.

"I WON!!!" Wevers commented on Instagram, along with a photo of her posing with De Jesus Dos Santos and Teramoto after the medal ceremony. "So happy ... my score today was 14.1 (D 6.1). Very pleased with my Difficulty-score, building it up step by step. Also very proud of my sweet twinnie!!! She did so great and shined like a star again."

The Japanese men finished 1-2 on every event Sunday. Shirai, who won men's floor exercise on Saturday, added the gold medal on vault and silver medals on parallel bars and high bar.

Shirai, the reigning world champion on both floor exercise and vault, averaged 14.750 to easily take the vault title over Keisuke Asato (13.812). Asato, a finalist on vault in Montreal, tried the only 6.0-Difficulty vault in the final (full-twisting Tsukahara double back) but struggled on his landings. Canada's Jeremy Bartholomeusz, who was third on floor exercise on Saturday, won the bronze (13.625).

Takumi Sato, who competed exhibition for the host team, would have placed second on vault with 14.487.

Wataru Tanigawa, who was second on floor exercise and third on still rings, won parallel bars for a complete set of medals at Sky Hall Toyota (14.750/6.0). Shirai placed second (14.000/6.2) over Evan Cruz, who brought Canada its fourth medal of the tournament (13.175/5.4).

Hidetaka Miyachi successfully caught the "Miyachi" (double-twisting layout Kovacs) to win the title on high bar (14.200/6.0), edging out Shirai (14.125/5.9). Fourth on floor exercise and still rings, Germany's Philipp Herder won the bronze (11.900/5.3).

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11th Toyota International
December 10, 2017, Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Balance BeamDENDScore
1.Sanne Wevers6.18.00014.100
2.Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos5.78.00013.700
3.Asuka Teramoto5.38.30013.600
4.Lieke Wevers5.08.30013.300
5.Ellie Black5.57.73313.233
6.Marine Boyer5.77.50013.200
7.Yelena Yeryomina5.37.76613.066
8.Sarah Voss5.17.53312.633
9.Aiko Sugihara5.76.66612.366
10.Georgia Godwin5.56.70012.200
11.Haley Dejong5.36.8330.112.033
12.Kiara Munteanu5.06.6000.111.500
--Ayana Tone4.86.63311.433
13.Helene Schäfer4.66.73311.333

Women's Floor ExerciseDENDScore
1.Mai Murakami5.88.53314.333
2.Aiko Sugihara5.57.76613.266
3.Sarah Voss4.98.13313.033
4.Juliette Bossu4.98.03312.933
4.Haley Dejong5.17.83312.933
6.Georgia Godwin5.17.76612.866
7.Marine Boyer5.07.83312.833
8.Yelena Yeryomina5.07.8000.212.600
--Ayana Tone4.67.90012.500
9.Sophie Marois4.87.63312.433
10.Kiara Munteanu4.67.66612.266
11.Helene Schäfer4.36.86611.166

Men's VaultDENDScoreAverage
1.Kenzo Shirai5.69.30014.90014.750
--Takumi Sato5.69.00014.60014.487
2.Keisuke Asato6.08.4750.314.17513.812
3.Jeremy Bartholomeusz5.29.05014.25013.625
4.Evan Cruz4.09.15013.15012.912
5.Saeedreza Keikha4.07.9000.311.60010.600

Parallel BarsDENDScore
1.Wataru Tanigawa6.08.75014.750
2.Kenzo Shirai6.27.80014.000
3.Evan Cruz5.47.77513.175
4.Philipp Herder6.06.85012.850
5.Zachary Clay5.55.92511.425
6.Saeedreza Keikha3.87.25011.050

High BarDENDScore
1.Hidetaka Miyachi6.08.20014.200
2.Kenzo Shirai5.98.22514.125
3.Philipp Herder5.36.60011.900
4.Saeedreza Keikha3.87.47511.275
5.Zachary Clay4.85.1759.975
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