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Joe Kaufman

Extremist Cleric Yasir Qadhi Headlines ICNA Dinner


Upon closer inspection, Qadhi’s true Islamist nature rears its ugly head

Ahnaf Kalam

Radical Islamism Spreads in American Prisons


Islamists like Mutahhir Sabree are radicalizing a generation of American inmates

Oren Litwin

Islamist Qatar Buys American Teachers


Qatar Foundation International is an agent of Islamist Qatar

Joe Kaufman

CAIR in Georgia as Pro-Hamas as Ever


CAIR continues to espouse radical ideologies and nuture the anti-Israel obsession


Turkey Stokes Unrest Over Jerusalem Recognition


Ankara fans the flames of extremism

Sam Westrop

Pakistani Islamism Flourishes in America


Jamaat-e-Islami front groups in America are flourishing

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Islamist Watch works on the premise that while violent Islamism gets headlines, nonviolent Islamism – in the media, courts, schools, public squares, and ballot boxes – gets results. We aim to make Islamists in suits and ties no more acceptable than ones wearing suicide vests.

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