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Accept - Objection Overruled
1992 CMC
Accept - Objection Overruled

Track Listing:
Objection Overruled
2.  I Don't Wanna Be Like You
3.  Protectors Of Terror
4.  Slaves To Metal
5.  All Or Nothing
6.  Bulletproof
7.  Amamos La Vida
8.  Sick, Dirty And Mean
9.  Donation
10. Just Be My Own
11. This One's For You

Vocals:  Udo
Guitars:  Wolf Hoffmann
Bass:  Peter Baltes
Stefan Kaufmann


Horatio's Rating:  B+
Overall Rating:  B+

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Horatio's Review:
By far and away the best of Accept's three recordings post reunion, this is an album I am unable to prevent myself from listening to repeatedly lately.  I first heard it in the mid nineties and declared it inferior to Accept's classic years (1960-84) but now see I was wrong.  Dead wrong!  In all honesty 1989's 'Eat The Heat' with David Reece was better than 'Metal Heart' and 'Russian Roulette', but Udo was the real face of Accept and it was a major event in 1993 when the band reunited.  Wasn't it?  Metal Hammer didn't think so.  I remember Pippa Lang interviewing Udo and Hoffmann and asking how they were relevant in 93 compared to Ministry, Pearl Jam and Nirvana.  Ahh the glorious 90's!  Then some punter gave the album one out of five.  Accept didn't earn this abuse.  They turned in a solid effort, which some 13 years later we can look at objectively.  Right?

A more barnstorming opener you won't find than the title track which rages forth with the heaviness of 'Restless And Wild' era Accept.  Udo was most concerned about the Rodney King fiasco and penned a tune about rampant vigilantism running amok in Dusseldorf.  The instrumental breakdown is a wall of noise and the geezer who says 'hey!' during the breakdown should be handed a gold medal in metal rudeness.  Guess what?  Udo then informs the masses 'I Don't Wanna Be Like You', but heavens knows he's tried.  He's actually hog tied and dirty, tough and mean.  Hog tied, yes.  To whom?  More sensational subject matter abounds in 'Protectors Of Terror', denouncing the catholic church and their deceit.  I never knew!  I can't believe little boys are being butt slammed behind closed doors.  'Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours oxen' growls Udo.

Jubilance arises during 'Slaves To Metal', which we all are after all.  In 1995.  This is more convincing than some slop by Manowar however.  'All Or Nothing'.  You get the idea on that one.  The shocking subject matter increases during 'Bulletproof' in which Udo tearfully examines a friends drug addiction.  Just once.  That's all it took man, and bloody hell, he was hooked!  Quite AC/DC like this, perhaps better in that period.  Things take a thrash turn during the extremely heavy 'Sick, Dirty And Mean', an anti-mafia rant, which demonstrated how powerful the band still was, cutting edge metal which is actually topped by 'This One's For You', which contains a riff similar to 'Fast As A Shark', with all the potency of 1982.  Check out the section from the two minute point onward, turned up as loud as possible.  A true battery of riffs, feedback and classic speed driven Accept.  Chilling class, one of the finest metal accomplishments of the 90's.

The CD here contains a track which never appeared on my old cassette, that being 'Donation', in which a drunken Udo fucks a young girl who knocks on his door asking for a donation for the church.  Total AC/DC again, and simply brilliant.  I have a hard time imagining Udo aggressively pursuing a lady, more like a blond haired lad from Hitler's Youth brigade.  This was the only really inspired album of the three following the reunion, the steam seemed to evaporate soon after.  For some reason the band changed their sound somewhat and forgot who they were.  That's why this succeeded, as it the true Accept sound.  In 2006 it holds up better than Ministry or Nirvana, doesn't it you trend chasing whore?
Horatio's Rating:  B+

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