Curacao - Curaçao

 You might have already tasted a smurf blue liqueur without knowing that curacao is one of the famous member of the drinks called triple sec.

Liqueur Senior Curacao of the Curaçao

Curacao is ...

Surprisingly original curacao is colorless alcoholic drink which is made out of macerated a distilled peels of Laraha orange. In the 16th century tasty and juicy oranges were brought to the island of Curaçao by Spanish colonizers. The fruit however struggle in the dry tropic climate and the fruits were stunted and bitter. Only many year later someone noticed that the skin of these oranges which meanwhile started to prosper on the island contains very aromatic a pleasant sweet oils and essences. One step more and the Curacao was born. Curacao is a part of drinks which are called Triple sec and which are known for their unique citrus aroma.

Blue Curacao - why is it blue?

 The blue color for which is Curacao famous for and which we appreciate in many cocktails is gained simply by adding an ordinary food colorant E133 - Brilliant Blue. Original liqueur the Senior Curacao of the Curacao offers four color versions of the drink - blue, red, orange, green and also pure colorless liqueur.

Curacao originates at Curaçao

  The home of curacao is the island bearing the same name as the drink in the Netherlands Antilles some 60 km north of the coast of South America. The name is pronounced as cyoorasou by the natives but these are living more than 30 ethnics and people here speak many languages let's mention Dutch, Spanish or local Papiamento so everyone can find a native who would pronounce the name the same as you.

The History of Curacao

Cointreau liqueur

 The history of the Curacao liqueur dates back to the time when Edouard Cointreau founded a jewel hidden in the peels of bitter Laraha orange. He is making the Cointreau liqueur from a variety of orange peel but Laraha was not forgotten. The Seniorů family continued with experiments with the Caribbean oranges and their family brand in the only one which is still using the original Larahas. Senior Curaçao of the Curaçao is definitely the refined curacao brand. In their small distillery close to the capital of Curaçao, Willemstad they brew the liqueur in the traditional copper still pots and everything even the cork stoppers are made by hand.

Bols Blue Curacao liqueur

  The very sweet liqueur didn't get the heart of the islanders who preferred local run or dutch beer. Curacao would have been known by connoisseurs only if the dutch distillery giant the company Bols did not have a brilliant idea. They invented the blue liqueur with very unhealthy looking blue color and an orange flavor - the Blue Curacao. This great mixture of orange essences, alcohol and blue colorant quickly become the must in the variety of wild colored cocktails. Other companies soon joined the train and traditional Curacao was forced to play the color game as well. The small production coming from their distillery is however only a drop in the see of blue firewater.

So now we know what the Curacao is

  In conclusion the Blue Curacao on the shelf of many bars is only a blue chemical (of course the more expensive the better). Real Curacao is colorless with orange or citrus taste and it is very sweet. It's produced by Senior family on the small Caribbean island of Curaçao and it's hard to find in the shop. The family grows Laraha orange trees which is a bit mutated Valencia orange which are normally used for the production of juices. The Larahas are however very bitter and might be eaten on in the Fear Factor show but their peels have very rich and strong aroma. The fruis are cut into pieces but ... let us read more in the Senior Curacao of the Curacao aritcle. We would have not know the curacao without the Bols company which were not afraid to color the orange spirit with blue color. Their blue magic flooded the world and we could have finally said that the Curacao is world wide known!“

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