Krasnodar Airport

Krasnodar airport

Krasnodar International Airport, also known as Pashkovsky Airport (KRR) is the main airport serving the southern Russian city of Krasnodar. It is the operating hub of Kuban Airlines Company. It consists of two terminals for Domestic and International flights. The airport is located 12 km east of the centre of Krasnodar city. In 2011 the airport handled 2,463,000 passengers, making it the 7th busiest airport in the country.

As we know, usually the first thing that you see, when you come to a new city is it's airport. Krasnodar airport is not that big as Moscow ones, but it is pretty cosy. One of the most significant advantages that our airport has - is its location. In fact it is inside the city which makes it possible to reach the terminal from the city centre within 30 minutes if you take a taxi and there are no jams. But we do recommend you to plan a 40 to 60 minutes way from the centre of Krasnodar to the airport, as most of the times there are lot of jams in the city, especially at the daytime. We would like to warn you in advance about the private taxi service. Just try to avoid people outside airport, offering you private taxi which is very popular in Krasnodar. Most of the times, it is more expensive with less service, than you can get if you call any well-known Krasnodar taxi service company (more information could be found in our taxi section).

Please note that taxi drievers are not speaking English, so prepare the address of the destanation written in Russian in advance. Krasnodar airport></a><br />

<P>Thats the view of the international terminal entrance. 

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There are also some services avaliable in the airport. I won't describe standard ones like: packing luggage etc. What I would like to admit, that drinks, souvenirs, meals etc prices are much higher there. But generally it's the same situation as in any other airport in the world. Here is a view of a domestic terminal entrance.

Krasnodar airport

If you go forward you will find the arrival area for domestic flights. Krasnodar airport

There is also a hotel avaliable just opposite the road, but we do strongly reccomend you to stay in the other hotels of our city, because this one basically serves for members of the flight's crew. For more detailed information about hotels please visit our Krasnodar hotels page.

Krasnodar airport

If you require a transfer from the airport to the hotel or anywhere else, please do not hesitate to contact us. Besides, Kubtour can provide you special services, such as airport transfer, private transfer, interpreter and excursions.

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