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Proud of the NHS, Proud to be Labour

Donors tell us why they've given to the "Proud of the NHS, Proud to be Labour" campaign - donate now and add your name to the list...


Harriet Harman MP, Camberwell and Peckham

Labour’s investment and modernisation of the NHS over the last 11 years saved the NHS – because we did, do and always will believe that the founding principles of the NHS are at the core of what it means to be Labour – that we will always act in the interests of the ordinary, hard-working people of this country. That's why I'm proud of the NHS and proud to be Labour.


Alastair Campbell, London

The NHS is one of the great achievements of a Labour government and one of the institutions that makes Britain the fantastic country it is. For all the challenges the NHS still faces, and for all the negativity the Tories and the media like to surround it with, the reality is that every single person in this country has cause to be grateful for the work that it does. We should never forget the extraordinary skill and commitment of those who work in it, at every level. Nor should we ever forget the lengths the Tories went to to stop it ever existing. They did not believe in the principles behind the NHS then and they do not believe in them now.


Keith Vaz MP, Leicester East

I am constantly amazed at the commitment and skill demonstrated by our superb NHS staff, working hard to make sure Labour’s NHS is a national treasure for everyone to trust. It’s one of the reasons why I’m proud of what Labour has achieved, and confident we can improve our health service in the future.


Roy Kennedy, Lewisham

I love the NHS and all it stands for, I have made this donation to ensure the Tories do not get the chance to wreck it again.


Andy Furlong, Bosworth

In 2008 thanks to sustained investment and support by our Labour government, you'll find more nurses and more doctors, treating more people, more quickly for a wider range of illnesses than ever before - the NHS at sixty is in good health...


Carol Linforth, London

My mum has worked in the NHS all her life but last summer she herself had a major operation at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. All the doctors, nurses and ward staff were superb, professional and caring and made a very difficult time much easier. And she has made a full recovery.


Tom Watson MP, West Bromwich East

60 years ago Labour founded the NHS, then saved it again in 1997 with a period of investment that continues today. We can’t let the health and wellbeing of Britain become compromised by a Tory administration that will see waiting lists increase along with GP opening times being cut.


Giampi Alhadeff, London

My wife was unable to walk because of excruciating back pain. Her GP made an emergency referral to our Hackney hospital, she operated within three weeks and was climbing mountains within a year. The doctors, nurses and support staff were simply magnificent.


Keith Birch, London

With the doubling of investment in the NHS by this Labour Government it means that in this 60th year of the NHS our health care team can provide an ever improving health service to everyone across the UK. With Labour the future of the NHS is secure. Don't put this great achievemment at risk with the Tories


Alicia Kennedy, Lewisham

The NHS has saved countless lives, kept families together for longer and fostered a sense of security and reassurance amongst the British people. I can’t imagine a Britain without our health service, free at the point of need and ready to act when we need it to. But if you want to keep the NHS, you’ve got to support it. Help keep it Labour in some of our marginal seats and make sure the NHS stays in safe hands.


Hilary Perrin, London

I remember when the Tories brought the NHS to its knees, subjecting people to huge waiting lists and an under-funded health service. Labour have restored pride in the NHS and I for one will fight for its continued place in our society.


Chris Lennie

Our NHS is Labour's most enduring achievement. It embodies Labour's values and is the best social insurance policy anywhere in the world. The Tories cannot be trusted on the NHS. Happy 60th Birthday and may there be many more to come.


Colin Shrive, Blackpool

I first campaigned for the Party in the 1945 election as a twelve year old [just handing out leaflets for George Lindgren the Labour Candidate]. Like many other older Party members I was in at the birth of the NHS. I recently had to use the NHS and had the most speedy and efficient service possible starting with a phone call to NHS Direct and finishing with being able to choose a date for a hospital appointment on line [to suit me] using Choose and Book. All within just a few weeks. We founded the NHS and our Labour Government has improved it tremendously after years of Tory neglect. Three new Health Centres are going up in Blackpool. I'm proud to be part of the Labour Party that founded and nurtures our NHS


Trevor Barton, Bolton

I can just remember my parents paying for me to see the Doctor. The NHS is 60 and I am 65 the same month. The NHS and the Labour Party both care about all people.


Linda Wilkie, Glasgow

I have had 2 major ops recently and I am proud of the NHS


Neil Foster, Morpeth

My wife works in the NHS and every day I'm proud of how hard she and her colleagues work.


Martine Kozlowski

My husband and I are grateful recipients of an excellent NHS and I am proud to see the enormous progress a Labour Government has made to this most valuable institution in our country.


Raymond Dunn, Bradford

Going into hospital soon for an operation. Believe in the NHS - medical care based on need and not greed. Proud to support the Party that made it all possible.


Seema Malhotra, London

I know the NHS is there for me and my family when we need it - that's due to a political decision and we musn't take it for granted


Paul Nicholson, Abergavenny

The NHS has been there for me and millions of others when we’ve needed it. It is one of Labour’s proudest achievements and without it many over the last 60 years would have struggled to get the healthcare they needed or even worse had to have gone without. When Labour returned to power in 97, the NHS had almost been destroyed by a Tory government which had claimed that it was safe in their hands, it wasn’t and it never will be. The NHS is once again something to truly be proud of and we must make sure that we never allow the Tories the chance to wreck it again.


Bill Rogers, Salisbury

The NHS was on its knees after 18 years of the Tories in 1997. As a Foundation Trust Governor for the last two years, I have seen the very best healthcare - available to everyone who needs it.


Dianne Hayter, Camden

I was born into a brand new, and brought up within, the NHS - the best thing that ever happened to my family. Thanks to those who created it.


Alan Rhodes, Worksop

The NHS has always been there for me and those I love. Long live the NHS


Barbara Weed, Leamington

The NHS has always been there when I've needed it. I want it to stay that way.


Chris Bain, Coleshill

The NHS has been there when we've needed it for the last 60 years. It really is something to be proud of and it is only safe in Labour's hands. Let's take action for Labour now so that our NHS will be safe for another 60 years


Jenny Noakes, Colchester

Too few of us understand how difficult it is for the less well-off to afford the very basic medical treatments in other countries which do not have the benefit of a universal National Health Service such as ours in the UK. We need to acknowledge the achievement of having a freely available health service for so long, and ensure that we remain in a position to protect it for generations to come.


Dave Roberts, Salisbury

The NHS is part of the glue that holds society together - free for all whenever and wherever you need it. The NHS is one of the greatest statements of Labour values ever created.


James Valentine, Bedford

Before my mother died I sometimes took her to our NHS hospital for outpatient treatment. We never had to wait, and the staff treated her in a kindly and respectful way. It was a difficult time, but the NHS helped to make it better.


Angela Eagle MP, Wallasey

Until Labour created the NHS the number of woman dying in childbirth never changed. After its creation, just a few years later, the vast majority of women and their babies survived. I'm proud of the NHS and all it achieves.


James Slodzik, Maldon

I'm due to have an operation next week at a clean, spatious and well-equipped hospital that was only opened last year. I was told that back when patients had to wait more than a year for surgery, about 20% of them would die before being admitted. I can't help wondering how many people are only alive today because of the investment that the Labour government has put into the NHS.


Jamie Glackin, Perth

If any voter out there thinks that the NHS is safe in the hands of the Tories they should think again. Labour has every right to be proud of the NHS on its 60th Birthday. That's why this is such an important campaign. Lets get the message out that the NHS under Cameron would be in grave danger!


Tina McLeod, Rowley Regis

Labour cares for every member of society and the NHS, free for everyone at point of service, demonstrates this.


Lionel Balls, Great Yarmouth

My late wife was a member and NHS Administrator


Graham Dale

Government's first responsibility is for our security - the NHS makes us feel secure and is there when we need it


Susan Mechan, London

I believe we must keep informing people about the achievements of Labour governments. It's so easy to fall into a negative mindset and dismiss all that has been done


Sarah Chaytor, London

I've supported Labour all my life and, whatever our problems, I genuinely believe that the Labour party is the party to deliver the Britain I want to live in - progressive, tolerant, working towards an euqal society where we support the most vulnerable and accept our collective social responsibility. I don't want to raise my children under another Tory government.


Kevin Cooney, Otley

Proud of the massive investments Labour have made in the last decade and the improvements for patients that this is bringing.


Jean Nunn-Price, Wantage

The NHS should remain free at the point of need, and involve patients and public democratically in its governance


Rita Fish, Tonbridge

Just could not think how we would manage without the NHS - personally have no complaints, and respect all the hard working people who help to keep it going.


Manohar Minhas, Wolverhampton

The NHS is the Labour Party's greatest achievement, and I wish to see it functioning properly so that people get health treatment free on the basis of need.


Jean Samuel, Whitstable

Because my elderly Mum does not need to worry about paying for healthcare


Anne Ayres, Nottingham

Proud to share the same birth year as the NHS.


Cliff Billings, Droitwich

I owe a lot to the NHS and I believe in Labour`s progressive society.


Philip Collins, Farnborough

I want the next Government to be Labour!


Sheila Taylor, London

Because my 92-year-old mother-in-law has just had a cataract operation and has district nurses coming 4 times a day to put drops in her eye, as she lives alone - such wonderful care!


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