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Oxford Libraries Information System

Completeness of the catalogue

OLIS contains information on almost five million of the estimated ten million books held by Oxford University libraries. Retrospective cataloguing in several libraries is ongoing or not yet scheduled. Please note therefore that OLIS is not yet a comprehensive record of the holdings of its member libraries, and that some University libraries will have few or no items currently catalogued on OLIS.

Although holdings of books and periodicals are well represented in OLIS, coverage of materials such as maps, music scores, manuscripts, and government publications is less comprehensive.

Holdings not yet incorporated into the main OLIS catalogue include more than a million items in the catalogue of books in the Bodleian published before 1920. This catalogue is however accessible in a parallel catalogue using both GeoWeb and the telnet OPAC. It is also accessible to members of Oxford University, or on workstations in Oxford University libraries, on a networked CD-ROM via OxLIP.

It should be noted that the pre-1920 catalogue was closed in 1986. Holdings which have subsequently been moved appear, with correct new location, in the main OLIS catalogue. You are advised to search the main OLIS catalogue first.

For further information about the holdings of the individual libraries contributing to OLIS, see the guides at

If you do not find the item you are looking for in OLIS, it is always worth checking with a member of library staff.

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