• Accessibility and Advanced Functionality

    Recent decades have seen a massive migration of information into electronic format in general and to the web in particular. One result has been an increased emphasis on accessibility, since structured electronic documents greatly facilitate assistive technology for all kinds of print disabilities ranging from profound blindness to mild learning disorders. In particular, effective solutions for math accessibility, a traditional problem area, are now available. Math accessibility software relies predominantly on MathML, which is now incorporated into major accessibility standards and even required by law in many cases. The MathJax extensibility framework and API, described above, are being designed with the specific goal of seamlessly supporting current and future math accessibility software.

    Math accessibility is just one kind of advanced functionality that has benefitted from the large-scale trend toward structured electronic documents. Two other areas under active research and development are interoperability between math-aware applications and math-aware search. While these technologies are still being developed, MathJax can still pave the way for them by providing flexible and powerful interfaces that enable applications to dependably access math notation in large numbers of documents in a uniform way.

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