Interview with Kroda

1. Hails, take our warmest greetings! Our country has finally get free of a sharp winter and everything here is blossom.  How is the weather at yours nowadays? And how was the winter in Ukraine this year? Occuring to me, what season of the year is your favourite?


This winter in Ukraina was very frosty and, unfortunately, not too snowy. Yet, it’s very warm and sunny weather now, I even can say – it’s hot.
About favourite season… Seems I can’t make preference to some. Every season is a part of Annual Circle, and every season have it’s own worth as well as defects. I can note only summer, but not in positive sence. Heat, sultriness, mosquitoes… I HATE IT ALL!!! I tolerate coldness far better than heat. Speaking briefly, Autumn-Winter-Spring is good, and summer is bad.
By the way, it’s interesting beginning of interview. Unexpected, eh eh… :)

2. If I focus at your both full length albums, Cry to Me River album interests me because of its moods and perfect readability due to great sound but Towards the Firmaments Verge of Life... has on the contrary deaper sound and the music is more raw and not so much original, why this change?

I can say that to be honest, I’m surprised. Me and Viterzgir find it strenge cause we cotinuosly hear such a response onto “Firmaments…”. BTW, it mostly comes from foreign listeners… We really consider “Firmaments…” more interesting, original, melodic, various, deep-contented comparing to “…River…”. It’s difficult to answer this question clear.

3. So the question occur to me, are you going to incompose some more new elements into your music (if is it still possible after the last album) or your guitar links will be harder and harder?

A new stuff is soon come, so I’ll not announce the changes. I can just say than in brand new material the changes of musical vein are clearly noticeable. Sound and concept shall be colder, in comparison to “warm” mood of “River”, “Legend”, “Fiemaments”. In a short term, split CD with Velimor will be unleashed, our side of that CD clearly representing forthcoming changes. All in all, we are waiting for your responces.

4. Since times of recording Towards… more than a year run away, so can you outline the future of Kroda somehow? What expectations you have, what you would like, etc…?

This thing I say very often: “Only Nornes know the future”.
As I said before, we’re waiting for release of our brand new mini as a split w/VELIMOR. Also, we hope to complete and unleash new full-length album till Winter. Apart from that, on this time we are planning to take part in some compilations (Tribute to HONOR; Tribute to BURZUM; album of TEMNOZOR’ dedicated to 10th Anniversary of this horde, this CD be unleashed next year and will include some TEMNOZOR’ cover-songs performed by friendly bands).
More distant future of KRODA is still veiled by mists of Framtid…

5. Into the future, the matter of label is certain?

We are pleased to work with HAMMERMARK ART. I think in future this label shall remain our main rele4asing firm for full-length albums.

6. What about Kroda and drummer? Are you satisfied with work with an automatic drums and just in a couple, or only looking for someone is unsuccesful? (But, be frank, the automat drums are not harm you in any way.)

Undoubtely we would like to record our stuff with live drummer. The problem is that very difficult to find a good drummer suitable for us not only as musician but as a band member too. That’s why we still don’t completely suitable.

7. On Cry To Me River you interestedly create a cover of Hypocrisy, why you decided just for this, in style very far band to you?

Well, about “far” style – we’re listening not only such nusic like we play, so cover-songs may be even more “far” from our vein.
Speaking concretely bout this cover-song – Viterzgir like it very much (I don’t like HYPOCRISY at all), so he wished to play it with sopilka instead of solo guitar. In such a shape, I liked this song far more. That’s why it became an instrumental outro. Also, it was an excellent conclusion for athmosphere of album giving perfection to it.

8 What really dissolving me are any of your themes - for covers of your albums, for wallpapers, for everything! Are you taking photos by yourself? Aren´t anyone of you a graphic designer? :) Who temporaly being an author of your album covers?

Yeah… All the photos we make by ourselves, to be more exactly, Viterzgir make’em when he goes toCarpathians (he dwells not far from that places). I draw and design some elements of graphics. As for portrait art, our friends help us. No one of us is a professional gesigner. But Viterzgir have a good art teste and he’s skilled in model design. All in all, he’s our “design guru”! :))

9. If you should present your music to someone, why would you it explain on your own? What band(s) would you mention like giving comparison?

Of course, we like what we do! This music coming from soul, from the depths of Subliminal, and we creating, play and sing by our Hearts! But in the same time, our music tastes aren’t limited by this genre ONLY.
We like such veins as Norsk Arisk BM, Pagan Metal, NSBM, Folk Metal, Viking Rock, Ambient, Darkwave, Oi/RAC/Hatecore, Authentic Folk, Thrash/death metal (just some artists). I’ll not mention hordes here.

10. Who takes care of your websites? It feels very compactly and they rank among sites on which one always likes to come back.

The website graphics is made by Viterzgir. Programmist is our friend Alex Raven. Also, Raven is our main admin. This guy helps us very much technically-wise, that’s why we consider him almost a band member, despite that he don’t a part in musical/organization activity.

11 Do one album presents a compact lyric unit or the songs are independent from each other?

Maybe our songs seems like a particular structural elements whan you look at ‘em “from beyond”, but we see our album as an insepartable unity! Not only particular songs! Music, lyrics, layout – everything is an elements necessary for complete, full-sence acception of album. Only “lived completely” CD may be “unit of KRODA perception”. And even more! Even albums are connected, one to another, in one conceptual headline.

12. Has anyone of you some other, side projects beyond Kroda? Which Ukrainian bands are so-called hearted for you?

Yeah, everyone of us take a part in some another bands except of KRODA. But that are not side projects! Just another self-sufficient hordes, I’ll not mention them, cause they have no relation to KRODA.
Eisenslav and Viterzgir are playing in KRODA only.

13. What symbolize for you Pagan Front? What visions you have about it to the future? And in what way are you supporting PF?

The PAGAN FRONT – Hammer of NS Underground of Aryan Heathen Blood! I have nothing to add.

14. Are you looking back to history of country where you live? Do you feel pride in your history or you rather lot of things and people from Ukraine kick off?

We are proud of Our Land and Our Folk Heroic Past and we feel deep pain looking at all that going on today – how our Folk is raped, oppressed and genocided; how Our Heritage is perverted. But we also understand that main cause of this – is our people’s trustfulness and honesty. Later, they were turned into flock we oserve today. This is painful topic for us. But we know WHO is guilty, we know WHO have a profit. And we’ll fight to “reawake” our Folk, let we even be forced to scream so loud that with yell we’ll vomit out our own life and soul! Let we even be forced to burn till we’re scorched to ashes, to enlighten a forthcoming Pathway of Our Race through centuries! We have not to make our personal interest higher than common, for today we’re turned into scumflock, we’re murdered; when genocide is taken upon our Folk but it even don’t see that!

15. What feelings of nowadays situation in Ukraine you have? By your opinion, what should happen to turn the situation rapiddly to be better?

A question in continue of previous. Situation – is total bullshit! Nothing to describe: everything is bad.
What must happen to make situation better?
1) Give Power to the True Masters
2) Give mass-media into the hands mentioned before: True Masters Hands!
And this is going not only to Ukraina! My heart is bleeding for all the Europe (situation there is better only life level-wise).

16. You assert that you are a very strong nationalists. In case of ultra-nationalism are you looking up to died Third Empire or are you adhering on ideas of slavonic unity? What opinion do you have about todays slavonic neo-nazis, who shamelessly kiss the German arse and they would do everything for change their blood?

So I’ll say: first of all, we are Aryans, secondly – we are Rus People, and then – we’re Ukrainians. Got the consequence?
The Root is most important thing! The rest is just a cultural differences.
About “change of blood”… Maybe I misunderstood you? I don’t understand – why? Anyway, we have common blood!

17. Do you believe in that so dishing up idea, called „Z.O.G. alliance“? Do you believe in global jewish conspiracy and parasiting on „forcefuls“?

Seems that only those who watch TV too much are able not to see it! It’s obious even for a blind man!

18. Thanks to Kroda, hails to Ukraina!

Thank you for interesting questions (really!). Aryan Regards!
WOTAN uber Alles!


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