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Published: Thu, Sep. 13, 2007 12:00AM

Modified Thu, Sep. 13, 2007 06:31AM

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Six Web sites received "Excellent" ratings from a 2005 review by Consumer Reports. Here's a quick synopsis of each site, plus what Consumer Reports liked about them.


Includes separate sites for parents (tips on parenting), kids (explains things such as a chigger bite) and teens (discussions on the tough topics of adolescence). Sponsored by the Nemours Foundation, established in 1936 by philanthropist Alfred I. duPont. Rated excellent for identity (clearly identifying who operates the site), design and content.


Can be searched by disease or condition or simply by symptoms. Run by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. Excellent rating for identity, advertising and sponsorship (making clear if information is advertised or sponsored), corrections and currency, coverage, contents.


Offers a wide net of coverage and highlights new information. Owned and operated by WebMD (see Page 3E). Excellent rating for identity, advertising and promotion, corrections and currency, coverage.


Has easy-to-locate information on specific conditions and a prominent section on new developments. Also part of the WebMD network. Excellent rating for identity, advertising and sponsorship, corrections and currency, coverage, content.


Federal government's National Institutes of Health Web site. Big on recent medical developments. Excellent rating for identity, corrections and currency, design, coverage, content.


Identifies top issues by men, women, children and alphabetically. Highlights trends and recent developments. Financed by "sponsorships" and third-party contributions. Excellent rating for identity, advertising and sponsorship, ease of use, corrections and currency, coverage.

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