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21.10.2005 - End Of An Era

Nightwish recorded "End Of An Era" -live release yesterday evening in Hartwall-Arena, Helsinki. As you can imagine, the atmosphere in the Arena was wild but also quite blue. This was the ending for a one and a half year lasting "Once" -World Tour. Nightwish wishes to thank everybody for an unbelievable tour.

Unfortunately the title "End Of An Era" also holds a deeper meaning. The open letter, which was given to Tarja after the show, tells it all.

» Read the open letter to Tarja
19.10.2005 - Sleeping Sun single available now

Sleeping Sun -single arrived to Nightwish-Shop and! Now shops have CD -single and later also DVD -single is available. Release date of DVD -single is about 2nd November.

» Nightwish-Shop
10.10.2005 - "Highest Hopes" on #1 in Finland

Nightwish compilation went straight to nr. 1 in Finnish Top 40 album charts. Band is currently in Brasil playing last shows before ending event of Once World Tour which will take place in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland on 21st October

Next Nightwish -releases are Sleeping Sun CD - and DVD singles. They contain:

CD -version:
1. Sleeping Sun 2005 (radio edit)
2. Sleeping Sun (original)
3. Sleeping Sun 2005 (long version)

DVD -version have videos:
-Sleeping Sun 2005
-Sleeping Sun original
-Sleeping Sun live at the Summer Breeze festival
06.10.2005 - Nightwish on Greek TV this saturday

This Saturday (9.10)  at 20:00 -21:00 ,Tuomas and Tarja will appear on Greek T.V. Channel name: Omega TV , Thessaloniki. Show name: Evolution. Special Guest: Tuomas Holopainen and Tarja Turunen
05.10.2005 - "Highest Hopes": NTSC version delayed

The release of Nightwish : Highest Hopes NTSC-version has been postponed, the new release date is not yet available. Nightwish -Shop is very sorry about the delay, but since we just sell them and have nothing to do with manufacturing, there's nothing we can do about it. We'll send the orders including NTSC-version ASAP, when it is possible.
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