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The Archaeological Department is the oldest of the specialized museum departments in Slovenia. It acquires, stores, and studies material from all archaeological periods found throughout Slovenia. It also has a small collection of artifacts from Egypt, including a mummy. The earliest finds were acquired more than 170 years ago. The collection today consists of around 63,000 objects from all archaeological periods. The individual objects and groups of material include some whose importance extends beyond the region of Slovenia, such as the 45,000 year old Neanderthal bone flute from Divje babe (Paleolithic), artifacts from the pile-dwelling settlements in the Ljubljana Marshes from the 3rd millennia BC (Copper Age), grave finds from Stična and the situla from Vače from the period around 500 BC (early Iron Age), a monumental gilded Roman statue of a citizen from Emona (Roman period), and elements of rich military equipment from Gradišče above Bašelj (early Middle Ages).

The museum acquires material from field work - from topographic surveys and excavations (such recent finds from the Ljubljanica River, Godič near Kamnik, Gradišče above Bašelj, Dragomelj, Pržanj) - and also from donations and purchases. The computer program SITULA has been developed to aid in recording information about the artifacts. The research of the Archaeological Department is focused on problems related to the material stored in the National Museum of Slovenia, other Slovenian museums, and several museums in other European countries. The main themes of this research are the composition and technology of prehistoric metal objects, the local production of Roman pottery, Roman military equipment and fortifications, early medieval metal and glass objects, and weapons and military equipment in the late Middle Ages.

The Department also organizes thematic exhibitions using material from throughout the entire country. Recent major exhibitions were Pismo brez pisave/Carta sine litteris/A Letter without Writing (1991, the Valvasor Award), Neanderthal Man and His Flute (1997), and From the Romans to the Slavs (2000, award from the Slovenian Archaeological Society)

1. Excavation of a Roman period temple in the cave of Pod Gričo near Godič in 1993.
2. The exhibition From the Romans to the Slavs in the atrium of the Mnational Museum of Slovenia, June-November 2000.
3. The title page of a monograph about excavations of the settlement at Stična.