Mobile revolution

In 1992, Nokia decided to focus on its telecommunications business. This was probably the most important strategic decision in its history.

As adoption of the GSM standard grew, new CEO Jorma Ollila put Nokia at the head of the mobile telephone industry’s global boom – and made it the world leader before the end of the decade...

1992: Jorma Ollila becomes President and CEO
Jorma Ollila becomes President and CEO of Nokia, focusing the company on telecommunications.

1992: Nokia’s first GSM handset
Nokia launches its first GSM handset, the Nokia 1011.

1994: Nokia Tune is launched
Nokia launches the 2100, the first phone to feature the Nokia Tune.

1994: World’s first satellite call
The world’s first satellite call is made, using a Nokia GSM handset.

1997: Snake – a classic mobile game
The Nokia 6110 is the first phone to feature Nokia’s Snake game.

1998: Nokia leads the world
Nokia becomes the world leader in mobile phones.

1999: The Internet goes mobile
Nokia launches the world's first WAP handset, the Nokia 7110.