Egmont Islands

Egmont Reef

The Egmont Islands (also sometimes referred to as Egmont Reef) are a small atoll formation located 9 km off the southwestern rim of the Great Chagos Bank and 122 km northwest from Diego Garcia; the large Pitt Bank lies 22 km to the south. The atoll, covering an area of 39 km², comprises an elliptical-shaped reef measuring 12 km in length and 6 km across.

The reefs of the northern and eastern sides of the atoll are poorly developed and narrow, in contrast to those of the south and west where the atoll rim is broadest and is topped with six small islets with a combined land area of around 4 km². The largest of the islets are Île Sude-Est (1.5 km²) and Île Lubine (1.3 km²). The minor islets include: Île Takamaka, Île Carpate, Île Cipaye, and the Îlot aux Rats.

image: millenium coral reefs landsat archive/usf millenium global coral reef mapping project/nasa seawifs/nasa jsc