FM National Traffic Network

conditions of Freeway, National highway, Provincial highway

¡DTaipei Tainan Kaoshiung (FM104.9)

¡DMiaoli radial station (FM105.1)

¡DHwalien, Taitung (FM101.3)

¡DWuheh Radial station (FM106.5)

With the network of air police station, we gets officers and people together to keep our society safe, and instantly inform of the urgent news and accidental disasters.

 Regional Traffic Network

Regional road conditions

¡DTaipei station (FM94.3)

¡DHualien, Taitung (FM94.3)

¡DKaoshiung (FM93.1), (AM819)

¡DIlan Station (FM101.3)

¡DTaichung Station(FM94.5)

¡DHsinchu Station (AM1512)

¡DTainan Station (AM1314)

It's about the current road conditions in every metropolises, the network keeping safety, the information of traffic accidents, the lost and found, the urgent phone calls from taxi drivers, the consultant of the law, the urgent service of blood donation, and whatnot.

AM National Evergreen Network

for elders, children, women

¡DTaipei main area (AM1260)

¡DHsinchu, Kaoshiung(AM1116)

¡DTaichung Area (AM702)

¡DIlan, Hwalien (AM990)

¡DTaitung Area (AM1125)

It consists of the information for all kinds of living, such as medical knowledge, hygiene and health, leisure time and traveling, knowledge of the law, and public policy by the government, which improve your living and family life.

to give the informa-tion of traffic condi-tions, please call


to get the informa-tion of traffic condi-tions, please call


to get help for emer-gency, please call



The E-government Entry Point of Taiwan

National Police Agency

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of transportation and communications

Directorate General of Highways, MOTC

Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, MOTC

Institute of Transportation

Department of Transportation

Central Police University

Council for Hakka affairs, Executive Yuan

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