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ROH 07/18/14 Summer Heat Tour Results (Live Report)


July 18, 2014
Cincinnati, OH

Shorter results & pics at the bottom of the page. We will also have results from Dearborn so check us out tomorrow.

7/18/14 ROH “Summer Heat Tour”
Cincinnati, Ohio
Venue: Cincinnati Masonic Center
Report by: Jeremy “JMos26″ Moses

Before the show: When I arrived shortly before 7:00 PM, you could get a photo with Maria Kanellis, Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin for $10 apiece or get that PLUS an autograph at $15. I went the photo route and had my picture taken with Steen and Kanellis.

In the ring: Nigel McGuiness came out to hype the card. He announced that Michael Bennett (food poisoning) and Alex Koslov (separated shoulder) wouldn’t be able to compete in their respective matches. Koslov was replaced by Tommaso Ciampa for the first match.

Also of note, Scarlett as a ring announcer…okay. Not great. Gotta be honest, I think I liked her better as a valet because the way she announced each match was kinda…flat. Steve Corino was one half of commentary, but as to the other I don’t know.

1) ROH Tag Titles: reDragon vs Tommaso Ciampa & Rocky Romero: A solid opener. ReDragon retained with Chasing the Dragon after a miscommunication between Romero and Ciampa, who had to be separated post-match.

2) ROH TV Title: Jay Lethal vs Romantic Touch to retain. Touch was unmasked (yet again) as Matt Taven, leading to the pinfall by Lethal. And we’d see both these men later in the night!

I must stop here and do some complaining now. Do you remember when Shannon Moore had that “Book of DILLIGAF” with him at TNA? That “Book of Truth” that Truth Martini has been carrying around off and on for EONS is at that level for me and needs to go the hell away. He needs to change his character and that’s one way I’d do it — burn the Book of Truth.

3) The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs/BJ Whitmer/Adam Page) vs ACH/Cedric Alexander/Caprice Coleman:
This was kinda crazy in spots, but logical in others. They were all over the place. It was so crazy towards the end, I didn’t catch who finished the match.

4) No DQ Match — Silas Young vs Kevin Steen: One hell of a garbage brawl. The big spot was basically a suplex off the top into a makeshift “table” made of chairs – Steen hilariously pointed out the fact that there was no table under the ring. Young won the match shortly after that big spot. Steen afterwards got on the mic and sent us to intermission by thanking the fans.

5) Four Way Survival: RD Evans vs Moose vs Matt Taven vs Ethan Page: Moose is green, I must say. But he’s also one hell of an impressive physical specimen. All four made sure to stay involved and it led to RD Evans capitalizing and making the pin.

Right after this, Maria came out and ended up announcing that Jay Lethal would wrestle a second time in the night, teaming with Adam Cole in place of Bennett. The Briscoes then came out and chased her off, leading to…

6) Briscoe Bros vs War Machine: This was okay. Not as impressive as the tag title match. It ended in a no contest when Adam Cole and Jay Lethal ran out, presumably defending Maria’s honor. The 7th match immediately followed.

7) Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian vs Adam Cole/Jay Lethal: Not so sure I’d have went with three tag matches on this show (four if you count the six man). I’m also not sure I’d have went with a miscommunication or bump between Lethal and Cole — the Tag Title match ended with one. I missed a portion of this match (a call from, of all people, my doctor that needed to be checked on right away — when the doctor’s calling you WELL after business hours, that’s not good) but caught the finish which saw Daniels hit the BME for the pinfall.

8) ROH World Title: Michael Elgin def Roderick Strong: Holy shit. These guys worked hard, and it was nearfall after nearfall down the stretch! Elgin won, I believe it was an Elgin Bomb. After the match Elgin again put over the fans, and said that if we kept coming and kept watching, ROH would keep coming.

That was it. No Cincinnati return announced, but Columbus will see ROH return November 7.

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Credit: Dave Dynasty

Reportedly Bennett had food poisoning. (Thanks Maniwa)

Ohio return is November 7th in Columbus

ROH Tag Titles
reDragon def Tommaso Ciampa & Rocky Romero to retain

ROH TV Title
Jay Lethal def Romantic Touch to retain

The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs/BJ Whitmer/Adam Page) def ACH/Cedric Alexander/Caprice Coleman

No DQ Match
Silas Young def Kevin Steen

Four Way
RD Evans def Moose/Matt Taven/#AllEgo

Briscoe Bros & War Machine went to a no contest after attack by Adam Cole & Jay Lethal

Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian def Adam Cole/Jay Lethal

ROH World Title
Michael Elgin def Roderick Strong

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  1. Funny that Ciampa and Romero had to be separated-they have a match at PWG’s anniversary show on the 26th.

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