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27,000 members of the International Association of Machinists (IAM) union shut down Boeing, the nation’s largest aircraft maker, Sept. 6 as they formed picket lines at all company facilities in Washington state, Oregon and Kansas.
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Peace in Colombia, seen as humanitarian exchange of prisoners and negotiations with guerrilla insurgents, took a hit recently with the government revving up a smear campaign against leftists. With approval ratings allegedly approaching 91 percent, President Alvaro Uribe is preparing for a second unconstitutional reelection bid.
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CHICAGO – On the first day of the new school year public schools opened its doors to more than 400,000 students here on Sept. 2. But not every student showed up. Some 1,400 African American students chose another way to kick off the first day of class by boycotting school to protest unequal funding in state education. Chicago is the third-largest school system in the country.
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Needed: new voters
Good book
Stop thieves
Being in Denver

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The labor movement’s nationwide drive to get a minimum of 1 million signatures in support of the Employee Free Choice Act is close to the 75 percent mark. It has caught on like wildfire.
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Unpopular President Bush is kept away from his party’s convention. Texas Republican Ron Paul holds a counter-convention of some 10,000 across town, reportedly with far-right ideologues like Grover “drown the government” Norquist in attendance. The Republican media machine churns out smoke and mirrors to try to prettify a hasty and highly problematic pick for vice president. The GOP’s far right wing can’t trust the GOP’s right wing.
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LOS ANGELES — “From Labor Day to Election Day we are in the final stretch of our Fight for Good Jobs campaign and we must sprint to the finish on Nov. 4” with a voter turnout to elect Barack Obama as president, said Los Angeles labor leader Maria Elena Durazo here at the Sept. 1 Labor Day breakfast at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Los Angeles.
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