Marie-Monique Robin. Photo: Guillaume de Crop

Award winner 2009:

Marie-Monique Robin

Marie-Monique Robin is awarded the Rachel Carson Prize 2009 for contributing to focus on one of the most important environmental threats of our time; how genetically altered seed grains threaten the balance of nature.

Marie-Monique Robin is a French journalist, born in 1960.

She is the author of the book and creator of the documentary film "The World According to Monsanto", dealing with such important themes as the right of people to know what they are eating.

Robin's work is also dealing with the fact that farmers who produce food are losing control of their own production, because the producer of genes "owns" the seed, and the farmers are not allowed to harvest their own crop. Numerous farmers will therefore be indebted to the producers of the seed and liable to feel that they are being controlled by them.

The film was first shown in February 2008 and has since been shown in 15 countries.The book, which appeared simultaneously with the film, quickly became a bestseller and has been translated into 10 languages.

The facts that were revealed in the book have resulted in a world wide surge of scepticism against gene manipulated organisms all over the world. Marie-Monique Robin emphasizes that her objective is the importance of people's right to know what they are eating. In Europe gene modified food must bear a special label. Thus consumers are given a choice, which they do not have in the USA, where such labelling is not demanded.

Robin has won several prizes for her earlier books, most of which were more critical of the society. She has previously made three documentaries on the cultivation of wheat, soybeans and transgenes. Due to this work she obtained the basis for her knowledge about Monsanto.