How to Choose a Replacement Headlamp for Your Commercial Truck


If your commercial truck has a faulty or failed headlamp, you should plan for the replacement of the unit. This component is crucial for providing illumination and ensuring good visibility of the road. If the headlamps in your truck are in a poor state, you will have difficulties when driving, especially in unfavourable conditions. This could result in dangerous occurrences on the road, such as collisions and other types of accidents.

26 March 2021

Top Factors to Consider When Sizing-Up Your Car's Wheels


For a long time, car rim sizes were limited, and they were designed to keep vehicles on the road. However, things have changed today since rims are functional and a symbol of status for modern car owners. Oversized wheels are particularly popular if you consider that most car manufacturers reserve them for high-end models. However, you need to make a few considerations if you plan to size up your wheels. Read on for more information.

15 October 2020

Should You Choose Dealer or Non-Dealer Logbook Servicing for Your Car?


Logbook servicing is an essential practice that's performed as per the specifications of the vehicle's manufacturer. It not only preserves the validity of the car warranty but also increases the value and lifespan of the car. If you're thinking about performing logbook servicing, you may be torn between using a dealer or non-dealer. Dealers are manufacturer-approved firms while non-dealers are companies that have no affiliation to the car's manufacturer. Keep reading to learn the main factors that should influence your choice.

22 May 2020

Why You Must Fit an Intercooler to Take Full Advantage of a Turbo


Turbocharger technology is not new, and it has been used in many forms of motorsport for decades. Yet it has only become popular in the traditional market in recent years, as manufacturers fit this type of component to a standard vehicle to generate "easy" power. Still, there is a big difference between convenience and performance, and if you're more interested in the latter, you will need to make sure that you properly configure the turbocharger fitted to your car.

28 April 2020

How to Prevent Premature Car Battery Failure


If your old battery is no longer performing at optimal levels, you should plan on replacing it. In general, when you notice the decline of the unit, it is advisable to have it checked by a qualified auto technician. If the battery is not completely dead, you can use it for a little longer or keep it as a spare. However, if it has reached the end of its lifespan, you will need to acquire a new one.

22 April 2020

Where Can You Get Quality, Genuine Truck Parts?


Large trucks are revered for their ability to carry heavy loads over long distances fast and efficiently. While heavy-duty trucks can do tough work, they are not invincible. The heavy loads that these trucks carry combined with the great distances that they may travel over a short time eventually take a toll on truck parts, thus necessitating parts replacement.  If you manage a fleet of heavy haulage trucks, finding the parts that you need to keep your trucks on the road in a timely and efficient manner is essential to reduce downtime and increase profits.

8 April 2020

Parts Under Pressure – Why You Should Always Keep an Eye on Your Power Steering Hose


You may know how easy it is to turn the steering wheel when reversing into a tight space, and you have the power steering assembly to thank for this advantage. Yet if you want to be able to make light work of this manoeuvre in the future, you need to ensure that certain parts of this assembly are in full working order. What parts are most vulnerable to wear and tear over time?

3 April 2020