The State Engineering University of Armenia is an Engineering University having a net of regional campuses, and providing multilevel engineering education.



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Ереванское представительство программы объявляет консурс на замещение 4-6 вакантных мест на должность
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Departments and Chairs

The Departments are the main divisions of the University, organizing the academic-methodic and scientific- research processes. They are specialized in the directions of information technologies, Material Science, Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Machine-building, Transportation Infrastructure, etc.

Education on different specialties or parts of the curriculum, as well as the corresponding methodic and research works are carried by the Chair of the Department (Chairs-Sectors of University subordination.

Culture and Leisure

The University provides for a variety of rest and leisure opportunities. Here belong the sport camps situated in resort zones, the yaucht-club at the bank of Lake Sevan and Cultural Centre with its music and language clubs, a Sport Club with dozens of sport groups, etc.
Science and Research

This university is a big scientific-research centre of engineering science. Here, research in the sphere of Machine Science and Material Science, Power and Electrical Engineering, Microelectronics, Chemical Engineering, Machine-building, Automation and Control Systems, Mathematical Simulation of Complex Engineering Systems, etc.

Is at a rather high level. Research in the sphere of solid-state physics, non-composite material synthesis and the meromorphic function theory are of great interest.

Research is carried out at both
Departments and research laboratories. 6 specialized Scientific Boards operate at the University awarding the scientific degrees Dr. Sci. and Ph.D.

Education for Foreign Students

More than 350 foreign students are being trained at the University. The training is carried in the Armenian, Russian, and English.

Educational Services

The Faculty Development Centre improves the qualification of the University Faculty as well as provides for educational services in the spheres of computer and information technologies.

Specialized Divisions of the specialties on Economics and Management and Humanities, certificated courses offered by other divisions of the University, as well as the Career Centre give an opportunity to study disciplines in a wide range: from net technologies, computer graphics to technical translation, bank transactions, and getting ready for a successful professional career.


Since its foundation in 1933 the University has trained more than 100 000 graduates who have created the industry in the republic and provide for functioning of its engineering infrastructure.

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