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Principles of sustainable development

Gated communities


  • Biodiversity loss
  • Climate change
  • Loss of arable land
  • Toxic pollution
  • Distribution of resources


    Our developmental activities also impact on the soil itself. Human activity has increased the global rate of soil erosion three-fold since pre-historic times. Soil erosion and other forms of land degradation now rob the world of 70-140 000km2/year of farming land. Urbanisation alone is responsible for the loss of 20-40 000km2/year. Worldwide, soil erosion has caused abandonment of 4.3 million km2 of arable land during the last four decades.. We are losing 100 billion tonnes (100 gig tonnes) of topsoil every year. This is five times faster than nature can create it. The total world availability of topsoil is estimated at 7 000 gig tonnes - this leaves us with about seventy years of topsoil.i

    iSundquist, B. 2000. 'Topsoil loss - Causes, effects and implications: a global perspective.' The Earth's Carrying Capacity - some literature reviews. http://www.alltel.net/~bsundquist1/


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