Kanye West mocks Taylor Swift. Says his VMA stunt was “selfless”. Takes credit for Speak Now’s success. Insults critics and more..

Kanye West’s ego and ignorance truly knows no bounds. Every single time that you tell yourself that Yeezy can’t get any worse, he somehow manages to find a way to outdo himself. His latest string of offensive word vomit comes from a twenty minute breathless rant on radio station KDWB where he was supposed to be promoting that pretentiously-titled new album of his. Yeezy’s ranting was so in-depth that I’m just going to break down some of the most absurd quotes, complete with my own little rebuttals to each one.

“There’s no way a reporter could break it [Kanye's new album] down and say ‘you’re not doing this, you’re not doing that’. I’m offering so much more! The songs are seven, eight minutes long: like, how do you even send it in for reviews? Why would people play it to themselves, like, to review it? Like, how do you even review something where Rick Ross comes in six minutes after a guitar solo? You haven’t even heard that before!”

- Having lengthy songs is something that’s extremely common in the non-commercial field of music. You didn’t invent it, Kanye. Just spend five minutes on Pitchfork and you’ll see that there are millions of artists with songs that extend over the usual three minutes of your standard radio music. I never realized that the “genius” Kanye West was actually so ignorant about other genres of music.

“I’ve never got a classic rating or a perfect rating, but I made College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation — set the tone for all rap music after the fact that that thing [album] was coming in and getting three-and-a-half stars and some dumb shit that writers wanted — just please, don’t even give your opinion, there’s only a couple of people walking the earth that’s really going up until 8′oclock in the morning dedicating their entire life — I put no anonymity, I put myself in the line of fire. It’s straight up the kid in Tiananmen Square in front of the tank. I’m in front of the social, the media tank. Jesus died for our sins, Michael [Jackson] died for the sins of our media… I feel like I’m fighting that battle that Mike had.”

- OK, first of all, those three albums Kanye referred to all received universal critical acclaim, including ‘perfect’ ratings, so I have no idea what the hell he is talking about. If an album doesn’t reach the success of ‘Thriller’, is it automatically not good enough for Kanye? Secondly, how can he abuse these critics for giving their opinion of his album, yet he was allowed to deliver his own opinion right in the middle of Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech? Hypocrite. Last of all, did he actually compare himself to Michael Jackson and JESUS CHRIST?

“Everybody’s like ‘It’s the alcohol’: no, it’s not the alcohol, it’s the system. It’s the way it’s set up, it’s the fact that the last four albums of the year at the Grammy’s were Dixie Chicks, Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles and Taylor Swift. It’s… that’s not accurate! It’s just not accurate. That has nothing to do with race, I just named two black people.”

- Beyonce just set a record for the most Grammy wins in one night, including a songwriting Grammy for a song she didn’t even arrange, produce or write. But I guess that’s fine since Kanye West likes Beyonce, but when it’s an artist he doesn’t like, suddenly it’s not “accurate”. Am I missing something here, or is Kanye just contradicting himself as usual?

“If you could see the emotion in Justin’s [Timberlake] face when he lost to the Dixie Chicks… I can’t even tell you a song that they won for. And I don’t have nothing against the Dixie Chicks, but it was just wrong, though. It was so incorrect.”

- OK, not only are the Dixie Chicks one of the most commercially and critically successful acts in American music history, but the album of theirs that swept the Grammy’s that year, Taking the Long Road, was spawned from one of the most iconic pop culture and political moments of the past decade, when the band’s lead singer Natalie Maines spoke out publicly against George Bush and America’s invasion of Iraq, and experienced a near career-ending backlash from the American public. The song they won that Grammy for was titled “Not Ready to Make Nice” and was a direct response to the situation, and it also happened to be produced by the most iconic and respected music producer of the past 20 years, Rick Rubin.

Is Kanye truly THAT ignorant? Once again, he is showing a surprising lack of knowledge when it comes to genres outside of pop and urban. First he blundered with alternative and indie music, and now it’s country music. How much does Kanye actually know about music, because it’s common knowledge that his most experimental album, 808s & Heartbreak, only ended up the way it did because Kid Cudi wrote half of it and strongly influenced the sound. Hmm?

“I am empathetic to [George] Bush, with us being public figures. You can’t choose to be the number one rapper in the world, you can’t choose to be the president, people choose you. And you have a responsibility at that point to represent their feelings, and if you show a lack of compassion or something there will be an outcry. So with my moment, with Taylor, 12-year-old girl [in a mocking, sarcastic tone] 18-year-old girl [laughs], me cutting her off showed a lack of compassion with everything she went through to deserve this one moment [mocking tone again] that caused her to have, like, 100 magazine covers and sell a million first week. But that shouldn’t have been categorized with the greatest living artist we have today [implying Beyonce], to even be put in the same category. It’s just disrespectful — it’s retarded.”

You’re not the number one rapper in the world: Eminem is. Then probably Jay-Z. Then Tupac who has been dead for over fifteen years. Then maybe you. Secondly, did you actually just have the nerve to not only mock Taylor Swift, but also to take credit for her success again, as well as the first week sales of her new album?  Click here to read my previous post breaking down some of Taylor’s astonishing PRE-Kanye achievements.

“…It’s not when I get written off as an asshole, or so arrogant. It’s like, what’s so arrogant about that moment? If anything, it’s selfless. I’m walking around now with half an arm trying to sell albums and having to walk in rooms and be afraid of my food getting spat in, like people going ‘I lost all total respect for you’ [mocking tone, again], and nobody wants to just sit and look at the reality.”

- Kanye is the last person in the world who should be preaching about reality.

“I want people to like me because I’m likable”.

- Not only is Kanye West not likable, he is possibly the single-most un-likable person in history. At this stage Hitler is shaping up to be better company than Kanye West.

“I feel like I’m a crusader of opening peoples minds.”

- The only thing Kanye West has opened our minds to is the fact that he’s a hypocritical narcissist with a deluded view of reality who has already peaked in his career.

“Just as Mandela, and forgive me for using such grandiose political comparisons, but just as Mandela blew up the buildings and eventually became president, sometimes, contrary to popular opinion, you have to blow up the buildings. You have to make a change.”

- Well, he’s already compared himself to a former President, the most successful and legendary musical artist of all time, and the son of God. Why not Nelson Mandela, too?

Trust me, there’s more quotes from this interview, but it was either two painful for me to continue transcribing, or simply just long-winded rants about his creative genius and how incredible his new album is. You can watch the interview yourself below.

Now everybody, be sure to boycott My Magic Fantasy, or whatever the hell it’s called, when it hits stores later this month. You can do that by picking up a copy of Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj’s new albums, which drop on the same day as Kanye.

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77 Responses to “Kanye West mocks Taylor Swift. Says his VMA stunt was “selfless”. Takes credit for Speak Now’s success. Insults critics and more..”

  1. Rees Says:

    808′s and Heartbreak was a genius album. I want to be able to support Kayne and his endeavors because his talent speaks for itself. I dont know why he resorts to douche tactics… I’m always one to support artistic credibility and performance over things like a bad attitude but he is reaching a new plateau of asshole.


  2. Oh my Says:

    this whole interview is just hilarious on how ignorant kanye is. Jesus! I want someone to educate him, my god! Did he just compare himself to god? Oh lord help us. Those artist who won album of the year in grammys, obviously are better artists than him!

    Thank god, I wasn’t a fan of him to begin with. I feel sorry for his fans in the way he acts everytime.

  3. Luke M Says:

    I swore after the Taylor incident last year that I wouldn’t support him again, and this is only reinforcing my decision. He’s just gross.

  4. DaGreatest Says:

    Ok I really like Kanye’s music, and I always try my best to separate the artist’s personality/personal life from their music (if not I’d never have been able to listen to Micheal Jackson, R. Kelly, and alot of rappers), but Kanye is really making it difficult. Who the hell wants to listen to an album full of 8 minute songs?!

  5. JayCred Says:

    LMFAO. Omg, I love this post, thanks Proph, definitely needed a good laugh. I fucking love Not Ready to Make Nice, pretty much better than anything he’ll ever sing (I use that term so ever lightly). Secondly, I now see the influence that Cudi had on 808′s. I have a much greater respect for him and will check out his new album tomorrow. To be honest, I can’t read anything he says anymore. I have to just listen to the music (if I can even make it through the crazy titled new album). I detest Runaway so much still.

  6. Yumm Says:

    He’s so disgusting…..he makes me sick……and he’s so racist it’s ridiculous….he’s the shining example of “reverse racism”…..anyone who’s white just isn’t as good as someone who’s balck and bitch please a Beyonce being the greatest living artist hahahahahahahah NO

  7. Nick Says:

    Oh… my god… I can’t even…. I’m just… I wish I was a celebrity so I could confront him about how retarded he is. I can’t…

  8. Andres Says:

    He should be the one starving to death in Africa, not those poor little kids!

    He is irrealistic, ignorant, delusional, disgusting, stupid, irrespectful, ridiculous, a hypocrite, an A**HOLE and many other things.

    I know this is a lot, but he gets me furious, HOW IN THE WORLD can he compare himself to GOD?

  9. JohnnyS Says:

    And this point there is no point in even arguing. He’s one of the most delusional narcissistic celebrities alive. Thats all.

  10. TyTy Says:

    Can I just say right now that TAYLOR is the likeable one! I’ve never deluded myself by saying she is the most talented singer to ever live, and yet I own all three of her albums. I buy them because she is easy to relate to, she is nice, she has charm. Kanye’s constant attacks at her and his way of stroking his own ego is just getting old. And for the record, the Dixie Chicks album is AMAZING! All of their albums are amazing but that last one deserved every award it got. Kanye needs to learn that putting down every other artist doesn’t make himself look better. I hope his album bombs and taylor laughs in his face.

    P.S. “Keep in mind, there’s nothing I do better than revenge”

  11. LizzyG Says:

    Proph, you’re hysterical.

    Someone should tell Kanye that he’ll appear more talented when he stops talking about how talented he is.

  12. Mizzberlyn Says:

    The interview made me laugh…but for a reason I can not seem to feel sorry for Taylor. I used to be a fan,but after the 2010 VMAs…and she was STILL talking/singing about what happened in 2009, I got over her.
    But that does’t mean I am for Kanye either.

  13. iamAWESOME Says:

    LoL Prophet you’re fucking crazy… I’m not reading all that. But I probably agree with you anyway. lol

  14. Trevor Says:

    I’m so glad I don’t like this guy’s music. If I did, I would be in big trouble, with myself.

  15. angie Says:

    *low whistle* Yeezy has lost his damn mind.

  16. carlos Says:

    gee, I love his music – and sometimes his persona – but this is way too delusional for me. Just shut up and release this album already.

  17. tfwandwbqflife Says:


    i think i just fell in love with you, proph! ;)

  18. Juztoon Says:

    What’s more scary is the amount of people on youtube agreeing with what he’s said, like, err, wtf?!

    I hate Kanye, he’s so pretentious it makes me sick and i don’t think his music is that good anyway, i only like a few songs from him. Might be sad but i hope his album bombs, if i lived in the states id buy several copies of Nicki’s album just to outdo the prick, and the last cd i bought was Danity Kane’s WTTDH, so that’s sayin something :p

  19. burlesque Says:

    hey prophet!

    how come youre persuading people to go out and buy kesha or nicki but not the burlesque soundtrack?

  20. Shaquinzashi Says:

    omg, he is a social retard. It need to be a wrap for kanye. Please go back to school!

  21. The Prophet Says:


    The reason they are agreeing is because this video surfaced on a Beyonce stan site or forum, and all the bey stans are rushing to the video to see him calling Beyonce the greatest living artist of our generation, so they are agreeing with that mostly. Lmao.


    I honestly didn’t even realize that Burlesque soundtrack was out that day lol.

  22. le-le Says:

    When will he reign of Terror end!!!!!!!! Please these posts should be boycotted!!! Kanye is sooooo unintelligent, which really only reflects on those that buy his music, thus supporting his habit of being a crazy ass/racist bitch!

  23. Alex K Says:







  24. Alex K Says:

    Of COURSE he thinks Beyonce is the greatest artist…she’s BLACK!!!! Kanye’s bitching about how blacks need more Grammies, I mean — he’s clearly all in for The Race.

    Anyone who thinks that blacks get the short stick at the Grammies, I have two words for you: MY HUMPS. Blacks can win ANYTHING.

  25. Becca Says:

    I have lost any respect for him that I ever had. Now I truly see the selfish and egoistic child who hides within. I cannot believe he is so disrespectful to others. Did he ever think that maybe all that is his opinion, and that EVERYONE ELSE IN SOCIETY DISAGREES? This fool is just ridiculous and I will NEVER waste another second of my life even thinking about him.

  26. MusicILoveDeDe Says:

    What… did he…. Jesus…. :-o I cant even go there because I will writing a full essay about how dumb in delusional he is. You just dont compare yourself to Jesus thats a major NO NO!!!!!. That men if clearly out of his damn mind

  27. KingBeaArthur Says:

    Kanye deserves to be hit repeatedly in the balls by a large, irate black woman. Its bad enough he compares himself to MJ & Mandela, but how fucking dare he say the Dixie Chicks didn’t deserve their Grammy!

    I hope he suffocates in a pile of unsold copies of “My Delusional Fantasy” or whatever the hell its called

  28. Mega Says:

    LMAO He’s right.

    I’ll buy Kanye’s new album. You can continue to stan for no-talents, Proph.

  29. divatude Says:

    taylor swifts fans are delusional, there worse than bey stans.

    beyonce can WRITE a taylor swift song, taylor sux

  30. The Music Prophet Says:

    It’s funny …. that’s all there is to it. This man couldn’t be more of an ignorant jackass. Not even if he tried. Comparisons to God and Michael Jackson in the same breath? Wanna throw Mother Theresa in there?? Maybe Martin Luther King?

    The saddest thing to me is that this man IS genuinely talented. This is a gross over-inflation of the human ego, brought on by boos, personal loss, insecurity, then everyone kissing his ass. It’s been a lethal combo for West.

    The WORST part of this whole thing though is that this piece of s**t is what his fans get to support? Bummer for them. Nothing inspiring about someone who grabs headlines tearing others in his craft down. Nothing at all.

    I don’t personally own a copy of ‘Fearless’ or ‘Taylor Swift’, however his incident back then combined with his badmouthing other artists in his category at the 2007 MTV EMAs, and his little tantrum at the Grammys when they turned the exit music on his speech, have made me unwilling to buy his music ever again. Shame, cuz ‘Graduation’ was one of my favorite records of 2007.

    Oh and for you West fans that think his work is really that much of a success? Consider this …. Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ alone has sold more copies than Wests’ last 3 LP’s combined … OUCH.

  31. LOL Says:

    This is the prime example that education is really important! Jesus, kanye with all your money go enroll yourself to an online class or something!

    Did he just compare himself to god? WTF!!!! This delusional, ignorant person should shut the fuck up! Please!

  32. Pshh Says:

    @divatude in beyonce’s entire career, she couldn’t write a single song Taylor did! Not ever can she write those brilliant Taylor songs

    LOL and I’m not even a Taylor fan

  33. Lalska Says:

    @the music prophet. … True that!

    LOL also not a tswift fan but I know she’s a talented young woman
    And true with fearless alone, she already outsell him with his 3 LPs. And that’s not includes her debut and speak now album LOL

    This man should do an intervention of himself jesus christ help him

  34. Luis Says:

    I just liked a song of him lol. Someday he’s going to realize how stupid he is :l

  35. RJ Says:

    Who is Taylor Swift?

  36. Luis Says:

    Taylor’s last album “Speak Now” is flawless, her songwritting is incredible!

  37. Iceberg Says:

    Nah, i don’t care about all these things as long as I have my dark twisted fantasies delivered at my door…

    @ Proph: I couldn’t believe you did a post this looooooooooong…

    A+ for the effort, C- for the length :-)

  38. DM Says:

    lol. If ignorance is bliss then why not be ignorant to ignorance? GIve it a try Proph! HE’s all that he is thanks to people like you who care to report on his foolish bull. I don’t care to listen to much of what any artist has to say off the stage. & for the record Taylor is simple. I feel no great cosmic force drawing me to the simple situations she writes about in her songs. I won’t even comment on God. WHy care? LOl

  39. Agh Says:

    This is just hilarious kanye!
    Just shut up!

  40. Okay Says:

    Did he just compare himself to god! Rofl! Kanye fucking delusional!

  41. OnnieBoy Says:

    He’s delusional~

  42. FUTURESTARdelux Says:

    Yeah he’s a cxnt but i don’t think he’s reached his peak and i’m still picking up the album, i’m picking up the “Burlesque” soundtrack too so that ballances my sin out. I’d rather share a flat with Kanye AND Taylor for a month than pic up that sloppy “Flop Friday” abum by Sticki Minaj *LOL*

    LMAOOO Proph you get so into this, you should pity Kanye for his ignorence but don’t burst a veign over it ;)

  43. Lee Says:

    i just can’t get it! why people still buy his music? LAME

  44. xxx Says:

    kanye…go and kill yourself!
    you’re the dumbest thing that’s ever been created

    hopefully his album only sells 100 k

  45. den Says:

    When has Kanye not been like this. Are we all that surprised? Live with it and move on.

  46. BeyStanbish Says:

    Dead at this whole post. Kanye got bitches pressed writing essays and shit. Hilarious. Next.>>>>>>>

  47. BeyStanbish Says:

    And p.s: bey is the greatest. Deal with it. Live with it . Sleep and wake up the next morning and breathe again. Bwahaha. I can just imagine the fume coming out your head while writing this. It ain’t that serious trick.

  48. tjoz Says:

    Bitch just needs a good slapping. Thats all he needs.

    Then take a year off and see what other music is out there and he will quickly find out that the world does not revolve around pop and rap. Country is probably the only genre today that sells strongly anywhere. Everyone else just has big first week numbers then falls off just as quick as they got on

  49. x Says:

    kanye is the best rapper in the world! (according to my opinion)

  50. Kyndra Says:

    Yeah all of the above is golden! But I am surprised you didn’t say anything about him calling Beyonce the greatest living artist .. that just had me in stitches.

    Oh and of course, yall make sure you get Burlesque soundtrack as well ;)

  51. joey Says:

    @ BeyStanbish

    Why would you be saying if Kanye had dissed Beyonce instead of praised her? Stanning too much.
    This guy can be a genious with music but a total asshole when he opens her mouth to stay, according to him, “facts” which in my opinion are simply biased rants.
    I love Beyonce but Kanye is rude so I don´t really like him to use B´s name because she doesn´t deserve so. If he´s such a stan and a friend for Beyonce, he should just shut up for once.

  52. Humberto Says:

    Kanye is crazy and talk too much.
    But I hear the albums and I cant ignore that HE’S A FUCKING GENIUS!

    He ain’t talking that much on his tracks, right?
    So I’m still excited for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, cuz the Runaway movie prove that he just produced another classic hip-hop album…

    PS.: 808′s is insane.

  53. BeyStanbish Says:

    @Joey no. I know what Kanye did was wrong and he’s a douche but writing essays and keep going on and on is unnecessary.

  54. joey Says:


    I agree with you on that but the first one who keeps going on and on with this is Kanye himself so I guess Prophet has the right to write “essays” if the first who keeps doing “rants” is Mr. West.
    Maybe call him ignorant is too much because at the end of the day is an opinion what he´s saying but in a wrong mode. I keep waiting for “My magic fantasy” (LOL) here though and a proper featuring with Beyonce ( not a rehash of other song and with no talking on his side, please)

  55. Kenneth Says:

    “Everybody’s like ‘It’s the alcohol’: no, it’s not the alcohol, it’s the system. It’s the way it’s set up, it’s the fact that the last four albums of the year at the Grammy’s were Dixie Chicks, Herbie Hancock, Ray Charles and Taylor Swift. It’s… that’s not accurate! It’s just not accurate. That has nothing to do with race, just name two black people.”

    - Just name two black people? Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Actually, Beyonce just set a record for the most Grammy wins in one night, including a songwriting Grammy for a song she didn’t even arrange, produce or write. But I guess that’s fine since Kanye West likes Beyonce, but when it’s an artist he doesn’t like, suddenly it’s not “accurate”. Am I missing something here, or is Kanye just contradicting himself as usual?

    Actually Prophet, he didnt say “just name 2 black people”, he said “i just named 2 black people” which he was referring to Herbie Hancock and Ray Charles. Just a little correction but that still doesnt change the fact that he is a total douche and i have never and will never buy anything of his, sometimes i seriously cant believe the shit he says.

  56. The Truth Says:

    Fuck Kanye he is such a disgrace to Black people!!!!!!!!!! I hope his album flops!!!!!!!!!

  57. ABC Says:

    I’m still buying the album…personally, I don’t care about what an artist says/does as long as the music is good…I look beyond the other stuff, and look strictly at the music which has been very good so far

    and Proph, it’s clear that you don’t like Kanye…so why waste energy doing such lengthy posts on someone you don’t like…you constantly talk about him being an asshole (probably not your exact words, but it’s what you’re implying), so why write about?

  58. Yan Says:

    he didn’t change at all, blergh

  59. mimifan Says:

    meh, u guys shld just boycott him totally.

  60. Puhsae Says:

    LMFAO! What’s the point of this post?

    1. You can “boycott” him all you want, it’s still gonna shit on Keshit and Onika. Accept it.

    2. YOU ARE STILL A FUCKING RACIST. It boggles my mind that these kind of posts are ALWAYS done on black artist, never white ones. PATHETIC RACIST SCUM.

  61. jumpshot Says:

    I just wanna point out that Beyonce doesn’t hold the title of winning the most Grammys in one night. That honour goes to the King OF Pop Michael Jackson who won 8 in one night whereas Beyonce only won 6. So Beyonce is the female that has won the most Grammys but not the most grammys overall. I wouldn’t want ppl to think this. I have spoken.

  62. Deva Says:

    I watched this interview twice and I loved it more the second time.

    KANYE SPOKE THE TRUTH! Haters stay pressed …

  63. J2201987 Says:


  64. FUTURESTARdelux Says:

    @Pusae, please Grow the fuck up, Proph is not a racist and the only black artists i see him go in on are Beyonce (the thief) and Kanye (the dick) he always praises Kid Cudi etc

    I’m still getting Kanye’s album, think Proph needs to get over this too (while aknowledging that Kanye is a dick) but just because he hates on him doesn’t make him a racist.

  65. Hit'em Says:

    He just mad because Beyaki ain’t sell One Million in her entire career first week out. Taylor shittin on all they illuminati asses. Straight hater. Wack ass posse and all. We know they all behind his little jealous tantrum. But Taylor isn’t using whorism to get ahead, like that untalented troll beyaki he seems to always promote. ain’t nobody buying her are his horrible music. Genius he ain’t more like Garbage he is.

  66. The Prophet Says:

    @Thanks Kenneth will fix.


    I hate Lady GaGa too lol. Did you conveniently forget that because it didn’t fit in with your deluded opinion of me? You’re too stupid to even logically say anything vaguely intelligent to defend your fave artists, so you automatically pull the race card because it’s all your peabrain can muster.


    I’m so not gonna get over it. Maybe he should get over Taylor Swift? Maybe he should not be dissing the Dixie Chicks, a band he proved he knew nothing about. Actually, he proved he knew nothing about A LOT of things. I’m not letting him get away with his ignorance.

  67. DM Says:

    But yet proph you persist to spew yours. Blogs should be about what you love, and not what you want to gossip about. Just saying. I don’t see why you even watched the interview seeing as you despise him so.

  68. DM Says:

    & for the record, I read you daily so I aint trippin. I just can’t take the negativity. YOu don’t like it, don’t post it.

  69. BeyStanbish Says:

    Yeah by the hoe ain’t got as much talent as Bey though. She can sell a billion album, she still sound like shit live. Don’t try to blame Bey for Kanye stupidity. Sit bitch.

  70. TJ Says:

    My initial response was to get mad at Kanye’s response, but now it’s no biggie.

    Taylor’s gonna put all of this negative Kanye crap into a new song for a Speak Now “re-release” or her next album, it’ll INSTANTLY go top-ten, and that will be the end of that. ;)

  71. xedos Says:

    Prophet you’re the typical white reporter don’t like to see a black man speak truth to power.That last line in the interview speak volume its the Phrase of the year. “If you say anything you loose everything”
    Prophet just prove kanye’s point IF lady gaga had done single ladies she would have never lost to Taylor swift

  72. joonkers Says:

    he’s a dickhead?
    so what.
    he’s still a musical genius and im getting a copy of his album

  73. Gaz Says:

    I will get his album as i love his music,but please kanye get over yourself

  74. Jastag Says:

    xedos Says: “Prophet just prove kanye’s point IF lady gaga had done single ladies she would have never lost to Taylor swift”

    LMAO: Oh dear.. in Sept 2009 GAGA was probably the biggest new artist in the World particularly Europe but NOT in the US.
    American Music Awards, saw Taylor Swift’s’ unknown second support band Gloriana beat out GAGA+(Keri Hilton?) as best new artist. GAGA took her place as a massive US artist this year 2010 with gongs to prove it.

    I find it amusing that no one noted that Beyonce won ‘Best Video of the Year’ for Single Ladies. So Kanye screwed!!! up Beyonce’s acceptance when Bey felt the need to give up her acceptance speech so that Taylor could finish hers!
    It’s not unusual for fans to split votes so the winner of ‘BVotY’ might not also get ‘Best Male or Female Video of the Year….’

  75. jMM Says:

    So deluded that he is unable to realize that people are laughing at him, not with him.
    He is no genius, just extremely dedicated and progressive.
    He fails to realize that a simply made song can be greater than a complex, multi-layered, 1bn man-hour song.

  76. Julie Says:

    I like Kanye’s music more than I like Taylor Swift’s music but I know that Taylor was outselling him way before the VMA fiasco. Kanye’s an idiot for trying to take credit for that. Next thing you know he’ll take credit for inventing computers or the polio vaccine, there’s no limit to his stupidity!

  77. TRUTH-TELLER Says:

    This guy is the epitome of a asshole. Hese so fucking arrogant its disgusting. He has some nerve trying to put himself on Michael Jacksons level. The difference is MJ was a NICE person one of the nicest people that ever lived. Kanye west is the opposite. Because he doesnt like Dixie Chicks they didnt deserve to win? STFU. Taylor Swift wrote her WHOLE album she deserved to win im not even a fan. He acts like what ever he says is “RIGHT” anyone who doesnt agree with him is”WRONG” he needs to realize these are just HIS opinions that he should keep to himself. Fuck you Kanye.

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