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WORLD PREMIERE: Toni Braxton - Woman

Posted by Atlantic Records
June 28, 2010

Watch the world premiere of Toni Braxton's new video for "Woman" on Yahoo! Music! The track is off of Toni's new album PULSE, in stores and online now!

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Comments (12)

  • JoannofHtown says:
    (7 hours ago)

    U R Beautiful...Gratitude 4 the Gifts U have Given and the Gifts U continue 2 Give

  • StephanieUK says:
    (15 hours ago)

    this isn't a music video this is a beautiful performance of a song...

  • StephanieUK says:
    (15 hours ago)

    i love you toni and i love the song however this video is very disapointing as i watched the video i was in disbelief that this was the offical video for the song :(

  • (2 days ago)

    I absolutely love this song, one of my favorites in this album. I'm just disappointed by the video, I thought it would tell a "story" as beautifully as the words of the song are. The video lacks the emotions that the song evokes in a Woman when saying the words...

  • Jesús says:
    (3 days ago)

    The video is well, but i hoped it better sincerely. :(

  • EYES OF FIRE says:
    (3 days ago)

    Toni I really like the song and was at the rainy concert in Country Club Hills I saw that this song was very special; once again a stellar performance. Trying to say goodbye to you is a tough one.
    P.S. Keep "PULSE" in consideration platinum hit both of them LUV VMSTEEL AKA eyesofire...
    Hey where was the lite skinned bandit KERI?

  • Aspectacula says:
    (3 days ago)

    absolutely speechless..TONI has done it again with this one hit wonder..seriously she has this sultry sound that makes you melt..i love everything about the video-how subtle it is but says more than words..i love you toni more than anything- your biggest fan since abdi MN

  • Bjorn says:
    (4 days ago)

    I agree 100% there are so many ideas they could used for this video, jeez even i had ideas in my head, but this was very disappointing, I love you to death, but this could have been way better, this is a beautiful song and a nice video would have been perfect

  • (4 days ago)

    I am extremely appalled!!!! This is so bootlegged. How dare Atlantic records treat such an extraordinary artist of Toni Braxton's caliber in such way? She deserves a real video for such a beautiful song. Take this crap off and give her a real video. By the way, you guys are not promoting her the way you know you should. Stop doing a half ass job and do right by her. I'm so pissed and disappointed.

  • (4 days ago)

    the video is fantastic and toni looks amazing.
    simmone joyette

  • (4 days ago)

    I love this song one of my faves on the album! I even have it as my ringback tone with yesturday as my ringtone of course love u Toni!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jay24 says:
    (4 days ago)

    I am a Loyal Toni fan, but this video is just very disappointing. Toni looks breathtaking, but this "live recording studio" concept has been done to death. I'm disappointed.

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