Transglobe Expedition Trust

UK Registered Charity No. 1029586

The Transglobe Expedition Trust (TET) is a charity which was established in 1993 to perpetuate the memory of the Transglobe Expedition by supporting humanitarian, scientific or educational projects which follow in the expedition's tradition of adventure and perseverance. This tradition was described by its  patron HRH the Prince of Wales as "mad but marvellous".

Previous beneficiaries of trust awards have included contributions towards:

The Scientific Exploration Society for a biodiversity research expedition in Ethopia to the Beschillo and Blue Nile gorges which included the first descent of the Beschillo River.

The Wild Camel Protection Foundation for a survey of critically endangered Bactrian Camels in the Lop Nur Wild Camel Reserve of the Arjin Mountains in the Chinese Gobi Desert.

The  University of Brighton (UoB) Spiny Forest Research Expedition to the Forest of St. Augustin in South Western Madagascar where expedition members collected comprehensive ecological data and undertook botanical, antifaunal and Ring Tailed Lemur surveys.

Walking The Amazon. Ed Stafford's remarkable 2 year expedition to walk from the Peruvian Pacific coast, over the Andes and along a tributary to the Amazon estuary and the Atlantic coast.

Endure Greenland Crossing. Ben Thackwray and Ian Couch's attempt at a record-breaking ultralightweight crossing of Greenland on skis.

Adrian McCallum for a forthcoming major polar scientific research expedition.

University of Edinburgh Altitude Research Expedition  to Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, for studies into the incidence and mechanisms of altitude sickness. 

Transglobe Expedition Trust Aim

To establish, develop and maintain a trust fund from the income of which periodic grants will be made to humanitarian, scientific or educational projects which, in the opinion of the trustees, reflect the spirit, dedication and inspirational values of the Transglobe Expedition and which would enable those benefiting from such grants to achieve worthwhile ambitions and inspire others to do likewise.

Selection Procedure

The trustees will, from time to time, consider applications which have been submitted during the period since any previous award.

The investment income accumulated by the trust fund will be used to support those projects which are considered by the trustees to be most appropriate to the aim described above.



Applications for a grant will be considered for any humanitarian, scientific or educational projects which follow  in the Transglobe Expedition's tradition of adventure and perseverance. In assessing an application the trustees will take into account the project's:-

  • Uniqueness of purpose
  • Pioneering nature 
  • Inspirational qualities (particularly those which appeal to a young audience and those from disadvantaged backgrounds).
  • Humanitarian, scientific or educational by-products (eg. in science, geography, history, archaeology, anthropology, astronomy, engineering etc.)


  • The projects for which support is requested do not necessarily have to be ‘expeditions’ so long as they broadly satisfy the criteria above.
  • Initially, grants are likely to be small (£1,000 - £2,000) pending the increase in size of the fund.
  • The trustees will welcome the opportunity to fund a specific single aspect (or item) of an overall project.
  • Applications for grants will be considered for either individuals or organizations.
  • Trustees’ decisions are binding and may not be explained.

Trustees & Officers

President: Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt OBE

Trustees: Peter Bowring CBE (Chairman), Antony Bowring (Secretary), Alan Britten CBE, George Capon (Hon Treasurer), Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt OBE, Simon Gault, Susannah Gault, Richard Jackson, Oliver Shepard, Kevin Traverse-Healy


Application Procedure

Applications can be submitted at any time.
Applicants may use the attached form together with outline details to make an initial request for a grant.

Applications, with supporting documents, may e-mailed to or printed and mailed to:

Transglobe Expedition Trust
C/o Walnut Tree Farm
Suffolk IP17 1JB

Applications, however submitted, should include:

A project description which describes:

  • The aim of the project.
  • The proposed method of undertaking the project.
  • The proposed timetable for the project.
  • The personnel involved (including CV’s or biographies and relevant experience).
  • The project's humanitarian, scientific or educational benefits.

A financial plan which sets out: 

  • The overall budget for the project.
  • The sum requested of the Transglobe Expedition Trust (TET) and the purpose for which it will be used.
  • Other proposed sources of funding. 
  • Committed supporters (including companies, grant making trusts and individuals).

A risk assessment which describes:

  • The anticipated risks of the project
  • The plan for minimising or insuring against such risk.

An undertaking by the leader of the project to provide the Trust with a detailed written report and/or a lecture in support of TET following the completion of the project, whether or not the project succeeds in fulfilling its aims.

Letters from two appropriate referees supporting the application.

It would be helpful if a deadline for a response from TET is given.

The trustees will reply promptly to all applications on receipt of the above information. Following an application, further information concerning the project and a meeting with key personnel may also be required.

All applicants will be advised of the next award date following receipt of their application and notified of the results immediately following the award date.


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