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Artists for hire:

Few weeks ago we released the now-famous Assassin by Gabz and now it’s JamesNG’s turn with this amazingly detailed Assassin piece.

You are correct! There is definitively a pattern here, so we'll quit teasing. We’re pleased to announce that we are working on a very special Assassin’s Creed artbook featuring a lot of cool stuff that we won’t disclosed today. Except one thing: The “carte blanche” section.

Artists like Craig Mullins, Tavis Coburn, 123Klan, Gabz, James NG and many others were given free rein to draw an Assassin from the period and style of their choices, and as you can imagine the results exceeded all our expectations.

We had so much fun - and the results were so surprising - that we’ve decided to add a few pages and launch a call for submissions.

Whether you’re a professional, or a gifted fan, we’re giving you carte blanche to create an Assassin. Send your art to and if you are selected, we will discuss the terms of a contract to publish your art in the artbook alongside the already-selected artists.

We’ll accept art submissions until August 15th at 20:12 (GMT) / 8:12 PM (GMT)

Have a question ? Start by reading the submission FAQ.

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UbiWorkshop team

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