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Two Schools of Thought


Chronological History of EO 10289




Alien Connection

Two Schools of Thought

 Two schools of thought abound concerning President Kennedy and his issuance of money. Some claim he by-passed the powerful Federal Reserve System and issued debt free money. Others claim he merely gave away the nation’s silver reserves.

My latest research says that Kennedy allowed Silver Certificates to be issued by amending a Truman Executive Order. Some claim that those Silver Certificates were debt free money that by-passed control by the Federal Reserve System. Others call it a silver give-a-way.

From a letter to Forest Glen Durland from Peter Cook, a respected monetary scientist, we get two, much needed definitions:

The story of Jack Kennedy issuing U. S. Notes has been widely circulated by those that do not grasp the difference between Silver Certificates and United States Notes. Silver Certificates are/were actually warehouse receipts for certain amounts of silver that are/were in the Treasury. However, United States Notes are actually government issued certificates, or Bills of Credit, redeemable in payment of government taxes and other dues due to the government.

I am sending you some research history on John F. Kennedy’s Executive Orders #11110 and #10289 [Truman]. These EOs were actually the "American public’s silver" give-a-way via the Kennedy authorized silver certificates issue. 1

One may also find notes on this issue in Cook’s Money Bible an page 288. That informative book is recommended for those interested in this subject. See the Bibliography. 2


That the banklords killed Kennedy is labeled "bunk" by the Spotlight. The Spotlight people called debt free money "greenbacks", thus associating it with the Lincoln assassination, which was commandeered by the banklords. They point out that it was Reagan’s EO 12608 that finally revoked Kennedy’s amendment.3 Cook, however, states that three years after Kennedy’s assassination, Johnson stopped the silver drain with a bill passed on June 24th, 1967, "... a bill that stopped silver certificate redemption. The Treasury stopped redeeming silver certificates on June 24th, 1968. … One of the wildest ‘silver rushes’ in American history … [followed,] wrote the publisher of the Coin World Almanac." 4

Chronological History of EO 10289 5

September 17, 1951 - Truman issues EO 10289 dealing with money and finance action.

1954 - Eisenhower amends EO 10289 to impose a tax on anyone in the Canal Zone who dealt narcotics. Authority is given to print postage stamps.

June 4, 1963 - Kennedy issues EO 11110, amending EO 10289 to allow issuance of Silver Certificates. Paragraphs (b) and (c) of Section 2 are revoked from EO 10289.

December 31, 1974 - Ford issues EO 11826, revoking paragraph (d) of Section 2 from EO 10289, pertaining to gold.

1987 - Reagan issues EO 12608, revoking paragraph (f) from EO 10289 when he eliminates unnecessary executive orders. That removed the authority to investigate silver sales.

"Reagan knocked Kennedy’s amendment off the books in 1987 with an executive order aimed at the ‘Elimination of Unnecessary Executive Orders and Technical Amendments to Others.’ As a result, several references were updated and EO 11110 and an original section from EO 10289 dealing with bond regulation were taken off the books." 6

Debt Free Money

It seems to Forest Glen Durland that Silver Certificates fall into the category of "debt free money". It sidestepped control of money by the powerful Federal Reserve System, a privately held consortium.7 Then there is the documented story of the Federal Reserve System threatening to veto some of Kennedy’s legislation by not creating money to finance it.8 Kennedy was at odds with the Fed at least some of the time. Adding them together produces a scenerio to place into history after Franklin 9 and Lincoln.10 It is, indeed, difficult to overlook such parallels.

But, as advised in "Final Statement", use your cloud chamber reasoning and see what you find. The facts are presented herein for your perusal.

Planned for some future date, following will be the full text of the Executive Orders, plus the article from the Spotlight if they will grant permission to reprint it here.

Forest Glen Durland,


End Notes

1 Letter dated 7-12-97 from Peter Cook to Forest Glen Durland.

2 Cook,. Peter. Money Bible. Monetary Science Publishing, Bx 86, Wickliffe, OH 44092. C. 1991.

3 Spotlight, 3-23-92.p 18, "JFK Assassination Rumor Put to Rest: No ‘Greenbacks’ Order" by Andrew Arnold.

4 Cook, letter, loc. cit., p 289.

5 Facts taken from the Spotlight, loc. cit.

6. ibid.

7 [Removed by request]

8 Patman, Wright, et. al. "A B C's of America's Money System", Congressional Record of the United States of America, speech in the House of Representatives, Monday, August 3, 1964. A most valuable document.

9 Owen, Robert L. et al. Senate Document 23, "National Economy and the Banking System of the United States", Jan 24, 1939, 76th Congress, 1st Session, Vol 3, Washington DC, p 98-99. A most valuable document.

10 Cottrell, John. Anatomy of an Assassination. NY: Funk and Wagnals, 1966. New evidence. (Other authors will be found in the Bibliography. See Aldridge, Bassler, Chamlee, Cottrell, Donovan, Oldroyd, Van Doran and Wright.)

Alien Connection

Another very interesting aspect to Kennedy Assassination - the alien connection. On the Dreamland radio show, Linda Moulton Howe was interviewing someone who stated that he had seen documents, and named them, to prove the following story. While in the Navy, Kennedy was in Naval Intelligence for a short time. During that time he knew about the alien spacecraft crash at Roswell. After becoming president, Kennedy demanded to see the evidence, stating that the president should know all. But the Army denied his order.

The CIA involvement in the assassination is pure baloney.

The full story with documents is at <>. [This link is broken, for whatever the reason.]


Much more concise evidence was spoken on another reputable radio show later. Details are withheld for obvious reasons.

Whatever, very shortly after Kennedy crossed the para-military, he was dead.

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