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The "Locator Outline Map" offers an overview of the 99 maps contained in the Barrington Atlas. The Atlas opens with six maps at 1:5,000,000 scale spanning broad regions: Internum Mare, Hibernia-Scandanavia, Asia Occidentalis, Arabia-Azania, India, and Asia Orientalis. Three other maps (43, 53, 59) show the environs of Rome, Byzantium/Constantinople, and Athens in some detail at 1:150,000. The remaining 90 maps are at the two standard scales of 1:500,000 and 1:1,000,000. The companion Layout and Map Order lists the maps as they will appear in the finished Atlas and offers the basic details about each: the scale, title, vicar, compiler, latitude, longitude, and base sheet. All maps derive from series produced by the U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency and the U.K. Directorate-General of Military Survey.

For more information about individual maps, we offer a clickable version of the Locator Outline map; if you click on any map in the locator, you will jump to the information about it contained in the Layout and Map Order document. You can also view a non-clickable (image only) version of the Locator Outline Map.

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