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Vancouver Film Industry Overview & Links

Links and information on Vancouver's burgeoning film industry. From film studios to talent agencies, it's all here.



Industry Overview

The film industry contributes over $1 billion annually to the economy of BC and employs almost 50,000 people.

Hollywood was first attracted by a favourable exchange rate and lucrative tax incentives offered by local and provincial governments. The diverse geography of the area also allowed BC to double as just about anywhere, from big cities to deserts. Now, productions come to Vancouver to take advantage of first rate crews, equipment, studios and a cooperative local government.


Vancouver Film Studios
3500 Cornett Rd.
Vancouver, BC

The largest production facility outside of LA, with 13 sound stages spread over 30 acres.

Movies filmed:
Fantastic Four, X-men II & III, Little Man, Underworld 2, Elf, I, Robot, I Spy

Lion's Gate Studios
555 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, BC

Studio owned by local industry-players Lions Gate Films. It boasts eight large stages, each wrapped in a facade to match a variety of streetscapes, including Main Street USA and a grand old Courthouse.

Movies filmed:
White Chicks, Elektra, Catwoman

Bridge Studios
2400 Boundry Road
Burnaby, BC

This long-running studio occuipies what used to be a bridge-building factory. Now, it boasts North America's largest effects stage along with six other stages totalling 120,000 sq. ft.

Movies filmed:
Miracle, Two for the Money, Blade III, 13 Ghosts

Boundary Road Studios
1875 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC

A revolutionary addition to the area's stable of studios that strives to centralize all functions of the filmmaking process. It's 93,000 sq. ft. studio can accommodate productions from low-budget TV shows to big budget features.

Movies filmed:
Cold Squad, Dead Like Me, The Collector

Industry Links


BC Film Commission
The government agency that promotes BC to filmmakers around the world, and provides invaluable services to them once they arrive.

Directors Guild of Canada (BC)
The Directors Guild of Canada, B.C. District Council (DGC BC) represents the creative and logistical personnel in the film and television industry in British Columbia. The DGC BC Collective Agreement covers the categories of Director, 2nd Unit Director, Production & Unit Manager, plus those employed in the various Assistant Director and Locations Departments.

Union of BC Performers
The Union of B.C. Performers (UBCP) is a trade union in the Province of British Columbia and the B.C. Branch of the ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists). UBCP is dedicated to protecting the rights of professional performers to fair remuneration and the fundamental respect for their craft and artistry.


The Vancouver Actor's Guide has a comprehensive list of agents.

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