Wallis and Futuna Flag

Wallis and Futuna

Thatched Fale
Most Wallisians live in cool thatched fales.

Accommodations and Food

Snack Oceania, at the end of Mata-Utu wharf, offers budget rooms with shared bath above their grocery store. Additional rooms are sometimes available at the waterside restaurant/bar next door.

Wallis' best-known hotel is the two-story Hôtel Lomipeau, beside the hospital 800 meters north of Mata-Utu. They have 12 a/c rooms with private bath and balcony. There's a lagoon view from the swimming pool. The Lomipeau arranges lagoon excursions and car rentals.

The 28-room Hôtel Moana Hou is at Liku, on the waterfront about one km north of Mata-Utu.

Hôtel Albatros is at Alele, 200 meters from the airport terminal. There are four a/c rooms with fridge in the main building and three neat little bungalows around the pool.

Several rather expensive restaurants are in Mata-Utu. The supermarkets of Mata-Utu offer a reasonable selection of goods but there's no fresh produce market. Meat is flown in from Nouméa weekly. The water is safe to drink on Wallis (but not on Futuna).


The Banque de Wallis et Futuna in Mata-Utu is affiliated with the Banque Nationale de Paris.

Card telephones are available at the post office near Mata-Utu wharf, the postal agencies at Mu'a and Vaitupu, the airport, and the Lycée. Wallis and Futuna's telephone code is 681.

Getting Around

Most of the villages are on Wallis' east coast from Halalo to Vailala, which has a paved road along its length. No bus service is available on Wallis, but the hitching is very easy. Some of the hotels rent cars. The hotels provide airport transfers at CFP 1,500 per person.