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Posted on: Wed 11 Jul 2012

FOR those who aren't into their horticulture or specialist sports pitch provision, thousands of miles of plastic is currently being buried below the new Vicarage Road playing surface.

If you're after a little more detail, then yes it's Desso Grassmaster time here at Watford FC.

Their specially prepared synthetic green plastic twine is what is being buried (stapled via the Grassmaster machine), and here is a picture of a van load of it having arrived earlier this week.

Pitch Relay summer 2012, Day 57, July 10, 2012 - Desso twine supply


The two Desso 'tents' are now inching their way across the pitch, working width-ways to implant the Desso material into strips of the pitch that are around five feet wide.

This process will be in place now for the next couple of weeks, however that doesn't prevent the grass away from these areas being trimmed.

See below for a couple of our pitchcare specialists in action yesterday.

Pitch Renewal, Day 57, July 10, 2012 - Grass cutting

And while the weather continues to put paid to local sport and other events, long may this heavenly grass growing weather continue here at The Vic!

More pitch updates soon here on watfordfc.com.


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