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Google Street View Takes In More Scenes

Yosemite National Park included this time

Street View explorers, prepare yourselves: Google's added imagery for another 14 areas.  It's also updated its coverage of six existing cities, and although everything's still located within America, the spots are fairly diverse.

Yosemite Park Gets On Streetview
 Street View Looks At Yosemite

Images of Albuquerque, Anchorage, Austin, Cleveland, Fairbanks, Little Rock, Madison, Rockford, Richmond, Spokane, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Yosemite National Park have all been published.  And the inclusion of Nashville marks the closest Street View has come (about 200 miles away) to the WebProNews base of operations.

All sorts of strange stuff is sure to be discovered over the next few days and weeks.  Since not everyone has time to crawl through huge areas on a street-by-street basis, though, Google's Bradley Bossard has taken the extra step of pointing out some of the more mainstream interesting sights.

On the LatLong Blog, Bossard highlights the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a replica of the Parthenon, and two fairly stunning views from Yosemite.  He also adds, "Remember, Street View images like the ones above can easily be embedded in websites and blogs, so go ahead and share your favorites."

Privacy outcries as a result of this latest update have, by the way, been quite limited so far.

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New Google Street View Sightings...

There are some great new Google Street View Sightings surfacing via this guys Google Street View Sightings blog.  It's amazing what you can see using Google Street View.  A bit creepy prehaps!

Take a look!


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