Google Street View Glances At France

Major change from American focus

Until now, Google Street View never allowed anyone to see outside America.  Thankfully, this year's Tour de France seems to have provided enough of a reason for other images to be released.

Photos detailing certain parts of France - parts along the bicycle race's route, to be exact - have become available.  They allow for plenty of sightseeing, as everything from the Eiffel Tower to scenic country roads gets covered.

Google France
 Google Street View Hits France

These new images seem to be of considerably higher quality than the usual Street View shots, as well.  Granted, this isn't necessarily a good thing for everybody, but to address privacy concerns, Google's face-blurring software has been set to work on license plates as well as people's heads.

Assuming no river of lawsuits results from the release, other images of France - and all of Europe, for that matter - will hopefully become available in the near future.  Street View cars have been driving around different countries for some time now, so this one small step may be the start of a major move.

Hat tips go to the French blog Zorgloob, which received word straight from Google, and Philipp Lenssen, who took up the matter in English.

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I live in Madrid and a lot of people have seen the Google cars taking pictures all over the place. Here's the news (in Spanish)


This is great! Hope they

This is great! Hope they cover the rest of the world too, soon.


I hope that this does expand ... it's a great wat of seeing places I may never be able to visit in person.  As it is now, I love checking out the street views; I started with my home address, previous addresses and expanded outward from there.  Wherever there's a street view, I'm checking it out.

I have noticed, though, that many of the pictures are not up-to-date but are sometimes 6-12 months old.  That's a good thing ... makes it interesting to see the 'way it was' ...

As for security concerns and I'm glad to hear that google is blurring out faces and license plate numbers as those things are none of my business.

European Union had restict Google from europe street google maps

European Union had restict Google from europe street google maps.

Perhaps the France government has give licence to google to fotograph France. Otherwise we may see google to apologize in Law to European Union for this.


very nice

very nice

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