SAN DIEGO – The 7-foot, 400-pound Big Show distinguished himself among active former ECW Champions by winning a brutal Singapore Cane Match in front of a sold-out crowd at California’s San Diego Sports Arena.

After surviving a vicious four-man cane attack from CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer, Chavo Guerrero and WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison, Big Show went on the offensive and cleaned house.

Although not officially an entrant, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Miz was lurking at ringside. While hoisting the ring’s steel stairs overhead to go after The Miz, the champion’s tag team partner, John Morrison, hit Big Show from behind with a cane. As Big Show went down, the steel stairs crashed into his head, leaving a gaping, bloody wound above his eye, which later required eight stitches.

As the brutality continued outside the ring, Chavo used a cane to take a whack at Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers, who was seated at ringside. Moments later, CM Punk provided Merriman with a cane, which he promptly used to knock Chavo to the floor with a hard-hitting blow.

With bodies littered everywhere, a bloodied Big Show keyed in on ECW Original Tommy Dreamer who was the last remaining combatant in the ring. After roughing up Dreamer, Big Show brutally chokeslammed the ECW Original and covered his beaten body with his massive boot to get the victory.

In the Extreme Rules Match that lived up to its name, Big Show not only physically crushed his opponents, but also broke their hopes of contending for the ECW Championship against Kane at Night of Champions on June 29.

And, Kane is well aware of who he is up against, as the reigning champion was spotted watching all of the night’s action on a monitor in the locker room area.

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