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Not Really Alpine Fans

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Developer: Snowy Top Productions
Publisher: Swiss Gold Studios
Genre: Tootonic
Release Date: 01/04/09
Console: Xbox 360

Players: 2

In-game Dolby Digital


Yodel Up

Express your joy to the Xbox community.

Snowbombing 29 March - 4th April

When I say, Yodel Aye, you say, Eee Ooooo!

Are you ready to blow?

Jam with alpine legends like Franz "The Manz" Lang and Johann Hornbostel. Shake the mountain tops with 100 classic Alphorn tracks including, “Whose spit is in my horn?” and “More goat bell (It needs)”.

Take your band through all the alpine rights of passage: a mountainous village tour, recording sessions in a log cabin studio, overcoming throat soother addiction, and even competing in a live yodel off.



Alpine Gameplay

Never feel embarrassed to don Lederhosen
and blow your own trumpet.




Limited Edition Goat Pack

Become a
Tri-horn blastmaster

Limited Edition Tri Horn Pack

Immerse yourself with a mountain goat add-on.

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