ALC Publishing

AniLesboCon (ALC) Publishing, the publishing arm of Yuricon, was founded in 2003 to create and disseminate high quality Yuri (Lesbian or Girl’s Love) comics to the worldwide English-speaking audience. ALC Publishing offers three types of publications:

  • Translated Japanese Manga
  • Original Yuri Manga Anthology
  • Illustrated Yuri Light Novels

ALC publications are available at the following on and off-line locations:

  • Yuricon Shop
  • Comic Book, Anime/Manga, G/L/B/T and Chain bookstores near you!

The Yuri Monogatari Project

The Yuri Monogatari Project is an online collaborative effort that guides young artists through the process of getting story and art ready for publication. Admission to the Project is not a guarantee of publication in Yuri Monogatari, ALC’s award-nominated Yuri manga anthology. We welcome submissions from young Yuri manga and comic artists who are interested in learning about the process of publishing, or more experienced creators who want to get their work out to a broader audience. Artists and Writers from all over the world have participated in our Yuri Monogatari Project, including popular Japanese Yuri manga artists Rica Takashima, Eriko Tadeno, Akiko Morishima and Circle UKOZ.

ALC Publishing is not currently recruiting for the next Project, however, if you have a completed Yuri manga of approximately 20 pages and wish to submit it to ALC for consideration for the next Yuri Monogatari anthology, please read and comply with the following guidelines. These guidelines are a test of your ability to follow simple directions, so if you do not follow them, your work will not be considered:

  • Please read this first  - Top 7 Things Every Young Artist and Writer Needs to Know
  • Then, after you have read that, contact us at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com with your name, contact info and a brief (no more than 3 or 4 lines) but complete synopsis of your story. Do not e-mail us your story or any art from your story.
  • If your story is appropriate for our anthology, we will respond with follow-up instructions on how to submit your story to the Yuri Monogatari Project, when we next recruit for it. Admission into the “Project” is not a guarantee of publication, but it will give you valuable experience with editors and peers.
    • All stories *must* be an expression of a lesbian life/situation/experience/romance, etc. While we are not in any way offended by gay male or straight characters or stories, the purpose of ALC Publishing is to encourage the publication of Yuri manga. This does not mean that your story must be women- or lesbian-only.
    • We are not opposed to stories of first love, but we are looking for stories that have more depth than “2 girls realize they are in love.” If your story falls into that category, use your synopsis to explain why your story is unique or interesting or different than all the others of the kind. We call these stories “Story A” and require something more than just – Girl A likes Girl B, the End.
    • Coming out stories have been done many, many, many times. We may be willing to consider these if there is something unique or interesting about them. But more likely, we’ll reject them.
    • In general, we’re looking for stories that express the many facets of lesbian lives and loves, rather than retreading the same old themes.
  • Yuri Monogatari has a general rating of “For Mature Readers”. Adult content/themes/issues may be allowed, but porn is not. The editor-in-chief has a very clear definition of which is which, so if you are not sure, please feel free to ask.
  • Completed stories should be approximately 20 illustrated pages, including title and credit pages. You may be asked to provide one or two pages of “incidental” or filler art to separate stories. Artists who would like to submit a picture for “incidental” art, may do so at any time. No fan art please – original art only. Incidental art should not be “adult” in nature for consideration.
  • Stories MUST be proofread for spelling, grammatical and syntactical errors. We may provide editing for polishing purposes, but we cannot beta- or proofread stories.
  • ALC Publishing is not responsible for pairing up writers and artists. You are encouraged to find yourself a partner first, then submit your story to ALC. At this time we are not accepting fiction, only manga-style comics.
  • The Yuri Monogatari Project and ALC Publishing will not teach you how to write a story, or how to draw a comic. Please apply only if you already have these basic skills.
  • The publication size is A5 (148 mm x 210 mm). Completed work should be no less than 600 DPI. Email us at the above address with any other questions about the publication itself.

We are also always looking for dedicated Production Assistants and Layout Specialists to assist us in our mission. All applicants *must* be at least 18 years of age and be in a situation that will allow them to work on potentially adult material without difficulty.

Production Assistants

We are looking for dedicated, detail-oriented Production Assistants to help us with our pre-publication processes. This position requires good communication skills and the ability to follow through on commitment. In addition, a PA must have good enough computer equipment to work on high-resolution large art files without difficulty. Lettering and touchup experience is a plus.

This is an unpaid position, but you will be credited, receive a copy of the book you worked on and an excellent opportunity to obtain hands-on work experience. Please send us a list of your qualifications at anilesbocon01 athotmail dot com. No formal resume’ is necessary – please do not mail us examples of your work.

Layout Specialists

ALC is looking for folks with Graphic Design skills who want to work in layout and design for print publications. This is an excellent position for students who are looking for an internship or work experience to add to their portfolio. Familiarity with Adobe CS5  is especially helpful.

Like the PA position, you will be credited properly, receive a copy of the book you worked on and gain a recommendation for future job-hunting. Please send us a list of your qualifications at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com. No formal resume’ is necessary – please do not mail us examples of your work.


At the moment, we have a large pool of active editors and proofreaders and are not taking any more applications.


As with Editors, we currently have several on-staff translators. However, we  are particularly interested in people with English-Japanese translation skills. Please send us a list of your qualifications at No formal resume is necessary and please do not mail us examples of your work.


For more information on ALC Publishing or Yuricon’s mission, please read our Mission Statement. To purchase ALC publications, visit our Yuricon Shop. Please feel free to email us at anilesbocon01 at hotmail dot com with any questions.

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