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The head of Labytnangi
Leonid Yemelyanovich Savchenko
telephone (34992) 5-89-90, 5-86-88,
fax (34992)52733

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The name 'Labytnangi' translated from the Khanty language means 'seven larches'.

The first references to the settlement are dated with the late nineteenth century. In 1890 the first wooden house was built here; in the twenties of last century a production association emerged; in 1932 the kolkhoz (collective farm) 'Red Star' was set up. The next important step to development and exploration of transpolar territories came to be a construction of the railway which connected the west of Yamal with 'the continent': in 1948 Labytnangi became a railway station; a few years later it got the status of an industrial community; in 1975 Labytnangi received the status of a town.

Early in the sixties the first enterprises sprung up in Labytnangi, this later became the footing for arising Yamal gas industry. The favorable transport scheme (railway in combination with a river port) predetermined the role of Labytnangi as a terminal base for exploration of the biggest gas-condensate deposits of Yamal North. The railway gave new impulse to the town growth and made Labytnangi the acknowledged western gates of Yamal.

Today about 35 thousand of people live in the town. Among the enterprises of the town OJSC 'Yamaltransstroy' stands out as a multi-industry construction company building the unique railway 'Obskaya - Bovanenkovo'. This road must become the backbone of industrial development of hydrocarbon deposits of the north of Yamal peninsula. Presently, the way to Yamal is one of the strategic directions of the economic policy of the state. The estimated volume of freight handling is one million tons a year. The production potential of Yamaltransstroy is 300 units of railway vehicles, over 500 units of construction and automotive vehicles. Launching of Bovanenkovskaya line will complete the optimal transport scheme of Labytnangi.

Since 1968 on the territory of the district a big geological exploration and seismic enterprise Yamalgeofizika, based in Labytnangi, has been active. About 95 percent of developed in Yamal oil and gas deposits have been explored with direct involvement of Yamalgeofizika. In the last six years the enterprise has prepared for deep exploration drilling about 200 oil and gas potential project sites with gross area of over 5.5 thousand square kilometers. The scope of geophysical works grows, of hard and precise seismic exploration works in particular. Now almost all the territory of the district is covered by regional seismic acquisition. Geography of works by Yamalgeophizika is expanding; since 1995 the enterprise has been working abroad and now makes a tough competitor to all the famous Russian and foreign companies of the field.

In the nearest future Labytnangi awaits the role of an outpost in exploration of Polar Ural deposits. Especially for that Yamal Mining Company was set up, the first step of which will be industrial development of barites and chromites. In 2000 the enterprise Kongor-Khrom was founded; it annually extracts 25,000 - 30,000 tons of chromites. The ore mineral consumers are metallurgical enterprises of Ural Federal District. The riches of Polar Ural are not limited with barites and chromites; by specialists' estimates all Mendeleev's table is represented here. However, mountains can give people not only material treasures. Mountaineering and boating are just some of the activities of the municipality's tomorrow.

At the end of 2002 gas reached the municipality. Currently there are intensive works to get vital infrastructure to start using 'the blue fuel'. The economy cut will be significant; expenses on fuel are expected to go down by far.

In the town district housing target programs are implemented; among them - providing accommodation for indigenous population, providing housing subsidies for those leaving the district. In the current year the program providing young families with accommodation was started. It has been several years since the launch of the program of resettlement from dilapidated accommodation. In Labytnangi it is the most urgent problem. Last year in Labytnangi another, municipal, program was added to the list of the district housing programs: providing accommodation for orphans. On the territory of the municipality there is an orphanage where 50 children are being brought up. Now each of them can be sure that after leaving the state board of the orphanage they will have a place of their own.

Big changes have taken place in the sphere of healthcare. In 2004 a maternity department in a wonderful new building of the hospital complex was opened. Some years earlier therapeutics department, department of surgery, traumatology and gynecology departments, and laboratory-household department had moved in.

It is important that all large construction project sites in the town have been built at the expense of the district budget: an upper secondary school, a hotel, a children's school of arts, and a railway station.

The opening of the railway station took place in May 2004 and coincided with another significant for the locals event - the launch of the high-comfort train 'Polar Arrow', which has no other trains equal to it in comfort. Children's playing compartments, internet-compartment, satellite communication, shower rooms, ironing rooms - this is just a part of the services offered on the train. The railway station itself is no worse in the level of services - again, it has no counterparts in Russia. Omsk design engineers did their best in respect of the architectural appearance. The station is constructed as if it was a segment of the polar circle standing out of the ground. Here there are numerous facilities for the inhabitants and guests: service center, vast departure lounges, rooms for mothers with children, international phone boxes, satellite communication, and the system of electronic waiting list. Briefly, the railway station became a worthy garnishing of the end point of the northern railway; moreover, Labytnangi now has more evidence of its status of Yamal Gates.

Another pride of the town is a ski mountaineering complex Oktyabrsky - a unique place for active winter rest. The complex was opened in March 2003. In a short period of time it became a favorite place of rest for the inhabitants and guests of Labytnangi and Salekhard. The complex is continuing to grow. Apart from the basic route, which is 630 meters long with elevation changes of 110 meters, there is a baby-elevator for tubing and sleighing. There is a cozy hotel for 50 people and a recreation center with a sauna and pool tables, - in short, all the conveniences necessary for pleasant rest. The duration of mountaineering season in Labytnangi compares favorably to other top skiing resorts.

The present head of the town Leonid Savchenko is aware of the fact that it is feasible to solve a lot of youths' matters working out problems of mass physical fitness and sport. This is the reason why special attention is paid to sports facilities. A year ago the sports-recreation center 'Snezhny' was reconstructed; after extensive repairs two sports gyms were opened. The sports Olympic Reserve School for children and adolescents of Tatyana Akhatova moved to the new building. This school is well-known far beyond the town, district, and even the country. Its graduates Albina Akhatova and Julia Makarova are repeated prize-winners of European and world competitions in biathlon. A reconstruction of indoor skating rink was started, a boxing group started to work, a repair of the swimming pool is about to be over. Now the town cultivates 22 kinds of sport, there is lack of sports facilities. Is not it a solution to youths' leisure problem, to the problem of discouraging teenagers from smoking, taking drugs, and other bad habits?!

The city encourages forming of both athletic and intelligent elite. Annually up to a thousand children take part in school competitions. Annual holding of 'Mind Odyssey' became a real combat between brainiacs and wiseheads. The championship of creative works for a Mayor's prize also came to be traditional. For their works, children choose hot for the town topics. For example, development of mineral resources base of Polar Ural, construction of youth leisure centers, or opening an outdoor museum. Winner of this competition gets an opportunity to study at a higher institution at the cost of the town budget. It is the gold reserves of Labytnangi, which is supported by the local authorities in every possible way.

Labytnangi talents also get every possible support of the local authorities. There are annual festivals 'Polar Star', 'Young Talents', singer-songwriters' competitions, couplet-singers competitions; folk holidays are held. In the town recreation center a club of national cultures works successfully, which united a Russian, a Tatar, and a Ukrainian creative teams, as well as creative teams of the Komi and the Khanty. Labytnangi 'Star Factory' is the little theater 'Globe', the team of pop vocal 'Elvis', the rock-group 'P.A.U.K.', and the vocal team 'Silver Deer'. The real favorite of all creative competitions is the dance band 'Palette'. The band members are repeated laureates and diplomats of the district, all-Russian, and international festivals.

In the town there are municipal enterprises, 9 schools, a sports-recreational complex, a sports school. The cultural life of Labytnangi is represented by various establishments: the town recreation center, a chain of libraries, two music schools, a town museum, a children's school of arts.

The town is headed by a person who is deep into what he is doing, a professional - Leonid Savchenko. At the elections on December 16, 2001, he was supported by over 78 percent locals who took part in the election. Optimism, vision of the town development prospects, a wish to work for people, a thrifty attitude, - these are the qualities of the current head, bringing in optimism to the hearts of Labytnangi inhabitants.

The address of administration
629008, Salehard town,
Street of Republic, 72.
Copyright © Administration of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous region, 2005
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