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Your building block in QLab is the cue. What's a cue? Well, a cue might play a sound through your speakers. Or it might display a picture on your projector. A cue might send a MIDI message to your light board, or play a video, or adjust the volume of another cue, or pause a cue, or do nothing but wait for a while.

With your toolbox full of cues, you can build amazing media sequences on your Mac.
Fast, flexible audio.

Audio device assignment
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Every Audio Cue has a dedicated matrix mixer, allowing you to mix and route multi-channel audio files. QLab supports up to 48 output channels of audio, and can read up to 16 channels of a multi-channel file.

You can automate volume adjustments of your audio with Fade Cues. This includes custom fade curves, and fading any input, output, or crosspoint channel.

All audio in QLab can be sample-accurate synchronized, so you can play back multiple files as if they were a single file.

Audio Cue Matrix
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Audio Cue Waveform with integrated fade envelope
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Adding video to your design has never been this easy.

Need to integrate video into your project? No problem. The Video Cue can play back movies and still images, either full screen or with customizable geometry. Easily adjust the rotation, scale, translation, and aspect ratio of each video.

The Animation Cue can fade your videos in and out, or send them spinning and panning around the screen.

The Camera Cue will display a live camera feed with all the same controls as a Video Cue: rotate it, scale it, put it anywhere you want. And, of course, animate it with the Animation Cue.

QLab also supports Apple's Quartz Composer technology, and allows you to provide your own custom composition for each Video Cue and Camera Cue. What does this mean? It means that anything you can do in Quartz Composer you can do in QLab: apply image filters, perform warping...even display your video on the sides of a spinning cube if you're so inclined.

Video Cue
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Animation Cue
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Sophisticated MIDI controls. Minimal fuss.

QLab offers a clear and streamlined interface for adding MIDI controls to your design.

The MIDI Voice Cue can send all MIDI Voice commands, and can even fade over a range of values for some commands.

The MIDI Show Control Cue (MSC) can send all the most commonly used MIDI show control messages.

The MIDI File Cue can play back a MIDI file to any MIDI device.

The MIDI Timecode Cue (MTC) will generate and send MIDI Timecode to any external device.

The MIDI SysEx Cue allows you to send raw SysEx messages.

QLab can also be controlled remotely by MIDI Voice and MSC messages. You can assign a MIDI message to any cue or to many QLab commands. To make life easier, use the "Capture..." button to easily assign a MIDI message to a cue or command.

Finally, each cue list in QLab can follow incoming MIDI Timecode or Linear Timecode—and you can have each list following a separate sync source.

MIDI Show Control Cue
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