eBitcoin’s Payment Solution Aiming Mass Adoption via Messengers & Online Shops


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eBTC was originally created to combine the best characteristics of both Bitcoin and Ethereum together in a tokenized form. Rather than host an ICO, the developer decided to offer a simple airdrop to community supporters to highlight his revolutionary vision to ensure fair and equal distribution for a truly decentralized digital currency. Right after the successful airdrop, the opportunists came out of the woodwork with copycat “e” versions of other main altcoins attempting to tarnish eBitcoin’s authenticity and dent its wider cryptocurrency image. Notwithstanding, the eBitcoin Foundation takes all these “e” series tokens as a compliment since it is the original.

Due to personal reasons, the developer, Satoshi21 had to, unfortunately, leave the Foundation.  With the private keys to the contract that he left and the digital funds to the then newly-formed eBTC Foundation, the team and community showed their true support for each other and managed to handle many tasks to persevere with great success. They took the revolutionary vision upon themselves and are now even stronger, undaunted, and determined as ever to succeed.  After strategically rebranding itself as the eBitcoin Foundation and its token now being traded with the eBitcoin ticker symbol ‘eBTC’, the community has been laying down strong foundations to build upon. Major developments and milestones continue to be achieved including the addition of multiple exchanges (another was just announced), website improvements, ever-increasing community members who continuously support and contribute their time, and new partnerships with very promising technologies that will help increase mass adoption and utility usage. They seem to be progressing, developing, and working tirelessly to deliver on every promise they make. There were calls for greater transparency of the core team members. The team answered by revealing core team member information as well as business and technical developments on their website.

They were extremely happy to announce their deal with ProxyCard. The teams seem to jive very well with each other, as was seen during their first AMA with a Livestream on Facebook last week. It’s going to be exciting to see what comes to fruition from their strategic partnership. To start, ProxyCard has a state-of-the-art, ready-to-work Hybrid Wallet which, when integration is completed (release planned in January 2018), will boast a very user-friendly interface that will allow eBitcoin community holders to easily and securely send, receive, and store their eBTC tokens.

In some forums, rumors have been spread that they are also building a payment plugin to connect with common Messengers such as Facebook,  WhatsApp & Co. where you’ll be able to buy & sell eBTC with USD/EUR. If these rumors do turn out to be true, there would be 3 Billion+ people who would be able to easily buy into the Crypto world. Nothing has been confirmed and eBitcoin has only commented, “Well, with strong partners like ProxyCard who has a seamless wallet and technology, as well as ChatnFly.com, a spanish company partially funded by the spanish government, one of our already existing merchants and a specialist for AI and Bots for messengers, plus the knowledge of our team itself, everything is possible”.

So who knows, but they just announced another partnership/listing with a merchant that has a plug-in for common online shopping systems, like WOO Commerce and Shopify, as well as a Point-of-Sale solution. All signs show green and they seem to really be accelerating their developments and outreach.

eBTC will stand the test of time as all “e” series copycat tokens have come and are gone.

With global team members who can work 24/7 and have over 200 combined years’ worth of experience in all kinds of businesses, the Foundation is steadfastly progressing forward with rapid development on a game-changing decentralized digital currency and blockchain ecosystem. They combine fundamentals from the old economy with the best assets from the Blockchain and decentralized world.

In conclusion, the eBitcoin Foundation has taken a very interesting project with a growing community and has transformed it into a very large decentralized team with a tremendous amount of business acumen consisting of both technical and blockchain know-how.  Sounds like a no-brainer.

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