Puerto Nuevo

The technical problems that were forecasted by Eng. Huergo finally occured short after its completion.

Tonnage of vessels at the turn of the 20th century rose from 4 to 10 milion, and soon it rose to 20 milion. This circumstance, added to the increase in port traffic, lead to the obsollescence of the closed docks system. In september 1907 the national government decides to carry out the port enlargement. The selection was made through a call, being won by Thomas Walker and Company, 1909. Extending to the north of Puerto Madero, it consists of 6 open inner harbors, separated by piers and protected by two jetties (2.720 m and 950 m). Puerto Nuevo was built between 1911 and 1919, under the tooth form design that Huergo had anticipated. Its location to the north constitued a barrier that isolated the city downtown from its coast.




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