2.4.2020: In the next few months Corpus Corporum will be replaced by a new, improved version. This may lead to a few days of inaccessibilty and initially some function may not yet work properly. If you need the resource urgently within a narrow time-frame, please inform us.

22.3.2019: reached 160 million words.

1.3.2018: we have reached 150 million words. Several new corpora are in preparation.

21.6.2017: new dictionary added from our Czech colleagues: Latinitatis medii aevi lexicon Bohemorum (www.ics.cas.cz/en), thanks to Pavel Nývlt!

19.10.2016: new part of speech dependent search option, for details cf. HELP (left bottom frame).

10.5.2016: new dictionary added: Gaffiot, Dictionnaire latin-français. Thanks to G. Gréco, M. De Wilde, B. Maréchal, K. Ôkubo!

2.5.2016: links to author pages in Mirabile (SISMEL Firenze) added.

2.4.2016: author data and links to VIAF, DNB and Wiki added.

4.2.2016: new feature: synoptic Bible in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English.