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2nd Floor, 91-101 Oxford Street, London, W1R 1RA, United Kingdom
Telephone: 44 171 534 5300 Facsimile: 44 0171 534 5333

A new beginning
If you are hoping to get into or further your career in the broadcast, film, video and multimedia industry in the UK, follow this path which sets the scene and gives you careers information on jobs, skills and training.

Training is for life
If you want to find out more about National/Scottish Vocational Qualifications - NVQ/SVQ, (to become a candidate, an assessor or an assessment centre) and other vocational training, follow this path.

Knowledge is power
If you are seeking information on Skillset, Skillset's Freelance Training Fund and other investment funding, labour market research, regional information or to join the Network of Independent Trainers forum, follow this path.

Skillset exists to encourage the delivery of informed training provision so that the British broadcast, film, video and multimedia industry's technical, creative and economic achievements are maintained and improved. Skillset is a strategic, all-industry organisation and is supported by key employers and unions. It was founded and is supported by:

Last Updated: 19 January, 1998