Welcome to the new SRS homepage.  We have revised the layout of the old site and, hopefully, made it easier and quicker for you to find what you want.

If an old favourite has disappeared please let us know. We might be able to resurrect it or direct you to its new location.

We have tried to tie up all the loose ends that significant changes to a web inevitably generate.
You may find pages at the deeper levels that have links in them that either now don't work at all or take you to an unexpected place. Please let us know when this happens so we can tidy them as soon as possible. Please also accept our apologies in advance for the mis-direction.

In addition to this new site for SRS information, we are also concentrating the web pages aimed at providing general Laboratory visitor services in a new Visitor and User Services site.  You can go there via the "ULO and Visitor Services" link in the menu to the left.  Please let us know if there is anything we can usefully add to this for you.  (Work is already in hand to up-date the SRS User Guide and to provide a New SRS User Information Pack.)  

Our objective is to help you get what you want as efficiently as possible. Your feedback is a vital part of the process.

Please send any comments about this site to the webmaster
[last update 08/05/01]