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A successful blog presents some unique challenges. Whether it’s about hard news, fashion, or funny-looking pets, once your blog has hit the big time, just keeping it going can be a full-time job — and you’ve already got one.

VIP Support

VIP Support offers assistance and advice for enterprise users who are running large-scale WordPress deployments of WordPress, WordPress MU (Multi-User), VIP Hosted sites, and Open Source WordPress plugins like BuddyPress. VIP Support provides access to many of the core WordPress developers and WordPress.com system wranglers who will make your WordPress deployment a success.

VIP Hosting

VIP Hosting provides peace of mind that your biggest traffic days will be your greatest days, not your worst. With VIP Hosting, your site is hosted on the award-winning WordPress.com grid. We’ve invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars, and the proof is in the pudding: on any given day we do tens of millions of page views and Digg, Yahoo, and Slashdot don’t even make a blip.

Featured VIP Clients

Boys’ Life

Boys’ Life serves the active lifestyle of its audience as the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America.


GigaOM provides one of the leading daily online news reads for key influencers in the tech industry.

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