Looking For Suggestions In How To Fix Tiger Woods' Game

October 07, 2011

Golf Channel knew there would be a lot of attention on Tiger Woods, so they showed him from start to finish in his first round in the Frys.com Open from 4-8 p.m. Eastern time Thursday. If you watched him or later, the summary of his round, you saw some problems. He carded a 73.

He had difficulty finding the fairway. Misses went to the left and right. He short-sided himself a few times. And he had a horrible putting round.

Of course, Woods displayed some great shots too, the ones that were seen far more often during his better playing days.

Sure, he has rust in his game. This was his only his first tournament since he missed the PGA Championship cut.

As Woods loves to say, "it's a work in progress."

Still, should he fix his putting first or his driving? What does he need to get his game back? Or will it ever come back?

I'm looking for suggestions on these Woods' questions.

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