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Accessibility at Waterloo

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Waterloo's commitment

The University of Waterloo is committed to achieving barrier free accessibility for persons with disabilities studying, visiting and/or working at Waterloo.


The Principles of Inclusivity

The Principles of Inclusivity were created to acknowledge, communicate, and promote an understanding of the complexity and uniqueness of the University of Waterloo’s campus community, presenting the ideals by which campus members should engage one another – with respect, sensitivity, and fairness.

  1. Acknowledge individuals have unique and particular needs in the learning and work environment.
  2. Respect each individual’s right to express and present themselves relative to their religion, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender-identity, physical and mental ability.
  3. Promote inclusivity by reasonably adjusting procedures, activities and physical environments.
  4. Focus on the capability of the individual without assumptions or labels.
  5. Be inclusive in all forms of communication.
  6. Serve all with sensitivity, respect, and fairness.

Website & Campus Accessibility Feedback

We welcome your feedback on campus accessibility and our website. Please let us know if you experience any barriers or have suggestions to improve your experience.