About the Village Voice

Work at The Village Voice

If you would like to work at the Village Voice please contact our Human Resources department at – opportunities@villagevoice.com

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an integral part of the Village Voice’s history, culture, and identity. Inclusion is the way we treat, value and respect our customers, employees, suppliers and vendors, despite our differences. The Publisher strongly believes that making people feel valued is essential to the success of our Company. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, we want to create an inclusive culture that reflects our values, supports our business goals and builds a stronger Company.
The Village Voice is committed to creating an environment where all employees are included, are treated with dignity and respect and are in a position to contribute to our future success.

Equal Opportunity

The Village Voice is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Village Voice’s personnel policies are designed to assure non-discriminatory treatment of all individuals with regard to employment, rates of pay and all other terms and conditions of employment regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or preference, gender identity and expression, age, veteran’s status, physical handicap or any other physical or mental disability. Village Voice is committed to the hire of qualified individuals with disabilities and does not discriminate in hiring, employment, job assignment, promotion, discipline, or termination against individuals with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act and the New York City Human Relations Commission require reasonable accommodations of individuals and prohibit employment discrimination against disabled persons.