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Mr. Baldessari

John Baldessari’s Floating Head Makes Reporter Contemplate Moving to LA

The last video to promote Pacific Standard Time, a cluster of events in Southern California celebrating LA art, starred Ed Ruscha and Anthony Kiedis and it didn’t really go over so well (but hey, at least we know that Mr. Kiedis made the right decision when he didn’t go into art criticism as a profession). This new clip of Jason Schwartzman and John Baldessari actually makes us wish, for the first time really, that we were on the other coast. It begins with a voice offscreen asking a bearded Mr. Schwartzman, “Wanna go check out the museum?” Read More

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A rendering of the future Matthew Marks Gallery in West Hollywood with a facade embellished by Ellsworth Kelly. VIA NEW YORK TIMES

Musing On Marks’ New LA Space

At last! After a long wait we finally know the details of veteran New York art dealer Matthew Marks' plans for a Los Angeles branch. For almost two years the news has been simmering away on the art world's back burner, with no word from the Marks camp as to exact dates. We heard West Hollywood and -- well, that was about the extent of it. We heard something about West Hollywood. And now, with the Art Platform fair opening in Los Angeles today, as well as all the "Pacific Standard Time" business -- for those of you who have been living on the moon, that is a very very large exhibition devoted to California art -- Mr. Marks has spoken. And in an unexpected venue, The New York Times. Read More

GalleristNY in LA

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Barnstorming the Culver City Circuit, as Art Platform Readies Itself

Less than a decade ago, the Culver City area of Los Angeles was a relatively sleepy, industrial part of town. Rent was low and there were a number of large, unoccupied buildings. But as sometimes happens with such urban areas, it has since become a thriving arts district. That transformation is due in large part to art dealers Timothy Blum and Jeff Poe, who decided to move their gallery to an enormous space on South La Cienga Boulevard in 2003, on a stretch that is now lined with many of the city's leading galleries. Read More

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Piotr Uklanski

Look Out Pulaski, Here Comes Uklanski

Remember how, last year, the highlight of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was artist Takashi Murakami in a stuffed animal-like flower costume, grinning and waving to the crowd in all his cartoon splendor? The Pulaski Day Parade -- an annual celebration of Polish and American identity that runs along Fifth Avenue this Saturday -- may not be on the scale of the Macy's event, but a parade's a parade and this time the big moment will belong to artist Piotr Uklanski. Read More

GalleristNY in LA

Art dealer Perry Rubenstein (Photo: Patrick McMullan Company)

Dealer Perry Rubenstein: ‘Art Platform Fair Is My Springboard’

As museum exhibitions open for previews across Southern California, as part of the Getty's "Pacific Standard Time" initiative, many of the area's dealers are joining international colleagues at the L.A. Mart downtown, readying their booths for the inaugural edition of the city's Art Platform Los Angeles fair, which has a VIP preview opening scheduled for tomorrow at 2 p.m. (Gallerist will be there.) Read More

GalleristNY in LA

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Installation view of Robert Irwin's Way Out West

At Home in the West: Robert Irwin at L&M Arts in Los Angeles

Critical explanations of Robert Irwin's work almost invariably emphasize the fact that he is an artist from Southern California. He was born in Long Beach, back in 1928, and his delicate, subtle work, we're told, channels something ineffable about the light and the feel of Los Angeles. We've seen much of his work elsewhere, in museums mostly, and loved it, but each time it has felt otherworldly, of a slightly different place. Read More