MLG In the News

10/17/2015 - The New York Times: Gamers Converge on New Orleans for MLG World Finals
10/27/2014 - Daily Dot: We have a new Call of Duty Champion
10/13/2014 - Los Angeles Business Journal: Marketer Hopes to Make Points With E-Sports Fans
10/07/2014 - Mashable: Gaming to Pay the Rent
09/30/2014 - A List Daily: How ESports Arenas Will Change The Game
09/18/2014 - AOL Delta : Tech Download: The Sport of Gaming
07/21/2014 - New Yorker: Big Air - MLG at X Games Austin
07/11/2014 - Game Informer: Anyone Can be a Pro Gamer at Comic Con
06/09/2014 - ESPN.com: Gamers Take Home X Games Gold
06/05/2014 - Fan Sided: MLG X Games Invitational
05/21/2014 - A List Daily: X Games and the Rise of eSports
04/28/2014 - USA Today : Pro gamers will compete in ESPN X Games
04/17/2014 - Venture Beat/Games Beat: Major League Gaming’s online viewership is up 1,376%
03/08/2014 - Game Informer: The Call Of Duty US Championship Begins Today
01/14/2014 - Games Industry International: MLG CEO declares company "EBITA positive"
10/17/2013 - The Daily Dot: $30k Up for Grabs at Fall Invitational
07/25/2013 - IGN: The Rise of eSports in America
07/16/2013 - Digital Trends: MLG Prepares for the Next Gen
06/28/2013 - Business Week (Associated Press): For professional gamers, a dress rehearsal
06/26/2013 - Telegraph UK: Video Games the Sport of the Future
03/22/2013 - Yahoo Finance: Pro Gaming: Master StarCraft, Get Paid
03/15/2013 - Dallas Morning News: MLG Returns to Dallas
03/15/2013 - Men's Journal: How to Play 'Call of Duty' Better
02/19/2013 - Polygon: League of Legends MLG Tournaments
02/15/2013 - PC Gamer: Interview with Axslav and Axeltoss
12/20/2012 - Forbes.com: The year of eSports
10/10/2012 - USA Today (Front Page of Paper): Stephen Strasburg helps pitch competitive gaming
12/10/2011 - The Economist: Gentlemen, start your computers
11/25/2011 - NPR - Only a Game: Where Fantasy Meets Sport
11/18/2011 - The Verge: Starcraft Changed my Life
11/01/2011 - Game Informer: Pro Gaming Comes of Age